Sony says PSN to return in "a few more days", gamers skeptical

Sony says PSN to return in "a few more days", gamers skeptical

Summary: On the Playstation Blog today, Sony communications director Patrick Seybold said that the company was still uncertain on when the PSN service will be restored.

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With the PSN outage now in its third week, Sony customers have been itching for any indication that the service will ever return.

And Sony isn't helping. On the Playstation Blog today, Sony communications director Patrick Seybold said that the company was still uncertain on when the PSN service will be restored.

"I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days," he said.

Seybold's statement comes after what appears bit of a miscommunication between Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida and Bloomberg. In a story published on Sunday, Yoshida indicated that Sony planned to completely restore the service by May 31st, over a month after the initial outage.

Apparently the statement, which spread to many other news sources, was not entirely true. Instead, Sony says it is focusing on beefing up its security before restoring access to its services. While Seybold maintains that the service, won't return for another few days, Sony has already missed its previous restoration deadline of May 8th. This makes many skeptical of the company's promises - and rightfully so.

How about you, readers - how much stock do you have in Sony's restoration timeline?

Topic: Hardware

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  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    Although I feel that this newest blog is just another repeat of previous blog posts using different wording, I just wish Sony would be just a little more specific, like how the testing is doing.
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

      @markarchuleta108 That's not far from the truth. Still, it's significant that there is so much uncertainty regarding the restoration - even from within Sony itself.
      Ricardo Bilton
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    Ill believe it when i see it, but im in no hurry. Make sure its right. I'll get back to my Old School CoD: Modern Warfare meanwhile on my X-box until then.
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    The reality is people are angry at the lack of information. Being a PS3 owner myself I am more upset by the lack of communication than PlayStation Network being down. If they would provide some details such as percentage of completion, step X of steps XYZ they are on or something that would indicate what they are up against, people might have more empathy for them. The repeated PR babble is what is so annoying.
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

      @dtraser Exactly.

      The majority of gamers are not stupid. We know that things go wrong, networks get hacked. What most people don't like is not getting reasonable updates and explanations. There have been a few PS Blog posts that are reasonable, but most of it is bad PR by a company that really needs to engage better with its users.
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    If this was any other company, they would have been out of business by now. Sony's deep pockets have kept it afloat.
    Does anyone else know of a web based company that was down for a month without any kind of access at all, and survived?
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

      No one knows of a company like that cause it hasn't happened. and if it did we haven't heard of it, and that's exactly why. NONE HAVE SURVIVED.
      All I know Sony is really feeling their wallets getting empty now :/
      Belizian Uebon
      • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

        Xbox live was not down for 2 weeks straight. It would be up then it would go down. It was never continously down like the PS3 has been.
        Aeon Locke
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

      @FlNightWizard Just to clarify, Sony isn't a web based company. They are an entertainment mogul. The PSN is just one of the services they offer. Besides, we really don't have a choice. If you've got money to spend on an X-Box, go for it. How realistic is that, though. Will anybody really be buying an X-Box because the PSN is down for a few weeks? Possible, but highly unlikely that people are going to jump on that bandwagon. We love the PS3 too much to even consider that. Let's not forget all the reasons we all chose the PS3 over the X-Box in the first place (those of us who only have one console). Big deal, it's down for a month. Go find something else to do... something outdoors even. Or you can replay games that you've played before offline. Our world does not have to revolve around the PSN. Besides, you folks don't realize they are doing this for our protection. I am sure they are working around the clock to figure out how this could've happened, and are taking more than appropriate measures to prevent this from happening again. So guys, lighten up a little and cut Sony some slack. This isn't the first corporation that ever got hacked. As long as there's something online that's being guarded, there will always be hackers, and they will just keep getting smarter. There's always going to be hackers out there that can penetrate the most highly guarded electronic information. We may even be looking at an ex-employee of Sony that knew exactly how to get around the system. Anyways, I'm rambling here... but it gives you guys something to ponder. Happy gaming everyone, and stay loyal!
      • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

        Wow, kiss Sony's butt much...

        I bought the PS3 as a Blue Ray player and own one PS3 game, XBOX 360 and XBOX Live make PSN look like a dial up game playing service. Sony blows.
      • @hopp64

        Enjoy your Xbox experience, then. Sounds like you're a little butt hurt over the fact that Sony makes more money in a day than Microsoft makes in a week. XD
      • I think you forgot...

        That Sony also builds hardware and not just software. I think these Xbox/Microsoft zealots would be angry to know the Vaio is made by Sony and has Microsoft Windows on it. XD It really does amaze me that everyone thinks that if the PSN never came back that Sony would be losing money and be completely bankrupt. While this may be true about Microsoft... This isn't true about Sony. They own, create, and do too much... Sony... It does just about everything. While Microsoft makes software, and is a web mogul with the only 2 offerings of hardware being a Windows phone (which is less then shining when compared to other phones... Iphone and Droid phones), and the Xbox.

        So Xbox zealots can keep paying for live, because Microsoft knows dumb people live by the mantra of "if you pay for it then it has to be better". But they seem to have forgotten those two weeks over X-Mas where Live was down. And everyone will forget about this outage after a couple years too.

        Rock on, man!
      • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

        @elrayess Actually, I'm ready to ditch the PS3 in favor of the 360 at this point. The total lack of communication is the number one biggest issue I have.

        @hopp64 Financial figures to prove that statement please. Not saying it isn't true, but I have a problem believing that Sony (mostly hardware) is making more profit than Microsoft (mostly software - less overhead).
      • RE: Sony says PSN to return in


        There is no way there is more preofit in MS. Shoot right now MS is only making 12% profit because of Vista and Mostly yes xBox360 hold more losses then anything else MS has. it is the xBox that about killed MS till Windows 7 came out. it is Windows 7 that is saving MS. xBox360 dam near bankrupt MS. Sales over head doesnt' count when buyers are buying more then one system. Yes MS offered to repair and or replace the 80% defective hardware, but how many of those 80% knew intime about the replacement and or repair. I am willing to bet in the beginning of the Founding problems in xBox that cannot be fixed, contribute tot eh total Sales margins. At least 60% of the First people probably went out and got new xBox's, because MS didn't understand the problems yet, in that they were Microsoft's and ATI's poor design! Everone of you xBox Fans fail to identify this. the reality is that the two systems are dam near par with one another, each one having its pro's and Con's. One thing is for sure Sony definately has more security in presence then MS, and if not it isn't that much below. We do know that the profit margins are higher at Sony then MS, this is fact. Balmer has and still does say they are not out of the Losses yet, and he does this on the confreres on occasions, in defense. MS isnt' safe till Windows 8 is out. It is a Win situation they have to profit Windows 8, he also says that Windows Phone isn't intended to Save MS too, but they hope it helps sustain the Depression of the company.
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    Players: Bring back PSN!
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    Can Sony ever give us a final date??? I'm okay with the Network down, I'll just go out and to stuff, but with the lack of info, and the amount of insufficient info at that is antagonizing. Come on Sony, your one of the best for a reason, act like it. Hurry I wanna play FIFA 11 and Black ops.
    Still love ya though Sony
    Belizian Uebon
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    i lost respect for sony...the lack of communication and preparedness to prevent this from happening is unacceptable...they shouldve learned from microsoft when an attempt to breach their system was done a few yrs ago...their actions show that the consumer isn't its first priority and i now am actually contemplating giving up on the company altogether and taking my money elsewhere...since thats all sony cares about is the profit!
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

      @whereone1976 Your mistaken to think any company cares about anything else than profits. Sony, MS, Google. $$$$, first, shareholders second, consumers may come in third somewhere.
    • RE: Sony says PSN to return in


      If you think that any of these Comanies cares about you, you are crazy if you died (Yes I know this is Low) you wouldnt' matter one bit to them. The business model is like this Hey as long as there are millions of potential buyers, there is reason. if there are thousands then care about customer relations. as long as our Customers are buying that is important. Money is all about business, not you, businesses don't care if you buy there stuff or not. Companies like MS don't make there money on you directly Wake up, then make money on the New PC purchases, they make money on teh Prepaid live cards, they make money on advertising, but they dont' make money on you directly, and this is why they don't care about you. Sony yes they make money differently, but again, they want your money, they don't' want you!! the only thing any company cares about is your attention, and sorry that doesn't include you as a person, but only you as a community, because communities bring numbers! If businesses worked on loving relationships there would be to much drama, and a company woudl fail!!
  • RE: Sony says PSN to return in

    Funny how sony can have new advertisement daily on its website but can take days for news updates . Thanks sony i see where the time is getting spent. "buy the new offlinitized ps3 now in stores".