HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

Summary: The HTC Incredible -- yes, it's quite a name to live up to -- has been caught in the wild.


Another HTC Google Android smartphone? You don't say!

The HTC Incredible -- yes, it's quite a name to live up to -- has been caught in the wild courtesy of Pocketnow, which managed to snag a few photos and video of the device, two of which you can see above.

There are a few details about the device, according to a tipster to the site: A Snapdragon processor, Android 2.1 (with HTC's Sense UI, of course), 256MB of memory, an optical mouse pointer and a camera with a dual-LED flash.

From the looks of that photo, the display is at least 3.5 inches, and the camera is as big on the back as the one on the Google Nexus One, I reckon. According to an old Engadget tip, it's coming to Verizon, too.

So what -- another Android phone. My question: will Google begin to woo business users away from BlackBerry so that Android can run free in the enterprise?

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  • That is my big question too

    I love my Nexus One and enjoy the Android OS, but the big question for me too is, "Can they impact the enterprise market?" If they can then Windows Mobile and BlackBerry have some real concerns, but at this time I don't see any focus at all on the enterprise market.
    palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • You are absolutely correct.

      You put it in a perfect way Matt. As long as enterprises can't develop
      stuff targeting Androids (without rooting them), there is no way
      mainstream enterprises would pick it up.
      Ram U
  • RE: HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

    Good Technology offers a comparable email client for the
    iPhone, Android and soon the Palm-Pre platform.
    Encrypted email, remote wipe, etc. Should enable anyone
    to use these phones in the enterprise. May have to lock
    them down in other ways, but for all practical purposes
    you should be able to use them in the enterprise just as
    you do a Blackberry today.
  • Yawn.. They all look alike

    Can't the handset guys learn *anything* from the PC world where sameness opened the door for Apple.

    Guys like samsung even make the Windows mobile ones look like the Android ones (or vice versa) with that terrible Touch wiz.

    Where is all that Android expandability / customization? If you can't sell a unique GUI, who cares about the rest of it. More importantly, if it all looks the same, does the consumer even care?
    • @Yawn.. They all look alike

      Yeah, there are SO many differences between the 2G and 3Gs iPhone UI's?

      HTC has their Sense UI which is pictured in this article.

      Samsung has the TouchWiz.

      Google is using the default UI as is the Moto Droid.

      The other Moto phones use Blur.

      SE Ericsson has a new UI.

      I don't see your argument in fact it's slightly trollish. ;)
      I'm thinking this new HTC is going to rock and quite frankly if Motorola doesn't give a full 2.1-update1 upgrade with the same UI and feature enhancements as the N1 got .. then HTC is where I'll be placing my faith and cash. Moto can then have fun with it's Teen Candy UI aka. Blur.
      • All phones will pretty much *look* the same. FWIW.

        All phones are going to coalesce around the only
        design that makes sense: the business side will
        be one big screen, and the phone will be as thin
        as possible. The only other differentiator will
        be keyboard: real buttons or screen-only. It's a
        phone that needs to fit in your pocket, yet the
        screens will always be smaller than what you
        would want in a computer. There's only one way
        this battle resolves.

        All iPhones look alike, don't see that slowing
        them down too much. Personally, I'm sick of
        pretty faces with empty guts. Features actually
        matter to me, not looks.

        The real differentiators will be the software
        and hardware features. On the inside these
        phones are certainly NOT all equal. Is the phone
        fast? Screen resolution, brightness, color,
        touch responsivenesss? Camera quality, flash
        strength, video format and resolution? Battery
        life? UI well thought out?
  • Not until BES dies of old age or something else comes along.

    Most businesses are invested heavily in the BES add-on for
    Exchange and until something comes along to take it's
    place I doubt Blackberry phones will be supplanted in
    Corp. America. I doubt BES will wain because IT people fear
    change worse then they'd fear Megan Fox actually hitting
    on THEM. They like the Microsoft job security and have SO
    much money invested in certs that getting them to use
    most anything that's not an end to end Microsoft solution
    will be like pulling teeth out of a live badger.

    So .. your answer about when Android will hit up
    businesses .. not any time soon I fear.
  • RE: HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

    noone ever says what's so great about an android. what is the big draw and what features are so awesome I ought to think about having one?
  • RE: HTC Incredible Android smartphone caught in the wild

    So has HTC Osborn'ed the Verizon Droid Eris? Or even done the same to the incredible with the scorpion? Does anyone under 35 know what Osborning means?