Salesforce $500m war chest - likely target is social media

Salesforce $500m war chest - likely target is social media

Summary: Salesforce is trying to boost its revenues above $10 bn and social media is one way of getting there.

Late Tuesday, Salesforce completed a private debt placement that raised $500 million. Larry Dignan suggests that this money could be used for acquisitions.

The social media sector is one where I would not be surprised to see Salesforce make several acquisitions. In mid-November, I attended a meeting between Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris and top IT bloggers.

During the meeting Mr Harris said that Salesforce was looking at ideas on how to boost its revenue into the $10 billion range, from around $1 billion.

He said that Salesforce believes that social media in the enterprise is a larger business opportunity than CRM - its current business.

It would make sense that Salesforce make acquisitions in the social media space, possibly companies with enterprise software tools already in place.

Cash would be handy to make those acquisitions since most are venture backed and investors will want a cash pay out.

Here are a few companies that might become Salesforce targets:

- SocialText, founded by Ross Mayfield, is based in Silicon Valley and offers a broad suite of social media applications for large enterprises. It includes a private "Twitter" service, plus social networking, wikis, blogs, distributed spreadsheets, blogs, etc.

- Six Apart, founded by Mena and Ben Trott, based in San Francisco, is the developer of Movable Type, a popular blogging application. It also has a hosted (cloud) based service and most of its revenues come from enterprise customers.

- BrightIdea, founded by Matthew Greeley, based in San Francisco, offers a cloud based 'innovation management' service used by large enterprises to source ideas from employees, and also from outsiders. This is a form of social media applied to crowd sourcing ideas.

And there are other privately held companies that might attract the interest of Salesforce.

What's clear is that Salesforce could snap up half-a-dozen leading startups in this space and still have a couple of hundred million left from the $500m it just raised. It could quickly corner the market for social media in the enterprise.

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  • bad link

    Your BrightIdea link is going to SixApart.
  • RE: Salesforce $500m war chest - likely target is social media

    How do get a ROI on social apps that are essentially commodity-based Web tools and services? How can you go from US$1bn to US$10bn on social apps, as we know them today?

    I can't see this being the core strategy.

    Surely, the real answer is next gen cloud apps that displace the chronic on-premise packaged IT chaos of ERP, HR et al. Maybe all of these apps will have a social dimension but the US$10bn number will come from end-to-end cloud apps on one cloud -