Twitter dumps "social responsibility" threatens to move over local taxes

Twitter dumps "social responsibility" threatens to move over local taxes

Summary: Tweeting about "social responsibility" is not the same as doing it. Twitter is threatening to leave San Francisco because of local taxes.


The San Francisco Bay Guardian (SFBG), a local newspaper, has published an editorial that recommends the city government not give tax breaks to Twitter.

The SFBG reports that Twitter "is threatening to leave San Francisco and take 350 employees to a new headquarters in Brisbane."

The move might be avoided if city officials come up with a favorable tax plan:

"The latest plans call for a payroll tax exemption that would cap the company's future tax bills at $250,000."

The SFBG calls it "corporate blackmail."

This is all a bit much.

When I went to see Ev Williams and Biz Stone at the Inforum Club in October, they spoke a lot about how social responsibility is very important to Twitter. It felt disingenuous, it felt as if it was "bolted on" for PR value.

It seems my instincts weren't wrong.

How does Twitter square away its PR about it being a socially responsible company yet threaten to leave San Francisco unless it gets a tax break?

Those taxes are part of its social responsibility to the local community.

Clearly at Twitter, chatter about social responsibility is more important than actual social responsibility.

San Francisco should call Twitter's bluff and let it move to Brisbane, to a site shared with Wal-Mart. It'll have a huge problem trying to recruit engineers to work in Brisbane. And that will cost it far more than its savings on taxes.

Social responsibility can't be tweeted. Let's see it in action. Pay your local taxes Twitter.

Editorial: No tax breaks for Twitter | San Francisco Bay Guardian

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  • RE: Twitter dumps

    Hurray!! I Hope The Move To Az. Less Taxes & Liberals.
    • RE: Twitter dumps

      more guns and violence. yippee!!!
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        @hoaxoner Careful! Your massive stupidity is showing! California is much more violent than Arizona. Crime rates in the Socialist State of California exceed Arizona in every category.
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        LOL... gave me good chuckle..
      • Social Responsibility . . .

        Starts with "calling-out" those dim-witted liberals that can't figure-out that America needs people that can deal with things themselves rather than relying on bigger and bigger Government handouts...we don't need more taxes, just less Government!
      • hoaxoner: That comment is just plain stupid and dumb!

        no further text needed
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        Are you a dolt?
        Why don't you take those stupid facts somewhere else.
        Did your haste in responding leave your brain numb?
        Arizona has a population of 6,595,778 compared to California's 36,961,664. That leaves about 30,000,000.
        Naturally the crime rate is higher.
        Then take into account what AZ is doing with immigration, then take a 30% percent of people that are Latino. What you get is a nasty mix where a potential 30% of your population feels alienated by police and wont likely report crimes.
        Next time come back with some useful facts, because any one can copy random facts and pretend to be smart.
      • missingxtension: A crime rate is not the same as the number or crimes...

        Hope you understand the difference.

        The number of crimes for California will be higher because it is a much bigger population state, and the number of crimes in Arizona will be lower because it has a much lower population. But, the crime rate in Arizona could be higher than in California, but that's not the case.

        Now, I see that you're also trying to justify the differences between the population composition to justify the higher number of crimes in California, but, Arizona also has a huge percentage of illegals and/or minorities in the state. So, what do you make of that?!?
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        Well what i say to "Arizona also has a huge percentage of illegals and/or minorities in the state. So, what do you make of that?!?" is the same thing i said.
        In the ever growing rage against minorities, most will not seek help from officials which are meant to protect.
        " Because laws vary between jurisdictions, comparing crime statistics between and even within countries can be difficult", "the U.S. has no comprehensive infrastructure to monitor crime trends and report the information to related parties such as law enforcement".
        I don't justify anything, Its simply stating what is going on in AZ. Why would any illegal seek help from Arpaio?
      • missingextension: Is Arpaio the bad guy in this, or is he just applying

        the law?<br><br>If you don't like Arpaio, or what he represents, then you need to bring the matter to the state and the legislators to stop Arpaio from enforcing state and federal laws. <br><br>Also, if the "illegals" feel they can't bring their problems to Arpaid, then there is always the federal officials that they can bring their problems to. Let's see how far those illegals get with the federal law enforcement.<br><br>BTW, I'm Hispanic and speak Spanish fluently. I'm American and my wife was born in South America, but, she came here legally. So, why should others be allwoed to violate the laws of this country and get away with it?<br><br>My feelings about illegal immigration is that, it's still illegal, no matter where they come from or how much they may feel oppressed.
      • Re: Liberals

        @Gr8Music Yeah, you're right. So, next time you head for your car to drive to your child's school, or to the airport, past the dams and flood control projects that protect your real-estate (or trailer?) from flooding, you can damn those socialists (by definition, liberal, right?) that built those roads and that school and that airport, and those infrastructure works. Liberal, socialist society built those, chum. The next time your house catches on fire or there is a break-in, you can thank those liberal, socialist bast*rds that instituted government funded firefighting and police forces.

        I really wish these trailer-park pseudo-conservatives, posting from their double-wides, would spend some time on reading history and maybe getting their knowledge of politics from someplace other than Fox.
      • chinese-bookie: Woah! I must've hit a nerve!

        <i>Yeah, you're right.</i><br><br>Of course I'm right. But, thanks for pointing it out.<br><br><i>So, next time you head for your car to drive to your child's school, or to the airport, past the dams and flood control projects that protect your real-estate (or trailer?) from flooding, you can damn those socialists (by definition, liberal, right?) that built those roads and that school and that airport, and those infrastructure works. </i><br><br>That's quite a strawman argument you got there, fella!<br><br>Doesn't it seem quite odd to you that, all the projects you mentioned, you attribute to socialists or liberals? Do you not believe that there are other people in society who are not liberal or socialist who, also "lend a hand" for all of those construction projects, whether in proposing them or in implementing them? <br><br>The fact that you attribute those "projects" to liberalism/socialism speaks volumes about your ignorance.<br><br><i>Liberal, socialist society built those, chum.</i><br><br>Garbage!<br><br>As the need arises, people build what is necessary to alleviate a situation or a problem. It has nothing to do with liberalism or capitalism. <br><br>What liberalism and socialism have done is to make all of those projects you speak of a lot more expensive than they needed to be. Spending for those projects, if they were really needed, would have occurred anyway. Try to get a grip on reality and forget your socialism when considering how things really work.<br><br><i>The next time your house catches on fire or there is a break-in, you can thank those liberal, socialist bast*rds that instituted government funded firefighting and police forces.</i>.<br><br>That is another irrelevant argument.<br><br>Look, and learn this well...<br><br>The national defense system, and the local services, such as police and fire departments, are not social programs; they're necessary services for the ongoing needs for the proper functioning of societies. As such, they can't be boxed into being either liberal or republican or socialist or even communist. Those are necessary services, that the people decided a long time ago would be best served by the "pooled" resources of the people, to be managed by certain sectors of government. That is not "socialism" in the true sense of the argument. So, your argument is full of holes, and the services you mentioned cannot be labeled one way or the other. However, when those services become unnecessarily expensive because government mismanages them, then that's when the different ideologies can come into focus. When it comes to government services becoming more expensive and bloated, it's because liberalism and socialism have made them so. <br><br><i>I really wish these trailer-park pseudo-conservatives,</i><br><br>Those "trailer-park pseudo conservatives" are the ones that are trying to rescue the U.S. from the disasters which were accumulated from the last 60+ years of out-of-control federal and local spending. And most of that spending occurred because government created the social programs and made them so expensive. It's those social programs which have virtually destroyed the greatest economy the world had ever seen.<br><br>But, apparently, you're one of the few that are not smart enough to recognize how our economy has been slowly getting destroyed by the growth of government and the big social programs.<br><br><i>posting from their double-wides,</i><br><br>Ad-hominen attacks don't win an argument. Facts do, and you haven't had a single fact right thus far. Try some logic and common sense and you might stand a chance on winning some points. <br><br><i>would spend some time on reading history</i><br><br>Actually, if your argument had any kind of grounding in history, you wouldn't sound so clueless. The fact is that, history teaches us that, socialism has always failed anywhere and anytime it's been tried. The ones that continue not learning from the mistakes of the past are the ignorant liberals who feel that, perhaps it's just that, socialism hasn't been implemented right yet. Stupid as stupid does. And, those that don't learn from the lessons of history are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past. That's the absolute truth regarding the democrats and liberals and socialists. The same kind of stupidity espoused by liberals is the same exact thing that you've exhibited by your comment thus far. You need to go back to a better school where you'll learn about real history, because, your history is very flawed.
      • chinese-bookie: Woah! I must've hit a nerve! (continued)

        <i> and maybe getting their knowledge of politics from someplace other than Fox. </i>

        Typical illogical nonsense from the left. Anytime someone disagrees with them, they always revert back to blaming FOX. Try getting a better and real argument.

        The fact is that, most republicans and conservatives made the same kind of argument I'm making, and we have been those arguments many years before FOX ever existed.

        And, hey, your problem seems to be that you actually don't even bother to watch FOX news, because, you sound like you get all of your opinions from the socialist spectrum of politics. You need more than sound bites from the democrats or liberal media. You need actual balance and real news to get better informed. You need a lot of help.

        The facts are on my side of the equation, and you are completely devoid of fact or even common sense. Look around you and you'll notice that the American people are fed up with the lies coming from the left side of politics, and they're also fed up with high taxes, and with high spending, and the with the socialist turn which this country has been on for so many years. The current path is unsustainable, but, you don't have even the common sense to notice that. But, hey, it's okay because, the American people have decided to return this country to fiscal sanity and away from the nastiness of your socialism.

        BTW, if you still insist that socialism is the way to go, you don't have to stay here. Cuba and Venezuela and China might be very welcoming to your type of politics and ideology. I'll give you the first $5 to send you off. Let me know. I'm sure that, the public works projects and their results, in places like Cuba and Venezuela, will have you thinking you're in Utopia. ;)
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        adornoe --

        Excellent responses.

        As Reagan said, "Public servants say, always with the best of intentions, 'What greater service we could render if only we had a little more money and a little more power.' But the truth is that outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector."
    • RE: Twitter dumps

      one less due to gratuitous violence. congrats.
    • RE: Twitter dumps

      @Macterryh <br>We at the tea party express, support twitter's move.<br>Starve the tax and spend liberal nest and America wins!NO MORE TAXES!
      Linux Geek
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        @Linux Geek Twitter gladly will pay Brisbane taxes. Why is San Francisco sacred?
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        @Linux Geek
        America wins but they are moving to Austrailia so America loses. Tea Part must have problems reading.
      • RE: Twitter dumps

        @Linux Geek Sarah Palin it there leader, so they probably can't read. An they probably think they can see Brisbane from there back yard to.
      • Knowles2: Poor reading skills can be overcome, but stupidity

        is a much bigger problem, and it's quite evident that, your problem is not just stupidity. You also lack the bit of intelligence that it takes to acknowledge that, the tea party people have the intelligence to make you look and sound like a fool.