Google Chrome OS netbook details leaked

Google Chrome OS netbook details leaked

Summary: Leaked details on the Google Chrome OS-based netbook have hit the web, and a lot of tech writers like what they are seeing.


Leaked details on the Google Chrome OS-based netbook have hit the web, and a lot of tech writers like what they are seeing.

According to IBTimes, the unnamed 10.1-inch netbook, expected to be on shelves by the next holiday season, will feature a NVIDIA Tegra chip and an ARM CPU. Along with the HD-ready, 1,280 x 720 resolution touchscreen display, the netbook should include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, a multi-card reader as well as 64GB SSD and 2 GB RAM.

Then there's all the usual Google apps, such as Gmail, Maps, Docs, etc. Google Wave might be included too, but no confirmation on this.

Both IBTimes and Netbook News are predicting a price tag under $300, which I couldn't like more! They also predict that it could get tied to a specific service provider with a 3G plan, which I don't entirely like, but is most likely nonetheless.

Anyone excited?

Topics: Browser, Google, Hardware, Mobility, Operating Systems

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  • Not really.

    too dependent on a particlar "service provider".

    I just want my system to work where and when I want, with what I want.

    John Zern
    • A SilverLighted-OS is far better than ChromOS

      Install SilverLight and go to this website below and how see how it blows holes all over the Chrome OS joke.
      • Still isn't local

        It doesn't matter what it runs, if I can't access what I need when I need it, it's not for me.
        John Zern
      • How so?

        Nothing on that site gives any specifics. And ChromeOS is still almost a year from being released for sale. So I fail to see how you can make such a brash judgment without the proper facts to back it up.

        The only OS I know of thats actually in production is WebOS on the PalmPre, which runs via WebKit (same as ChromeOS incidentally).
      • I clicked on the link...

        lo and behold.. it's a Windows desktop. Excuse me but I run Mac
        OSX and I do my best to avoid running Windows whenever I can.
        You can count me OUT...
    • $300??

      Something like that could only be $300 if it's subsidized by the some "service provider" like a cell phone or if Google dips into their vault and sells it for below cost (but then isn't that somewhat like the Chinese dumping memory chips below cost to push competitors out of the way?)
  • Easy to use

    People are sick and tired of 10 gig operating systems and
    losing all of their data over viruses.

    The Corporations are going to go for these, the days
    of having big behemoth machines are coming to an end.
    • Yes, our future is Orwellian, in which Google knows ...

      ... everything about everyone, and can control everyone - from politicians to judges, to corporate leaders in most every country.
      P. Douglas
      • And...

        demand ever higher advertising rates from its customers and become ever more profitable, and at the same time fool quite a number of people thinking what a benevolent BIG BROTHER it is....
        • I have not a problem with that...

          as all Adsense is kept at bay on my machines.

          I'm using three (yes 3!!!) blocking mechanisms to keep adsense away.
          The Mentalist
        • M$ already has them beat

          They've been doing it for years. Notice all the paid fools on zdnet who come here to deny otherwise...

          [i]demand ever higher advertising rates from its customers and become ever more profitable, and at the same time fool quite a number of people thinking what a benevolent BIG BROTHER it is....[/i]
          Wintel BSOD
      • $oogle controls every one!

        Sad thing is that there are many people who are stupid enough to surrender to $oogle.
        • I'm not

          Not if it means Redmond in another name...
          Wintel BSOD
      • Hold your fire

        Am I mistaken or is that a new ridiculous conspiration theory you're promoting?
        The Mentalist
        • I've only identfied one party ...

          ... so I'm not talking about a conspiracy.

          However, there is a reason why the US government was set up along the principle of the separation of powers. (Similar thinking is also behind antitrust law.) The founding fathers looked at history, and noticed that men tend to try and accumulate great powers, and wield them in tyrannical fashions. In order to lessen the chance of government becoming a tyrant over its citizens, the founding fathers created three major branches of power with conflicting interests, which keep each other in check. I however see no checks to reign in Google if it goes rogue. If Google has tabs on just about everyone, it can play powerful people against its political and economic foes easily. Google can skew worldwide search results in its favor, to accomplish whatever political or economic goals it pursues. Google's influence is everywhere! Do the courts know most everything about people who work in the White House, and can use that knowledge to manipulate them - using methods from direct contact, to lobbying, to bribery, to blackmail?

          Because Google has data on so many people and (if companies are foolish enough to trust their corporate data to Google) corporations, Google can become an entity that can manipulate power centers like pieces on a chess board to accomplish its ends. This is an extremely dangerous set up. Unless laws are passed to curtail Google's accumulating powers (e.g. that it and other cloud companies are not allowed to hold sensitive corporate, government, and other data, and it can hold information on only a limited amount of a country's population), we will all soon be in a lot of trouble. This is not paranoia, this is prudence. Before you embark on a journey, it is important to anticipate major things which can go wrong, and plan for them. It is naive to say you don't need to pack a spare tire, because you haven't had a tire incident recently.
          P. Douglas
      • You people are paranoid...

        There is such a thing as encryption so data can be secure even with a
        third party like Google. I regularly encrypt my data with 128 bit
        strong encryption and keep it in my Gmail account. This means the
        data is secure even from Google...
  • Did $oogle developed the OS or rebranding of Linux?

    Which is correct?
    • if i can use it without a 3G service im sold

      All Chrome is, is a rebranding of linux which makes me wonder why all those chrome and android apps don't work with all linux distros, but anyway the netbook seems awesome so long as I can use it without needing a 3G service. It should be like any other netbook and work on any wifi network for free! 3G is great assuming there is no wi-fi around, but i'm not paying $50+ for something i will hardly use.
      • Then $oogle is DISHONEST!

        Like App$e, $oogle is another dishonest hype machine.
      • It's time M$ sue Linux to sue $oogle!

        If Chrome is rebranding of Linux, M$ has the right to sue Chrome for various patent infringements.