Steve Ballmer unveils the HP Slate tablet

Steve Ballmer unveils the HP Slate tablet

Summary: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer debuted the HP Slate tablet computer during the CES 2010 keynote address last night, and while it was only a teaser, there were a few details and pictures available.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer debuted the HP Slate tablet computer during the CES 2010 keynote address last night, and while it was only a teaser, there were a few details and pictures available.

During what might have been the highlight of last night's speech (apparently not everyone was impressed), Ballmer hinted that we'll be seeing a prototype some time later this year. (Seriously, there haven't been enough definite release dates at CES this year.)

In what could have been a great debut (and steal Apple's thunder before they ever come out with that darn tablet of their own), there weren't many concrete details beyond that.

But what did the world learn about the HP Slate? It will run on Windows 7, runs Amazon Kindle for PC, and the color touchscreen is in between 10 and 12 inches. It also apparently plays Frogger.

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  • In other words - there's no annoucement.......

    Ballmer walks on stage looking more and more like an unhip MR. Rogers, shows the same tablet concept that's been with us since Gates introduced it back in 2001 (now with Touch, big surprise there). And with the usual "won't be available till later this year"? Oh and who will resist playing Frogger on a tablet pc?

    At least Apple waits until they're certain it will be accepted and sell before they pull the trigger. They put out an effort.
    • Agreed ! No Announcement

      other than Steve Balmer parading around like the original "PC" character with a need to try (ineffectively) to upstage whatever is making him insecure.
      • That's not humanly possible.

        He <i>is</i> only one man, and "everything" covers a myriad of
        subjects. Perhaps if he were cloned a dozen million times or so.
        Though I doubt even he would be comfortable if MS software was
        used anywhere in the cloning process.... ;-)

        That's what I like about non-Microsoft announcements; when certain
        other vendors announce things, they're almost always ready to turn
        the tap on the next day. From what I've seen reported on the fanboi
        sites, we don't have any firm commitment to the HP/MS slate this

        Check the stock prices, folks.... the investors are smarter than the
        tech press here.
        Jeff Dickey
  • prototype?

    "...we?ll be seeing a prototype some time later this year"?

    this is the temporary standard of vaporware announcements.
    a prototype? later this year? they must be really desperate.
  • HP should have a ...

    Pre Sale icon on their Homepage... and they should be taking orders.
    • And make the icon..

      a facsimile of Ballmer's bald head...

      lol... :D
      Wintel BSOD
  • Balmer can not seem to understand that he is NOT Steve Jobs and never will

    be. He is fat and uuuuugggly.
    • Master Joe Says...Good Thing

      You say this as if it is a bad thing. Let's look at Steve Jobs for a moment, since you choose to go that route:

      1. Steve Jobs is ill, and came very close to death. Rather than make this even somewhat known, Apple did all they could to cover this up. Why? They were afraid the sharehodlers would get nervous, and sell their stock. Despite the fact that shareholders, who invest their money into a company, deserve to know when something could greatly impact the future of that company, Apple decided their own interests were more important than the interests of those who invested in them.

      2. Since when is Steve Jobs an attractive person?

      3. Apple bases its products on brand loyalty/recognition. People don't buy an iPod because it's the best MP3 player out there (it isn't, by the way). They buy it because that's what their friends have. That's the "cool" thing to have. When you go out for a run, are walking down the street, on the bus, or sitting in Starbucks, and you have any MP3 player other than an iPod, people give you strange looks, as though you have insulted their eyes with that second rate device of yours. The same goes for the Mac notebooks. People love to bring their MacBook (or Pro or Air) to a coffee shop, or other "trendy" place, and stare at the screen, as though they are preparing to write the next graet American novel, when, in reality, they are likely tweeting about a bunch of nonsense that could not possibly matter less in the grand scheme of things.

      4. Apple has been around for a long time. It took it almost 20 years to ever matter in any industry, and suddenly we're impressed? Respect is not bought, or given, but earned, and Apple has not yet earned mine.

      5. Apple is a trend company. And, in case you haven't noticed, the newest "thing" is Google, the Android platform, and the Chrome OS. The Droid and Nexus One are more popular in news today than the iPhone. This, of course, causes the Apple loyalists to lash out because being rendy is all they have. And, for the price of the Apple produt(s) you own, you expect to have the spotlight on YOU. Now, in contrast, Microsoft has been around quite a long time as well. And, it has not only developed itself into a household name in the compute rindustry, but it shows strong signs that it will continue to be in that position for a long time to come. Microsoft products are nto based off of trends, the "cool" factor, or what is hot TODAY. They are based off of quality, long-lasting, outstanding quality. Those who disagree with that statement do so because they are likely an Apple user, and, again, don't like to admit that there is something better out there. Those who are extremists on the Linux front do so out of spite. When you use an operating system that 2% of all PC users are using, and there is another operating system out that which makes up more than 90% of tha tmarket, you lash out because you like to think, again, that your operating system is the best, and most people obviously do not agree with you.

      So, Steve Balmer isn't Steve Jobs, and never will be? I think that's a pretty high compliment to Mr. Balmer, and that he would appreciate knowing it. I personally can't say that I have a very high opinion of Balmer, but I also don't dislike the guy either. As for Jobs, someone should make a pair of boots out of that snake, and then he would finally be where he belongs.

      --Master Joe
      • You took him too seriously...

        He called Steve Ballmer fat, and didn't even use proper grammar or
        punctuation, and you took that guy so seriously as to write an essay.

        I disagree with you, but everything you said was an opinion so I don't need to
        explain myself with more arguable opinions.
      • good points

        LOL When I run accross an forum fanboy, I'm going to quote some of you passages for the sarcastic truth they actually hold! You coudn't have said some of them better! hehe
        • Master Joe Says...Opinion...Sort of

          Like dag10 says, my comments are opinions. Then again, that only holds true for some of it. The physical appearance of Balmer or Jobs is obviously an opinion, and doesn't really matter. The fact that Jobs is ill, possibly in a short life left to live kind of way, is not opinion. The fact that Microsoft has stood the test of tiem in a dominant position is not an opinion. And, for the rest of it, walk into any Starbucks or cafe, and the proof is staring at you, like a big, glowing apple. Oh wait...nevermind. =)

          --Master Joe
      • Ugly

        Master Joe, envy is such an ugly trait. But I guess if all your ignorance
        allows you see is: Steve Jobs as "ill" Apple as "a trend company" that
        "bases its products on brand loyalty/recognition", took "almost 20
        years to ever matter" etc etc, then you must have a very sad life.

        Apple's business model and success are based on user experience, the
        latest technology and superior design - paramount requirements
        demanded by Steve Jobs, a survivor of Pancreatic cancer and probably
        the smartest entrepreneur alive.

        If your cheap PC makes you feel inadequate in Starbucks or anywhere
        else, that says more about you than it does about Apple or the people
        who buy their products. And if you really think Apple are the least bit
        concerned about Google's Nexus One, a device encumbered with the
        false title of Superphone, equipped with nothing special, and launched
        by uncool old men in white lab coats, then you're also deluded.

        And finally, Steve Ballmer is a shoe salesman addicted to serially
        announcing spoilers and delivering c r a p vaporware. He'd kill to
        possess a tenth of Steve Jobs' business acumen and market insight.
        Graham Ellison
        • You're missing the point.

          Master Joe was just dispelling the notion that Jobs is any better looking than Blamer in this stage. When he was young, maybe you can say Jobs had more ?sex appeal? or whatever, but either way, that?s not really the point in evaluating the products. And besides, that sexy personal sure didn?t help much against Gate?s classic nerd image.

          What you miss is that Jobs had failed many times in the past as well and lost Apple?s lead to Microsoft because of his ?strict entrepreneurial visions?. He?s actually more of a cultist type of business man with a master marketeer mentality if you look at history, trying to spread his ideology of how computing ?should? be.

          PC?s are made to be economical for the most part and the principles are to be cost effective and value driven. Apple?s are made to be trendy and expensive while catering to the computer illiterate. There?s a market for both. And the reason why you have such a negative view for Balmer is that you are likely one of those people who relate to the ?fashion crowd??the people who make up a lot of those computer phobes.

          Balmer is a nerd and guess what? Business people like nerds because they care about the bottom line. And they hire other nerds, stiffs, suits, geeks, dweebs, ?uncool to your world? people because these are the ones who look past ?fat, corny, bald? and instead see ?dedicated, enthusiastic, workaholic?.

          Think about that next time you?re smoking pot with the hip crowd imitating your role model who prolly owes part of his health to that ?psychedelic? past. LOL
        • That is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

          Apple innovating. That is the funniest thing that I have ever heard. Superior design, not even close.
          • Master Joe Says...Untrue

            Apple sure is innovative. In fact, the last two major releases, when installed on a PC, caused system failure. And, on the Mac, there are many programs taht just freeze up with no explanation, and no form of error logging or analysis to diagnose the problem. If that isn't innovation, I don't know what is. Here's the MacBook Air. Oops. The "airport" wireless doesn't work. Sorry. Here's a patch. Oops. that didn't fix it. Let's just forget this ever happened, okay? As far as inadequate feelings of a PC, I built mine. How many Mac owners can say that? Sure, you could rig up a "Hackintosh" box, but that always puts you one update away from hosing the system. And, look at the creativity on their product names. iPod, iPhone, iMac, iTunes, iChat, iWorks (which is both a stupid name AND ironic considering the poor quality of the product itself, also known as a 2 for 1 on this jab =) ). But, I do appreciate that someone came right along and proved my claim true. I said that Apple fanatics constantly attack and lash out at anyone who criticizes their products because they did, after all, pay a heavy price for them, and don't want to hear that they overpaid for something that is second-rate. As far as Google, I can't say I'm a fan, but perhaps I just have more "market insight" than Steve "Snow" Jobs, and know that trendy sells, just like Apple knows it. People in this country (America) are obsessed with certain things. Reality TV, celebs and celeb news/gossip, the latest fashion, and the latest trend. Have you ever watched someone talk on their iPhone? That is the most awkward way to hold a phone I have ever seen. But, you paid a premium price, and want to make sure that everyone knows you are not just talkign on any cell phone, you are talking on THE cell phone. But, in time, Apple will be iDead, and Steve Jobs will iCry his iTears on his iFruit-shaped iPillow. iGuarantee it.

            --Master Joe
  • Steve Balmer is the guy.

    I am sure the Apple tablet will be much more sexy and usable.
    • ...and more expensive

      ....and with a couple of useless connector where you must pay extra to connect your device. And with, at most, 2 usb port.

      Apple's devices are cool until you purchase one.

      • re: useless connectors

        Umm, yeah... You mean like that useless "firewire" stuff Apple introduced before anyone else, years ago?

        Apple's devices try to be among the first to adopt new technologies, and sometimes, that comes by way of a new type of connector or port. So what? I can remember when PC's first started using USB and people were all upset about that "useless" port that was taking away their 9-pin COM2 connectors on their motherboards.

        The fact is, we're LONG past the old days when a company would use a proprietary port just because it forced you to buy peripherals from them. (Yes, Apple did that with their "ADB" ports for their printers at one time.) When you see a new port like the "Mini DisplayPort" video one Apple's using now, there are real advantages to it. (Allows a much thinner notebook to have the port on it, for one thing, and Apple allows ANY company to license the connector for FREE. So obviously, it's not an attempt at vendor lock-out.)
        • Laffing hard

          Can you say iPod/iPhone video cables? or just about anything else peripheral to iPid or iPhone?
        • Firewire is Apples product.

          Hence they "came out with it first" in order to try to lock ppl into their connector so they can sell liscenses to periperal device manufacturers as well as sell expensive strands of copper. I guess that's what you would like to believe is "pioneering". lol