Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

Summary: Plenty of the major mobile device players brought their WP7-enabled devices to showcase, and here's a quick hands-on review of the HTC HD7.


It's a big day for Microsoft with the official debut of Windows Phone 7 in New York City today. Plenty of the major mobile device players brought their WP7-enabled devices to showcase, and here's a quick hands-on review of the HTC HD7.

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Officially announced this morning, the speed of the HD7, powered by a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor, is evident right from the start. Based on how speedy the rest of the WP7 smartphones on display were too, part of that swiftness has to be attributed to the operating system.

[Image Gallery: Hands-on with the Windows Phone 7 smartphone collection]

Zooming in and out of applications is almost as quick as the blink of an eye, with a few exceptions. Strangely, Twitter took awhile to load. Not strangely, Internet Explorer took between 30 seconds and a minute to load a page. Given that there wasn't a SIM card installed and the device was connecting via Wi-Fi, part of the load lag could have been due to crowding of everyone else trying to connect to the network.

The immediate feel of the HD7 was a bit bulky for my hand, reminding me of the Motorola Droid X and HTC Evo 4G, both of which also sport 4.3-inch displays. The 5.71-ounce smartphone doesn't feel all that heavy, and it should be able to slide into a pocket easily, measuring in at less than an inch thick. Everything on this WP7 device is controlled on the touch screen, with few buttons 'round the sides for volume control, power and a camera shutter button.

One of the extra unique features on the HTC HD7 is the kickstand on the rear of the device near the 5-megapixel camera and dual LED flash (pictured below). That should certainly be convenient for watching movies on-the-go. Now all they need is Netflix for WP7.

Otherwise, there aren't many differences between the HD7 and the other eight devices currently in the Windows Phone 7 line-up. It really comes down to mobile carriers, physical characteristics and pricing.

T-Mobile will begin rolling out the  HTC HD7 throughout the United States mid-November. As ZDNet's Matt Miller reported this morning, this particular WP7 smartphone should also be retailing for $199 (on contract).

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  • The Kin and Zune are also GREAT products. This shows that Win Phone 7 will

    REALLY kick arse and be a HUGE success!!!!!!!!!!!
    • RE: Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

      You are such a broken record. Haven't got anything better to do?
      • Come on, I am agreeing with you.

        Just like Kin and Zune, Windows Phone 7 will take the market by storm!!
      • Does he have anything better to do?


        He always posts in Microsoft blogs about how much Microsoft products suck. He always brings up 1-3 examples and then pretends that he's superior.
        Michael Alan Goff
      • Guys, what are you arguing about. Windows Phone 7 will be a huge success.

        Given Microsoft's track record with Zune and Kin, there is not doubt.
    • Yeah just look at the ABMers

      @DonnieBoy <br><br>They are already living in fear because Windows Phone 7 is a HUGE SUCCESS.<br><br>Go Ballmer Go, do the monkey dance for them hit em' with chairs.
      OS Reload
      • Yes, Windows Phone 7 is a HUGE SUCCESS even a month before it will be


        Can not wait to see customers buying them by the millions!!!!!
    • Zune is a great product

      DonnieBoy, having used both the Zune an iPod, but then again, that Apple lock-in was a great idea fr Apple, right?

      You keep talking about "taking the market by storm" (like Gears, Buzz, Apps) but I thought it was about quality, right?

      So having never used any MS product (as it shows in your comments) What do you feel is important, a Zune (and if you read the comments, you can see some people dislike iTunes, but tend to like Zune Marketplace) or WM7 phone that works?

      Or do you think people take you seriouslly, instead of actually laughing at you? ;)
      John Zern
      • Well, YES, Zune was so successful!!!! Knocked iPod right out of the market!

        Your opinion is the same as the masses.
      • So, according to you, Donnie

        -Linux is a failure because of low market share
        -OSX is as well, same reason
        -the iPhone and Android have a lower marketshare than Symbian and RIM, they're failures too
        Michael Alan Goff
      • Nice, goff256

        logic our resident Spock would be satisfied with.

        But then that's our DonnieBoy, scared of everything MS. He was bragging that Microsoft would be out of business by 2009, or something along those lines. ;)
        John Zern
  • Love the "But Copy/Paste Is Coming Soon!!!"

    Yeah, around the time it's integrated iPhone 5 will be announced and the iPhone 4 will already be on Verizon...

    Watch for an announcement prior to the November sale date of Windows Phone 7 of Verizon going to the iPhone...

    Jobs is gonna knock the Winmobile Phone out of the park and into the Kin bin.
  • Reasons WP7 Will FLOP

    I'll list ... and in case you are going to ask what the reasons are ill give a brief example.

    tethering ... go to work or some place with your laptop and need a quick online access .. use your phone

    true multi tasking ... want to be able to hot switch from my remote applications while I have my document open with a mac address

    copy and paste ... they say it will be coming next yr ... but look at this. If i have to copy an insert and paste it into an email of document how would you do that.

    mountable storage ... if for some reason I dropped an iso of something on my phone ... actually wait you cant. I cant even drop anything on my phone and use it as a storage device.

    The zune and xbox thing that is their main highlight for this phone. Take away zune and xbox and what kind of phone you have ... especially for a power user.

    Seriously, take away zune and xbox.....what is left for the power user????? zip.
    • Yawn.

      Now go cash that paycheck, cyberslummer, we get it, you're paid to write this stuff.

      Seriouslly, nobody can really be as ignorant or as idiotic as you come off to be. :)
      John Zern
      • RE: Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

        @John Zern Gee John..the truth hurts doesn't it???
      • I disagree!

        @John Zern

        I really must disagree with you ; I truly believe that Cyberslammer is as ignorant and idiotic as he comes off.
    • RE: Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

      @cyberslammer at least Microsoft is saying: the missing features will come later. Certain others say: Why is it that You want multitasking? (eventually they put that in), why is it that you want Flash? and so on...
      Roque Mocan
      • So true...

        @Roque Mocan

        Cyberslammer keeps telling us to wait for the next version of the iPad for various missing features; but, apparently, this advice does't hold true for Win7.
    • RE: Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

      @cyberslammer <br><br>true multi tasking -- I find it interesting that, suddenly, multitasking is vital to you...when the iPhone didn't have it, you said that it wasn't necessary.<br><br>copy and paste... Again, this was a feature that you didn't consider to be important when people criticized the iphone for not having it!<br><br>mountable storage... You're going to drop an iso on your phone? Really? And, pray tell, how often does this bizzare scenario occur?<br><br>Take away zune and xbox, and what king of phone do you have? THE KIND WITH A FULLY FUNCTIONAL ANNTENNA AND A BACK THAT DOESN'T CRACK!
      • RE: Hands-on review: T-Mobile's HTC HD7 with Windows Phone 7

        @trickytom3 I find it quite amusing that the exact same people who said these features were essential to any mobile OS and attacked Apple for the iPhone NOT having them are the same people who are for some reason not frothing at the mouth when WP7 is debuted with the same "lack" of features. So tell me why all of this was such a big deal when it was the iPhone but not so much now since it's WP7...