Apple Store down; has Snow Leopard arrived?

Apple Store down; has Snow Leopard arrived?

Summary: As most East Coast Americans drink their morning coffee and eat their breakfasts in anticipation of work, Apple is quietly busy updating its Apple Store.Is Mac OS X 10.


As most East Coast Americans drink their morning coffee and eat their breakfasts in anticipation of work, Apple is quietly busy updating its Apple Store.

Is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on its way? (UPDATE: Looks like I was right! Read more here.)

The signs point to yes. It's a bit too early to begin offering a new iPod, which is likely to be revealed at a planned Sept. 9 event "about music." And a tablet, for all you rumormongers out there, would require its own event.

What do you think?

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  • re: Apple Store down

    I'm only asking because I don't know... Why does the Apple store seem to go down every time they add something new? I think it's the only online store I've ever seen that from.
    • They don't have to

      It's an artificial means of building excitement amongst the Apple fanatics.
      Michael Kelly
      • Well Done...

        You win the "Lame-o" prize for first troll.
        • Troll?

          A question was asked, I answered it. Do you dispute the answer? Even the most ardent Apple fans do not.

          Apple is very good a whipping their followers into a frenzy, and this is a good example of that. If anything this is something to be admired.
          Michael Kelly
          • Nah, mate...

            not an Apple 'fan' [i]or[/i] Microsoft 'fan', nor Linux for that matter - just
            a technology fan that is constantly saddened by the pathetic attempts at
            reasoned discussion here and elsewhere on teh interwebs.

            The very nature of your post is inflammatory, to quote;

            [i]'It's an artificial means of building excitement amongst the [b]Apple

            You may have been 'answering the question', but you did so in a way to
            elicit a certain type of response. FAIL.
          • So you're saying

            that non-Apple fanatics also get into the excitement of the Apple Store's closings? Well, unless you're blogging about it I have not found that to be the case.
            Michael Kelly
          • I'm saying that...

            If someone were to say something similar on a Microsoft or Linux article
            there'd be all sorts of accusations levelled. A more accurate statement
            by your own logic would have perhaps been "It's an artificial means of
            building excitement amongst the Apple obsessed press and bloggers." Of
            course 'fans' of Apple will be excited. Perhaps as excited as Windows
            'fans' are of Windows 7 imminent release. You had a little goad and got
            called on it.
          • how about this...

            "because all other online store systems are superior than Apple's that's why whenever they're updating the catalog they have to take the whole store down" any better?
          • Probably more accurate!

          • You see, where you went wrong is...

            You didn't fall to your knees and worship Apple and the Sainted Steve Jobs, and scream "Thank you sir, may I have another!"... annnd you didn't attempt some lame-assed Microsoft insult within the same post.

            That tends to set off the Macboys, and you risk being called a troll, shill, etc.

            On the bright side, your attacker(s) will usually have an IQ somewhere between that of a blade of grass and a coffee cup, so if you feel like tearing them a new one, it usually isn't too hard to do so.

            Hallowed are the Ori
          • Are you saying I'm a fanboi?!

            All that from someone that clearly thinks [i]Star Trek[/i] is cool. Yes, this
            is being posted from a Mac - which happens to be the machine
            in front of me at the moment. If it'll make you happier, I can post from
            my laptop, which is Windows machine - a Dell. Makes no difference to
            me. I'm after intelligent [i]reasoned[/i] debate - something that cannot
            be achieved here. You are [i]all[/i] too entrenched in your own particular
            dogmas to have [i]reasonable[/i] discussion (the "set off the Macboys"
            comment is a case in point). I've been reading these articles for a while
            and recognise the same names, posting the same stuff over and over. It
            is dull. Why bother trying...
          • I didn't call you anything.

            Go read it again.
            Hallowed are the Ori
          • @Tiberious

            I know you didn't. It's an example of what I'm talking about. Sorry if I
            hurt your feelings...
          • Message has been deleted

            Message has been deleted
            Hallowed are the Ori
  • Yup, Ordered it already.

    Will be here Friday....
  • Waiting for the flames...

    This could be fun.
    • And I wasn't even trying to flame!

      I guess I don't have to wait for the hyper-sensitive Apple fans to arrive...
      Michael Kelly
  • I've been using the beta(s)

    I've been all over SN for months, now, so very happy to see it
    finally delivered.
    • Anything unreported worth looking out for?

  • Can i right click using the mouse now?