How the blind could one day use an iPad

How the blind could one day use an iPad

Summary: If you're blind, the Apple iPad and similar devices are difficult purchases to justify. But that could soon change.


All this talk about Apple's iPad is wonderful, but if you're blind, you're effectively partially left out of the fun.

But that won't be the case forever.

Researchers have designed a refreshable, full-screen Braille display that could allow the blind to quickly read digital content on a computer screen -- including content on the Web.

Want to know more? Read it on SmartPlanet's Smart Takes blog.

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  • Left out of the fun?

    What's all this, then:-
    • Valid point, but...

      Entirely valid point.

      Braille's big asset, however: speed reading.
    • Any device can have a text to speech reader

      but we sighted prefer to read over listening to a book. Why?

      Your imagination lends alot to reading: you give the characters voices, you interpert the moods, you add a little bit of yourself to the story, which makes it more interesting.

      Why not give the blind the same chance to enjoy the book the same way?

      For many listening to a book on a computer is not the best way to do it, it's the only way to do it.

      Plus you don't have to wear uncomforatable hedphones, or have everybody else around you listening in.