Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked; 7-inch, 10-inch models join 5-inch

Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked; 7-inch, 10-inch models join 5-inch

Summary: Dell has leaked its Streak tablet lineup, revealing 7-inch and 10-inch models due months after a 5-inch model debuts this summer.


Dell is making aggressive moves to respond to the Apple iPad.

The Round Rock, Texas-based company has leaked two iterations of its Streak slate tablet computer, in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes.

That's in addition to the Streak 5, formerly the Mini 5, which was featured last month on The Toybox.

According to Engadget, which first obtained images of the device, the five-inch model is due this summer -- the same time as Dell's Google Android-based AT&T smartphone, the Aero, which is expected in June.

The seven-inch model is expected "late in 2010" and the 10-inch model in "early 2011."

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  • Interesting

    My question is, will they be offered with something other than Android for those of us who just say no go Google?
    • Sounds like they will have Arm processors, so that eliminates Win7. Android

      really is the best alternative to Apple.
      • Android is best alternative to Apple...

        for folks who want an oversized PDA.

        Folks that want an alternative to a netbooks (or
        even notebook) should wait for Windows 7 based
        • Windows 7 on slates, umm

          no. Desktop OS just does not work for a device that really relies on multi-touch as the primary form of User input. With a desktop OS the user will always be limited to an OS that is bloated, and not optimized for touch.

          Not to mention since Windows Desktop OS does not run on ARM that means that battery life will either be limited, or weigh > 3lbs.

          In order to have a slim device like this with great battery power a lightweight OS optimized for touch, and designed to run a top of low powered arm based processors is the way to go.

          The only way we will see a Windows Device on a slate that will actually be able to compete will be one running Windows Mobile OS like WiMo 7 with either the Phone style GUI or Zune HD GUI, or perhaps a new interface specifically designed for a slate device.
          • But it will be out of box compatible with...

            ... over 190k viruses and spyware*.

            Why wouldn't you want win7 on a small device? Think of all the extra
            money all the virus and spyware removal companies will make.

            *Note: number of viruses and spyware made up. Actual amount may be
            more or less. Most likely more.
          • Clearly you've not actually used a Win 7 tablet

            I've heard this stupid "desktop OS" baloney before and always from people who've never used a tablet configured Win7 device.

            Win7 works great on my tablet - don't know what you perceive as a weakness for a "desktop OS" in that - Win7 is multitouch aware and the use of touch integrates naturally with it and my tablet has great battery life and is light.

            And if was you really mean is that you think (for some as yet undefined reason) that the Win7 shell isn't what you want (then be specific about what you'd like to see instead - "ooh it can't be a desktop OS") - load an alternative shell.
      • What about Moblin?

        Surely there will be an alternative OS that is not tied to Google.
        • Moblin is history, combined with Maemo and is now Meego.

          That will probably be a flop. Google has the
          brand that people relate to cool, trust, open.
          • "Cool, trust, open"

            Funny, when I think of Google, the words that come to my mind are Evil Spyware for the Naive.
          • Well, the Google brand is doing very well. Android is open source and can

            be forked. Yes, we DO need to keep an eye on
          • That is my point

            Yes, Android DOES look interesting, but if it remains tethered to Google it will be a no sell for me.

            Now, if a truly open source version of it with all of the Google crap removed were available, I would give it a serious look.
          • You CAN change the defaults on Android phones so as not to use

            anything Google if you want. In any case, the
            carriers have the control, NOT Google, and
            Google has to play nice, or a group of carriers
            will fork the project. You have no such control
            with iPhone.
    • These may be a win since no Win7.

      A desktop OS is simply a really really bad idea on a tablet. Any
      successful tablet will be running a real touch based OS like Android or
      iPhone OS and not a fake touch OS like Windows 7.
      • Gee, maybe that is why...

        ...Microsoft is working on Win7 Mobile,or Phone, or Zune, or whatever they will end up calling it.
        • Gee, why are MS and HP going to put Win7 on the HP tablet???

          Why are they using Atom?
          • I know this is difficult for you, Donnie...

            ...but there are some applications that will require a full fledged OS, and some people who will want it. There will be plenty of choices for those of you who only want a browser. What works for you may not work for others. Besides, don't you always trumpet choice?
      • Why?

        People naively say a "desktop OS" can't work on a tablet - please explain why (presumably you have thought out why this is so - what Win7 can't do that you feel you need in a tablet, etc.)

        I ask because I've been using Win7 on my tablet and it works just fine - is it just a fluke?
  • RE: Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked; 7-inch, 10-inch models join 5-inch

    What OS? Windows 7?
    • Win7 is a non starter for tablets. Analysts are predicting less than 5%

      market share. The problem is the UI is not
      appropriate, Win7 requires x86, the bloat and
      x86 requirement mean less battery life, hotter,
      thicker, etc.

      These will have Arm chips and run Android.
      • Android

        Oh sorry - missed the ARM chip thing...
        That's good, then - Android is a better bet.