HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

Summary: Early adopters of HP's webOS devices may not feel that great about the company' support for them, but HP is trying to make it up to its customers with bittersweet TouchPad discount.


Remember a few months ago when HP said it wanted to make things right with customers whose phones wouldn't be getting upgraded to webOS 2? Well HP is finally making good on that promise - sort of.

The company is rewarding early webOS adopters with a $50 discount off of its upcoming TouchPad. Until July 31st, Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pixi Plus owners can shave twelfth of the price off the 32GB version of the tablet.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks. For one, the discount can only be applied to the $599 32GB TouchPad, which isn't too much of a deal for those who had no intention of buying that model in the first place.

More significant, perhaps, is the fact that some of the TouchPad's most compelling new features - touch to share, etc - aren't compatible with phones running early versions of Web OS. That makes the $50 discount a bit hollow, all told.

Either way, if you are a webOS stalwart, and were planning on getting the TouchPad, HP's deal certainly doesn't hurt.

[HP Palm Blog]

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  • Good move; though not sure this amount compensates weaker technology and ..

    ... lack of software.
    • Asus Transformer and you never look back

      You can connect USB devices. Use it with large screen, works like a Charm!

      No need for an iOS device that can't delete files or you can virtualize anything or just slips out of your hand.
      • Slips? Sounds like a personal/handling issue to me.

        As for your other complaints. Well it depends on your desire/needs. I think many a person will not find a tablet form factor to be friendly to traditional Laptop and or desktop work loads nor will they want to do so on such a device. You can disagree but this is where you will find the divide between iPad2 or iPad users who find their devices perfect for their needs and people like you who actually want a full blown computer on a tablet form factor.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • YEAH!! DeRSSS!! First to post again!! YEAH!!!

      Let's be honest, they could give us $500 off and we still wouldn't buy it. As Apple so smartly says: "If you don't have the iPad, you don't have the iPad"! Okay, pretty sure they only said that about the iPhone but the same applies to the iPad. There is absolutely no reason to buy anything other than an iOS device because as you so intelligently pointed out, everything but iOS has weaker technology and a lack of software.
      • You are such a bitter little person...

        @woulddie4apple As I've tried to point out to people like you it's not difficult to find Apple's secret sauce. What makes say an iPod a success when others offer at any given time better tech specs, features, and or are cheaper is simple Apple does something different it makes a better device. It takes all the components like tech specs, features, cost of ownership, ease of use, and in the case of the iPhone, iPod, iPad adds a very serious tool iTunes making each product complete in it's offering to the consumer. Apple does not look at a given component and say to itself "We have to be the fastest" NO Apple looks at a given product and says "We have to be better" Of course this is dependent on how you define "better" and in this case I think Apple has it right. You can disagree and well I would expect no less of you my bitter/angry friend:P On a personal note I wish WebOS all the luck!!! I think the world of mobile can always use someone else to help keep everyone on their toes!!!!

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

        @James Quinn

        What are you on about Jim? He's agreeing with you!
      • He/she is better known as NonZealot:P

        He/she's doing in his/her mind what one might call a "parody" of an Apple fan. It's very much like a Greek Tragedy kind of funny yet sad all at the same time.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • And you are just as well known as msalzberg

        I have just as much proof that you and msalzberg are the same person as you do that I'm NonZealot.

        Put up or shut up! :)
      • When it comes right down to it there is

        @woulddie4apple no proof. However each individual can if they wish think back to my posts as Pagan jim and the infamous NonZealot and look at todays posts made by me Pagan jim, and you and of course msalzberg and see similarities or differences between the writing styles, verbage used, common phrases, grammar, and spelling and make up their individual minds. I"m fairly convinced you are NonZealot.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • So you have no proof

        Cease and desist from stating that I am anyone until you have proof unless you are comfortable with being called a liar.

        Put up or shut up and since you've just admitted you have absolutely no ability to put up... SHUT UP!! :)
      • NonZ... Um NO:P


        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

      @DeRSSS <br>You're wrong, of course, but it just goes to affirm something that Gordon Livingston said: "You can't replace with logic that which wasn't put there by logic in the first place."<br><br>I bought my wife an Ipad 2 to complement her Iphone 4, and we both think it's a modern marvel of engineering. However, the Ipad 2, however beautiful, doesn't stand up to comparison with webOS's ease of use, its integration of email and other data, its true multitasking, and of course, the ability to actually use Flash (and yeah, I know, "it's buggy and on the way out" people keep saying that...as the rest of us can actually visit sites that use Flash). One can agree to disagree with this of course, but until you've actually used webOS and experienced its sophistication, whatever you say will be as hollow and foolish as it sounds here.
      • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad


        From what I've seen of WebOS, it seem like a very nice OS. I think it's 100 times more polish and stable an OS than Android/Honeycomb. But just like with the Palm Pre, it will need much more than a $50 mail-in rebate to compete with the top dog.

        Not sure why Flash is even brought up as a benefit at this point when HTML 5 already overtook it on the web a while back (web videos). Take this site for example, there were a point a few years ago where most embedded videos were unable to be viewed on iOS devices (Flash only) but today videos are HTML 5. This is the case everywhere.

        And who makes Flash only sites anymore? If they do then they just cut themselves out of 200 million iOS users with credit cards.
  • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

    Not enough. They should give more and also for the entry level TouchPad, otherwise this is really not enough.
    Ram U
  • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

    I love it! I think it's better than nothing. I already pre ordered my Touchpad and didn't even know about this. I'm happy you can make your purchase anywhere, I didn't have to pre orderer it through HP, I preordered through Amazon 32gb. Those of you complaining that it should be on the entry level as well, why don't you look at this, as a positive. For just $50 more you get 100 extra gigabytes! It's my hope for HP, that this Touchpad makes it. I've seen some of the commercials and frankly there boring, especially in comparison to the great Apple iPad 2 commercials, comeon HP bring it, you got the hardware. Since they're coming to the Tablet game late (this should have hit the shelves at least 3 months ago)it's their fault if this fails. All I can say is apps, apps, apps.
    • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad


      Remember the Pre? I got it day 1, and it was at least three months before it had enough software updates to give it real functionality to rival the Treo 755p or even the 650. Many of the early phones had to be replaced because the harware could not handle the software updates. It's better to be late and not put a product out there too soon. Palm might still exist if they had fixed most of the software and hardware problems before paying the costs of dealing with returned phones and customer service calls.
      The $50 makes it tempting.
  • RE: HP to give webOS early adopters $50 towards its upcoming TouchPad

    I'm an early adopter of HP's tablet...the Slate 500. What I'd like to know is whether the Slate's hardware can run webOS and whether or not HP would make it available to load via a CD/DVD. As and avid Handspring/Palm fan who gave up waiting for the Pre. Remember all the delays??? ;-( If I could get webOS on my Slate, side by side with Win7 or in a dual boot configuration, that would make me a happy camper.