Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

Summary: Britain's MI5 has warned that Chinese spies use a variety of information gathering techniques, not just cyber hacking.

TOPICS: China, Security

The New York Times recently published a story that Britain's spy agency, MI5, warned British business people doing business in China about spying attempts that made used of cyber hacking and attempted to ensnare people through blackmail "over sexual relationships and other improprieties." Britain Warned Businesses of Threat of Chinese Spying -

British business executives dealing with China were given a formal warning more than a year ago by Britain’s security service, MI5, that Chinese intelligence agencies were engaged in a wide-ranging effort to hack into British companies’ computers and to blackmail British businesspeople over sexual relationships and other improprieties, according to people familiar with the MI5 document.

Was sexual blackmail an issue in the recent Google Chinese spying incident? This also involved some 30 other US companies.

Cyber hacking is just one of several techniques used by Chinese spies. Is there more to the Google v China story?

Yes, it is a salacious topic. But it's best to get it out in the open. Otherwise people won't know what to look out for, and the Chinese spies will have the upper hand in future missions.

- - -

I would like to inform Chinese spies that I have a lot of secrets but I'm immune to any type of sexual persuasion. You are welcome to try. Here's my address.

Topics: China, Security

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  • Don't visit this guy's site!!

    They'll start blackmailing you with emailed photoshopped pics of you, naked, in compromising positions with the Fuwa Olympic mascots.
    • RE: Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

      @ejhonda <br>thank you so much! i cant wait to watch these
    • RE: Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

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  • The west has only itself to blame - but nothing lasts forever

    One day, when we come to our senses and send back all that junk that has made them rich -- the BPA-laced plastic food containers, the cadmium-laced children's jewelry, the lead-laced baby toys, the melamine-laced food products, and the fruits and vegetables irrigated with polluted water -- China will turn into what it really is: a cesspool of militant nationalism and amoral greed.
    • Please define greed

      And what makes greed a moral/immoral issue?
      • Do you need a dictionary?

        Here's the dictionary definition of "greed":

        [i]"excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions."[/i]

        As for its morality, isn't greed one of the seven deadly sins?
      • What is greed?

        The fact that you, and the vast majority of "American" businesses don't know what constitutes "greed" is a pointedly obvious comment on American education. "Greed" is the all-consuming willingness to do anything for money. That includes dishonesty, screwing your employees, stockholders and country to make a higher profit on what would otherwise be providing services or goods for a profit.
    • Can't help wondering from what country -

      what shining city on the hill where 'militant nationalism' and 'amoral greed' and likewise pollution, fraud, and junk are unknown - croroberts is posting. He (? , but I stongly suspect an 'he') is to be congratulated on his choice of residence....

    • west has only itself to blame

      Oh, yeah, there are no greedy, self-serving self-centered business people in the USA.....

      THe Chinese love America and they emulate us right down to our worst faults. I think America is getting just what it deserves for its years of greed and screwing its poor and middle class over and over....
  • RE: Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

    We need to remember that China is still a communist country and is still actively engaged in seeking our downfall. We must not let our guard down until they become a democracy. We should also remember that if we do nothing worthy of blackmail, then we cannot be legitimately blackmailed.
  • I'm sick of hackers

    could I have a little sexual temptation please?
    • OK...prease pick a 1 from a corum one...and a 1 from a corum two.

      You happy now mista? ;-)
  • Benefits of Insignificance

    Nobody is going out of their way to hack me. As long as I make regular, frequent backups, my router firewall settings are restricted, I have an up-to-date anti-malware application running, avoid hitting questionable sites, or opening questionable e-mails; I'll be as well off as can be expected.

    Never visited China or entertained any chinese visitors.

    Of course, if they have compromising photos or movies of me back when I was stationed in Korea, I'd love to have copies for my photo album! Between the ladies and the booze, that was $2000 well spent over the year.
    • Hey, even if you are 'signigicant'.....

      There is an easy solution to this problem........ BLOCK THE WHOLE OF CHINA! Seriously, the PeerBlock application I use has gone that route, almost TOTALLY blocking the whole of China from my computer.
      • "Block the whole of china..."

        Block China so that we are not infected by their communist ideas. Then maybe Russia. Then we can block the Middle East. Most of you Americans, don't like France it seems. Block them too. Maybe you should block slum areas where infamous druggies reside. Block everyone that does not agree with your stupid religions. The dark ages couldn't have been that bad. I bet the Inquisition was a real hootenanny for people like you.
        • Tsingi Rant

          And how did this story of Chinese blackmailing British turn into an anti-American rant? I suppose the Chinese spying & hacking is the "Yanks" fault now, right? If there were any justice, your off subject comment would be blocked. But then again, this is AMERICA....

          And Tom, your such a playboy! They have nothing on you. ;)
          • Anti American?

            It wasn't intended as anti-American, it's anti-censorship.

            However you may interpret it as you please. You might learn how to spell as well. It's hard to take offense at the words of an illiterate.
          • No, that was definitely anti-American

            Anti-censorship wouldn't have had as many digs directed at America and American stereotypes.

            "It's hard to take offense at the words of an illiterate"

            I'm an Aussie who generally bags out the majority of countries, including my own. But I don't pretend otherwise. Doing so, then taking issue with spelling as your defense really isn't all that cool.

            On censorship, I'd say it's a good thing. America/Aus can't shut down servers hosting illegal material (child porn, viruses, etc) but if they control the internet they can block access to that content.

            If you want freedom of information, earn it, but governments should be able to control access to content for the masses.
        • And, just what do you propose?

          The Chinese Army and Government own significant portions of just about any business in that country. The Chinese Army and Government have proved to anyone's satisfaction that they will torture and kill anyone they deem "unsatisfactory" to serving their will. Just how does one contain such virulent evil? I don't know about blocking, but we need some means of weaning ourselves from this diseased partner.
  • RE: Chinese spies use cyber hacking and sexual blackmail...

    What ever happened to good old Soviet-era bribery? Sigh, I guess we must change with the times. (Note to China: Anything from the Tiger Woods menu will be fine.)