Sony's Google TV controller revealed

Sony's Google TV controller revealed

Summary: The controller for Sony's Google TV product has apparently been revealed on national television. And boy, is it ugly.


So the uber-productive folks at Engadget apparently have enough time to watch evening news special reports, and in watching ABC's Nightline last night, they -- along with America -- caught a glimpse of what they say is Sony's as-yet-unrevealed controller for its upcoming Google TV product.

Here it is:

If it's true, that's a pretty nasty looking piece of plastic, in my opinion.

It's as if Sony designers went to the drawing board and said, "Gee, how complicated can we make the PS3 controller?"


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Andrew Nusca

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  • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

    Wow. Words can't describe it.
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

    O.... M..... F....... G........ Its 1989 all over again.
  • It's only missing 1 thing

    If it had an Apple logo on it, you'd all be gushing about how magical and revolutionary it was.
    • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

      @NonZealot I'm an anti-Darwin/UNIX. so no.
    • Hardly

      @NonZealot Then again I would hope that Apple would design something better looking for use as a controller.
  • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

    And to think somebody at Sony sat down and approved this device! But, let's be fair, Sony has never been really known for good quality or innovative products. Anyone that disagrees with me, please state 1 product! They've never been first to market for anything that I'm aware of, and I worked for companies for years that carried their products.
    • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

      @mattvotisek75 Okay how about the Walkman? PS1? PS2? PS3? Should I go on?
  • doa

    still someone around here that thinks google tv will be a hit?
    banned from zdnet
    • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

      @banned from zdnet .... Google TV IS a hit... LOL. I have it and it's freaking amazing. This will be the future of tv. If you don't own one, don't comment. =)
  • You can also control the TV with your android

    You have options... don't like the game-console-like remote, then use your android.
    • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

      @drdenny70 You have more then two options. You can also plug in a wireless mouse and keyboard, and just use it like a normal computer from your couch.

      Or you can use your iPod, or iPhone, or iPad, or Android based device (tablet or phone). I personally do all of the above - whichever is more convenient at the time, I pick it up. They all sync with the GTV together without any problems.
  • One product?

    @ mattvotisek75...I'm not a big Sony fan, but what about Walkman? What about CDs (in conjunction with Philips) and as a key member of the DVD consortium. Or more recently the PS1, PS2 and PS3?

    In any case, that is one butt ugly controller.
  • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

    It's no more complex than remotes supplied with high end CRT based HD projectors in the recent past. No complaints about complexity. What is the trade-off? less buttons an a function key with many levels?
  • RE: Sony's Google TV controller revealed

    I have this device. It's amazing.

    As for the controller, you don't even need to use it if you don't like it. You can plug in a wireless computer keyboard and mouse and use it from the couch. Or, you can connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android based device (Tablets or Phones) and use them as your remotes. The Sony remote/keyboard can be thrown away once you've connected something else.

    Google TV is awesome. I have everything connected to my tv now through this single box. I can access my cable, dvd player, internet, movies on my computer, usb drives, and external hard drives by USB connection or wirelessly through UPnP connections. I have youtube, netflix, pandora,, buddytv, notes, workout applications, sony movies, etc all connected through my tv. That's just the tip of the iceberg. More applications are being added, and I haven't even used all the apps that I want to use yet.

    It basically turns your TV into one HUGE tablet that stays in your house, and links EVERYTHING together. It's awesome.

    I can program my iPod, Android tablets/phone to have "hot buttons" where I press one button, and the application that I've linked to that "hot button" opens. No searching, no menus, no lists, nothing... Just hit a button on my screen and up comes my favorite channel, application, website, etc... Whatever I decided to program.

    Glad I got this device, it's freakin' awesome!