Amazon adds try-before-you-buy feature to its Android Appstore app

Amazon adds try-before-you-buy feature to its Android Appstore app

Summary: Filling a major void in mobile app purchases, Amazon is adding its Test Drive feature to its Android Appstore app.

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One of the larger problems with buying mobile apps is the general inability to test out an app before you buy it.

Amazon, however, is fixing that problem with an update to its Appstore app, which now offers users the ability to test drive apps before they plunk down the cash for them. The feature joins Amazon's web-based Test Drive feature that's already up and running.

The mobile update is a welcome solution. Previously the only thing that came close on the mobile end was on Google's Play Store, which offers a 15 minute return window in lieu of a test drive feature. Seeing as how no funds are exchanged on the Amazon side of things ahead of the testing, Amazon's solution may be a bit more palatable in the long run.

One problem? The new feature doesn't work in all that many devices, and Amazon has yet to announce a full list of supported phones.

Limited support aside, the update is sure to help Amazon steal away some of the attention away from the Google Play side of things.

[Via TechCrunch]

Topic: Amazon

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  • Amen

    Some of the apps in the app store leave me wanting (and make my think twice as hard about purchasing future apps). A 24 hour return period would allow a decent eval period. Maybe Amazon's move will drive Google to follow suit. I hope so.