Target to sell iPad on October 3

Target to sell iPad on October 3

Summary: Megaretailer Target says it will begin selling four Apple iPad models in October.


Big-box retailer Target will reportedly begin selling Apple's iPad tablet computer in October.

The magic, revolutionary date: October 3, according to the company.

The retailer will sell four models, starting at $499. It didn't indicate which four models, but given the retailer's focus on value, expect it to be the more affordable versions.

To date, the iPad has been available directly from Apple and from electronics retailer Best Buy.

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  • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

    If I'm not mistaken there are only four models of iPads, period. So if Target is selling four models they are going to carry the complete iPad line up.
  • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

    I will reiterate: If anyone want's to *really* compete with the iPad they too will need to be sold at retail outlets, not carrier stores. People walk into carriers for phones, not netbooks and tablets.
    • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

      @dave95. Looks like the iPad is going to do just that....Wal Mart sells the it just a matter of time before they start selling the iPad too?
  • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

    Nonzealot and Trickytom3 are rumored to be outside of Target protesting and stopping users from buying the iPads, and those that do run the risk of having their iPads taken and smashed on the concrete.
    • I agree with you on all points except the last...

      To actually take another's product would require some level of courage and these two "Out of one's mothers basement posters" are not the aggressive types:)

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

        @James Quinn I know, but I figured I'd beat them in here to head off the flurry of hate posts that will no doubt come from them.
      • Fascinating.

        James Quinn , you have shown yourself to be one on the most "blindly following" Apple loyalist on this site, yet you talk down others as they share an opposite view of Apple.

        How are you any different then those you speak ill about?
        Tim Cook
      • @Spock: even more ironic

        Mr. Quinn above has admitted on several occasions that he lives in a basement suite. Ugh, haven't done that since I was a teen and I couldn't afford anything better. So for him to make fun of basement dwellers is... well... quite deliciously ironic. :)
      • You ACTUALLY live in a basement? OMG!

        @James Quinn

        I was just f**cking around, I never thought that you or Cyberslammer ACTUALLY lived in a basement!

        Do you live there together? You DO seem awfully close for "men"!
    • Why would I care?


      Seriously, why would I EVER care where they sell iPads?

      More importantly...why do YOU?
  • Well what do you know... It worked:)

    Two very reliable "I Hate Apple" types were so easily distracted from their mission that they forgot to attack an Apple product.... Cool.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

    I'll camp out, as we know it's a great experience to wait for your desiring devices. and I want to share <a href="">"Top Holiday iPhone Games"</a> with you.
  • You're Invited to Take the "Fanboy Challenge"!

    The fanboy challenge goes like this:

    I'll write five things about the iPad that are great,
    you (the fanboy) write five things about the ipad that suck

    Can you do it?
  • RE: Target to sell iPad on October 3

    Microcenter sells the iPad now too....