Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

Summary: After months of waiting since the official announcement last November, Google has finally picked a time to release the Chrome operating system: this fall.


After months of waiting since the official announcement last November, Google has finally picked a time to release the Chrome operating system: this fall.

According to AFP, Google execs have confirmed that the open-source Chrome OS will be available for free, although no month nor date during autumn has been specified.

It's also yet to be known whether any new (or old, maybe) devices to be released at that time will be running on the Chrome OS. It could be an interesting selling tool for the holiday season, although it's not clear cut how much this will challenge Microsoft Windows just yet.

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  • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

    I would love to hear Prophetic dreams of Loverock Davidson

    • Well, Linux Geek (I believe) claims

      it'll have over 60 percent of the PC market by 1st quarter 2011!

      John Zern
    • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall


      Aww you think of me even when I don't post, how sweet is that?
      Loverock Davidson
  • I simply don't get Chrome OS

    An Android tablet makes sense. It would cost the same and do lots lots more and do it easier and better.
    • I would be almost sure that they are going to enable it to run Android

    • Disagree completely


      Why would you want an oversized phone app on a tablet rather than something that is compatible with all existing PC software? There's a lot more great PC software than their is phone software. Why not build upon that rather than reinvent the wheel?
      Michael Kelly
      • And Chrome OS does not run "PC" apps.

        @Michael Kelly
        In fact, it does not run ANY local apps EXCEPT a web browser.

        As for PC software on a tablet. There is almost no (maybe none) great PC software for tablet form factors. All you have to do is attempt to use Office 2007/2010 on an HP Touch Smart to understand a desktop OS on a tablet is the fastest path to total failure.
    • It's just another Linux distro... or is it?

      @Bruizer - Why would they call it Chrome OS? The only reason I can think of is the HTML is going to be rendered at a very low level making it extremely fast. I mean the entire windowing system is going to be HTML based.

      So how is this different from any other OS? Google is smart - I hope. They don't want to engage in a platform war with either Microsoft or Apple. They want to make their platform completely compatible with everything and HTML is the common link. In essence the OS is going to be a local web server. So the same applications would run across all operating system in one way or another. The awesome thing is all developers (almost) already have the skills to develop these applications.

      Okay, I'm a .NET developer and I hold Microsoft in great regard - perhaps a fanboy of sorts. However, I'm really excited about Chrome OS. The only problem I can see is the same issue that Linux has always had, and that's drivers. If Google can get hardware vendors to build support for their devices alongside Windows and Mac OS then they might actually have a chance.
      General C#
      • Chrome OS is a web client not a web server.

        @General C#
        Why ONLY run a web client when you can use Android and run the same exact web client AND offline apps. For the same exact cost?
  • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

    If there is plenty of new software that will run on Chrome, then I might be interested.
    • agreed

      @nuttob +1
      Jared Neale
    • There will bo NO software. It is Chrome OS.


      Just a web browser.
  • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

    Best next step for Google would be to buy Blizzard and get some games for the new OS...
    • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

      @tburzio Or someone needs to force blizzards hand into natively supporting their games on Linux. If they did that - it'd be a huge shift for the linux platform. WINE just doesnt cut it completely.
  • Great now... how do I...

    How do I install PC games on it? No? ..mmm... ok... well, that's good, If I can't play I'll become more productive at work.

    Talking about work... how do I install Adobe Photoshop on Chrome OS? ... No?.... ok, well, what about AutoCAD? ... No? ... Ahh maybe I can do my trading on it! does it support TradeStation!? NO?????

    Let me guess, you think I can "work" on Chrome OS because I can create Word-like documents and create Powerpoint-like presentations.... Some of us actually have real jobs you know...
    • The way I would do it


      Remote desktop. Not suitable for games that depend on fps, but it should work well for all other applications.

      But don't worry about games. If Chrome is a hit the games will follow.
      Michael Kelly
    • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall


      I don't know about work, but I have a ton of customers that I'll be recommending Chrome OS. One of my customers is an 80 year lady who only uses GMail and eBay. I'd say her daily work will be greatly improved, and she won't need to worry about antivirus.

      I think the AV issues will be a big motivator for the 95% of the consumer market that only uses they web browser. ( I totally made up the 95% figure, but it seems real ). The way the OS is designed prevents infection, because the boot process checks the signature of the OS files and reboots to a reinstall of the changed files if the signature isn't correct. That is power of non-maintenance.

      AutoCAD today? No. Photoshop? No. Web based graphics editors? Yes. Look at the Google buying habit, they bought Picnik, which had a 95%+ market usability for graphics editing in the browser. I'm sure you'll not use it, AutoCAD has too many useful tools for getting things done, but if everyone was trying to do what you do you would have that nice job that allows you to surf the net and read this comment.
      • Antivirus isn't necessary in Windows

        @JamesKelley - Windows Vista and now 7 has a good enough architecture to run without AV. I've been doing it for years now and never had a problem. Even if your PC does get "infected", the rouge code wouldn't have the privilege to do any damage.
        General C#
    • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall

      @royalstream So, if you have a real job, why are you reading this bare-minimum news article, much less spending the time to gripe--er, reply?
    • RE: Google Chrome OS to launch this fall


      Umm... many of us that don't use AutoCAD or Photoshop have real jobs as well. Have you ever been told you're arrogant? No? Well I am telling you now.
      Linux User 147560