Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

Summary: Who doesn't love a good rumor, especially when it might be true? We've been hearing talk about Apple releasing a new version of the iPhone this year, but we might be seeing it as early as April. Do you believe it?


Who doesn't love a good rumor, especially when it might be true? We've been hearing talk about Apple releasing a new version of the iPhone this year, but we might be something real as early as April.

According to Fast Company via the Korea Times (sounds like the beginning of a good game of Telephone, no pun intended), Apple and Korea Telecom "have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advance models as early as possible."

What can we (possibly) be looking forward to? Supposedly, some hardware goodies like better graphics chips, dual-core processors, OLED screens and a removable battery.  Application-wise, we could be looking at live video chat. There's a quick snippet recalling past rumors about a 5-megapixel camera with flash, which they shouldn't go without at this point considering other top-notch smartphones are shipping with these features right now.

But, while the iPhone v4 might find its way into the hands of a select, fortunate few this April, it will probably be released at the now-traditional iPhone release month: June.

While I'm tired of all this chatter about the Apple Tablet/iSlate, I am keen to hear more about the newest installment to the iPhone clan. We got quite a bit that we had been waiting for last time (video recording capability, bigger hard drive space, better battery life), but maybe now we can finally see some extra-special features as the smartphone market is getting more competitive every day.

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  • Interesting

    I have an iPhone 3G now and I am mostly happy with the device and the cell service attached to it. I skipped the original iPhone because of a lack of features and knew a better model would come out a year later. I skipped the 3GS as well but if the added CPU Power and other features are true maybe I will stick with the iPhone or at least put it in a comparison list when it is time to choose a new phone.

    If they would only add a SD/MicroSD slot. I know many people say you do not need it but I think it would be really cool to do things like removing the SD card from your digital camera and showing the pics on the larger more capable screen of the iPhone/iTouch. I am sure there are benefits for music too but even for pictures and other file storage would be nice.
  • RE: Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

    I [i]may[/i] consider one when I can upgrade my 3GS without penalty. "May," because what I would love to see isn't more bells and whistles, but a really good telephone function. The 3GS is like my old Treo 680: it does many things, but few of them well; and both are absolutely lousy telephones. My Razr V3 was light-years ahead of them in 'phone performance!
    Rick F.
  • Might make some odd amount of sense.

    If Verizon is going LTE really at the end of the year start of
    2011, Apple could bump up the iPhone so it remains the
    "Super Smart Phone" and the Nexus is simply the "Smart

    Then in the Jan 2011 time frame, iPhone goes Verizon with
    the "World Phone" design on LTE/CDMA/GSM. Waiting 18
    months will kill you in this industry. 12 months is only OK
    when you are on top (and products are starting to churn
    fast now). 9 months? Not a bad update time frame.
  • RE: Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

    Of real interest and making a greatd eal of sense is Apples plan to offer a WiMAX/WiFi enabled new iPhone. You will see it in Korea first and then I am sure Clear will get access to it and allow their subs maximum use of their emerging Broadband Wireless network.
    Apple is keen to get product that allows users to access a real Broadband network and this does not include AT&T and Verizon Wireless 3G and CDMA nets. The VZW LTE network will be at least 2 years in being able to cover the US and I am sure APple will have a dual mode WiMAX and LTE system in place if not they may follow Googles approach and make their iPhone compatible with WiMAX/LTE and HSPA systems and remain unlocked.

    Jim A
  • RE: Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

    What's the rumor mill saying about a new iPod Touch?
  • RE: Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

    I am very surprised that Apple is still making such an appauling product.
    • When will trolls learn to spell?

      I'm appalled. And on the horns of a dilemma: should I buy an iPhone
      3GS now and forego any new model for a year or two (more flexible
      plans here in Asia, but not THAT flexible), or wait 3-6 months for The
      New Thing??

      I borrowed a friend's Samsung Omnia 2 for a couple of months; that
      was the single most painful experience I've ever had with a phone. So
      Broken Windows imMobile is out. Android's still quite damp behind
      the ears; the Pre version of the App Store is a tiny joke, so iPhone it
      continues to be.

      It's not free, it's not open in the geeky sense, but it does something
      too few products nowadays accomplish: It does everything I ask it to
      do with a minimum of fuss, instability or necessary complexity. And in
      a world where too many product discussions are based on marketing
      dollars or descend into misdirected testosterone displays (see most
      ZDNet TalkBacks), that is quite welcome indeed.
      Jeff Dickey