Nintendo 3DS getting right thumbstick, but will you?

Nintendo 3DS getting right thumbstick, but will you?

Summary: Nintendo confirms to CNET that photos of the cradle-like Circle Pad for the 3DS are legit, which brings up more questions than answers.

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Earlier this week, a scanned page from the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu surfaced online showing a right thumbstick embedded into a cradle-like attachment for the Nintendo 3DS. It turns out this "Circle Pad" is an official Nintendo accessory that it will be introducing it "at a later date," as told to CNET by Nintendo via email.

Since the text accompanying these photos describes Capcom's Monster Hunter 3G, a 3DS expansion of the popular Wii and PlayStation title in Japan, the peripheral will probably be bundled with that game when it launches in Japan, rather than become an essential attachment that current owners must purchase separately.

There is speculation that the peripheral signals a 3DS redesign in the works just months after the handheld console was launched, and that early adopters should be given this updated cradle for free or will cost a nominal $10, but Nintendo has not confirmed anything else beyond acknowledging this attachment is legit and not just a Photoshop project. I can't speak to Nintendo's future plans but from the upcoming 3DS titles I got to preview for this holiday season, none of them require this Circle Pad so I find it hard to believe Nintendo would be further risking the ire of customers by making them buy a new accessory for their relatively new device. Besides, I don't know how practical this design is considering I have yet to break open the cradle that came bundled with my 3DS; after all, who wants to hold onto extra bulk when playing on a mobile device?

[Source: CNET, CNET Crave Asia]


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Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • RE: Nintendo 3DS getting right thumbstick, but will you?

    does this work?
    • RE: Nintendo 3DS getting right thumbstick, but will you?

      @dnbwise@... it does
  • RE: Nintendo 3DS getting right thumbstick, but will you?

    I use the cradle to charge my 3ds on my nightstand. By attaching it with command strips or something similar you can have a safe place to store your 3ds during charging (and you aren't playing it). Had a friend lose theirs to a cat knocking it down while it was charging.

    I'm not worried about the bulk, I owned a DSiXL before my 3DS and actually miss the bulk of it and the Nerf Armor case I has. I have big hands and the small brick shapes nintendo has had lately tend to cramp my hands. To me the new device looks like it will be more comfortable. What would be nice is if they had it would have a larger capacity battery built in that would replace the small battery already in the 3DS (much like Nyko's extended battery back).
  • If a game needs it then I will buy it

    I am sure this is being made for Monster Haunter Tri, because Capcom and Nintendo are co-developing it, and I am sure it will come bundled with the game. If not then I will buy if I purchase a game that really needs it.