Steve Jobs calls Adobe 'lazy', says Google can't 'kill the iPhone'

Steve Jobs calls Adobe 'lazy', says Google can't 'kill the iPhone'

Summary: Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't holding back with how he really feels about Google and Adobe - at least according to Wired and some anonymous sources.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't holding back with how he really feels about Google and Adobe - at least according to Wired and some anonymous sources over in Cupertino.

According to the Wired piece, Jobs let loose on his Silicon Valley neighbors/frenemies during an Apple employee Town Hall-style meeting.

The highlights of the speech? Starting off with Google, Jobs fired off that Apple "did not enter the search business," rather that Google "entered the phone business" and "they want to kill the iPhone" with the HTC Nexus One. But Jobs won't let that happen on his (probably touchscreen) watch.

He then allegedly roared that Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto is, well, "bullshit.” (But now that quote is being disputed.)

Then on to Adobe, Jobs just thinks they're plain "lazy." And if you ever wondered why your MacBook is crashing, it's all Flash's fault, he said, continuing on that HTML5 is the way of the future. (Maybe he's just upset because everyone made a big deal that the iPad doesn't really handle Flash and it was so obvious at the press event last week.)

So is any of this true? Maybe some of the language is questionable, but I wouldn't really be surprised about any of this. It's just business, not personal, right?

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  • Applogant

    Get this straight, a <i>plugin</i> in a
    <i>browser</i> running in user space can
    <b>crash OS X</b>?

    But I thought that everything just worked? How
    can anyone design an operating system where a
    plugin in a browser can crash it? Kernel mode
    drivers, yes, hardware faults, yes. But
    Applications <i>do not get to crash an
    operating system</i> unless that os is
    extremely poorly designed.

    Truth is, of course, that Flash *do not* crash
    Macs. Flash may crash Firefox or Safari (but
    not in Snow Leopard).

    No, the real issue is that Steve has grown
    power arrogant and wants complete control over
    macs, iphones, ipods and the new giant ipods.

    If Flash, Java, Silverlight or any other RIA
    technology is allowed onto <i>his</i> devices
    (they are not ours anymore), he will lose
    control. Suddenly we would buy apps from
    *outside* the appstore. Imagine that! Customers
    buying from somewhere where Apple does not get
    its 30%! Hilarious!
    • I agree

      It looks like he is trying to bring Apple back to it's closed proprietary design. It will be interesting to see if he takes the development of this Apple chip used in the iTouchXL (AKA iPad) and tries to develop it as a processor for the entire Mac line. Steve Jobs has always been a bit smug and arrogant and it is his attitude towards anything "not apple" that makes me dislike the company.
      • Arrogant attitude toward anything "not apple"

        I totally agree. Mac is the only luxury brand in the world that succeeds by making fun of it's cheaper competitors(BMW would'nt dare).

        That's why I despise Apple, form the 1984 "superbowl" ad to the "I am a PC" campaign.I don't think I am living in the middle of stupid lobotomised idiots, so I don't buy Mac.
        • Ironic!

          So Apple's 1984 "superbowl" ad was making fun of it's cheaper competitor. That would be IBM that the tiny (at the time) Apple was making fun of. Justifiably. Especially since it was IBM's stupidity in introducing the IBM PC that enabled Microsoft to become dominant in the PC market and push the world towards decades of suffering.
          • Just because you have a grudge...

            Against Microsoft and don't appreciate the better things in life, does not mean the world is "suffering."
          • hight of irony

            The amazing part is how Apple has itself become
            more like 1984's big brother than any company
            in history. If it could - apple would sell
            proprietary water. In the future, Apple
            products will only work if they detect an Apple
            patented enzyme on the surface of your skin and
            your body can only produce the enzyme if you
            drink Apple water every few hours.

            The IBM PC was stupid? Apple could have made an
            OS to unseat MS from the platform. If IBM made
            a mistake it was underestimating the power of
            MS marketing.

            And to be clear, I was a seriously pro apple
            person before the company became the seat of
            evil in the world. I am certainly not pro-
        • ha

          so not having a virus for the last 2 years makes me the "lobotomized idiot" - in my opinion defending something that has a huge hacker target on it back is far more stupid .BTW get spell check.
          • Ah!

            But I run most of my machine on Windows... and i'm still waiting on that mythical virus to BSOD me...
          • Not all of us are in the huge hacker market.

            I use Linux, I don't get viruses. I don't pay the Apple tax, I don't have to settle for last years hardware. I can run my PC dual boot with Windows 7 and not have to look at upgrading to last years best hardware.

            If I wanted to, I could probably build an inferior computer and install O/S, just to be like the other smug Apple fanboys.
          • too funny so naive

            But you do get to use lack luster products that are lucky to be functioning at all.. never mind working together like the whole iLife suite. Linux is great for a lot of things but as a fully functional desktop with "top of the line apps" is not one of them.

            Linux is free if your time is worthless.

            The fact you can run "Superior" hardware that boot an inferior OS is little consolation. Then with Windows 7 you can cancel out all the performance gains you just made by adding, virus software, adware, and malware apps to keep the POS OS running correctly.
          • speaking of naive...

            MS has a new AV suite out there, you may not be aware of it, as well as an anti malware suite, both use less than 50 megs of memory and catch all threats I come across. I lose no performance to them at all. In fact in a 25 man raid I just let my AV scan behind the wow client and lose just 3 FPS, not a big deal.

            You should remove your head from whatever damp and smelly orifice you have it jammed into and smell some fresh non-FUD air and just really embrace your new master, Windows 7. Also, you need to get in your time machine Marty, its not 2001 anymore.
          • Performance hit? lol

            Like im getting any performance hit on my main gaming PC... Its a i7 920 @ 4.0 GHZ, 12GB of RAM, 2 GTX 285 and a 3 disk RAID 0 array for the OS, plus a RAID JBOD for storage.

            I might lose 5 FPS because of my Kaspersky internet suite... Since I get over 100+ FPS in most game on the highest settings in 1920*1080, its acceptable.

            Now name me a mac that is comparable?

            And how many fps do you need to play starcraft, since its the only game your O/S can play?
            Tommy S.
          • Aaah... tchoo. &#160; Sorry!

            It's that I'm allergic to bulls&#104;it.
            The Mentalist
          • @Tommy S.

            Hey Tommy S., it's time to move out of mommy's basement and get your own home. Being a 40 year old virgin must embarrass you, so you have to brag about your computer to compensate.
          • Offended the poor?

            You think that having a 2.5k$ computer is impossible if you own a house?? You guys ever attended college?

            I work in an IT shop for a fortune 500 company. And I think my computer cost is insignificant compared to, lets say my car. Sorry you guys dont have decent jobs.

            "You shall not covet your neighbor?s house; you shall not covet your neighbor?s wife
            , nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor?s (including his custom built OCed water cooled i7 computer)."
            Tommy S.
          • @Tommy S.

            Did I hit a nerve Tommy S.?
          • ha to you too. Lemming.

            ... So, not having a virus makes you 'smarterered'? I use windows and haven't had a virus in the last 10 years. You can only claim 2?

            You're considered 'lobotomized' because when you *do* get that virus and have no idea how to fix it because 'it just works' means no anti-virus and no tinkering with the insides of your OS. (and you will, there's already examples in the wild) Leaving you completely Dur Dur about how to stop a process that's malicious.

            Security through obscurity is a fallacy, Linux is the only secure OS, Mac is and will be a target in the future. Welcome to the Dollhouse, you're a pretty addition to the collection of other plastic fake people we have here.
          • M$ got chills,

            you're multiplyin', and M$'s losin' control on you.
            The Mentalist
          • That would be "addition."

            "Edition" refers to a revision of a published work.
            Lester Young
          • Funny

            I'm running windows too, and I can't clearly recall the last time ive had a virus on my machine. I just had my 28th birthday, and the last time I remember having a virus on my machin was in high school.