Tealeaf: 80% report problems with online shopping, many tell their friends

Tealeaf: 80% report problems with online shopping, many tell their friends

Summary: Tealeaf survey shows online shopping is up but many experience problems and then tells their friends through social media...


Tealeaf today released a survey conducted by Harris Interactive that shows 48% of US adults are spending more time shopping online but 8 out of ten have run into problems.

The survey also showed that US adults are sharing their bad experiences with others but much less than with the companies.

The number of consumers who contact a company directly in response to online transaction issues declined:

- 26% of online adults who experience problems conducting online transactions then posted complaints on a company’s Website in 2009, versus 32% in 2008.

- 38% of all online adults contacted a company’s call center after encountering problems using the Website in 2009, versus 47% in 2008.

- 12% of online adults who encountered issues said they shared those experiences via blogs or social networks, twice as many as in 2008.

Like with all of these types of commissioned surveys it is a very self-serving survey. Tealeaf sells online customer experience management solutions and is keen to uncover examples of consumers having problems with online transactions.

However, the survey does make a good point about the use of social media to share negative shopping experiences and the potential damage to business.

More than half (54%) of all online adults said social media content has influenced their online transactions, with 82% of those reporting that social media has influenced their choice of vendor.

More Information here: http://www.tealeaf.com/Harris

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • online shopping

    I do virtually all my shopping online and I have saved thousands of dollars, with so few negatives that they represent less than 1% of my online shopping experience. I do not like some of the "far east" web stores quite so much since they require a bit more scrutiny before making a sale and I learned NEVER give your primary credit card info to them either. Use paypal or a temporary credit number which can be had from most major credit cards. But places like NewEgg have helped me provide service to many of my online friends and fellow gamers with great online information and products. My pets have all the best brand name products at less than 1/4 the price of my local vet, and that's including shipping from places as far as Australia. I will be doing ALL my Christmas shopping online, well as much of it as I can at all. And I have developed some great business "friendships" such as the fine people at SuperVits who provide me with 40% off my food supplements that are necessary to manage my heart disease, without expensive drugs. I simply could not afford many things I do now without internet commerce and I hope others may also be as fortunate as I am.
    • Hear, hear!

      I also have been an avid online shopper for many years now. The "busy life" and a deep dislike to driving in rush hour have prompted me to buy many, many things online. A whole lot of moneys have been saved by doing this as well.
      I tend to stick to the "biggies" - eBay, Zappos, Amazon and, recently, Overstock, but would always consider the "new kids" on the online shopping block. I do a lot of research before buying something, and there are many reputable sites (I use epinions.com) that list a wealth of information so you can see what others think/feel about something, before you buy it.

      Once in a while I have had a less-than-perfect transaction but nothing that I was not able to resolve by contacting the appropriate customer support.
      One thing I do not do is twit/blog about my online shopping, especially the sporadic negative experience. I just don't see the point of doing it; if it can be resolved by talking to the customer service rep then why soil someone's reputation by posting, in a heat of the monent, crap online that you might later regret posting...
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