The Toybox is closed

The Toybox is closed

Summary: Over four thousand posts after its inception, the ToyBox is saying goodbye.


After the saddening departure posts from writers of Friending Facebook and Emerging Tech, you might not have the emotional wherewithal left to survive yet another goodbye.

But that's exactly what you are going to get.

ZDNet is refocusing its efforts on the enterprise and, as a result, is plucking from its ranks the blogs that don't quite fit with its new mission. The ToyBox is one of those blogs.

A brief history:

Over the last four years, the ToyBox contributed 4,398 posts of gadget goodness.

The first post came in January 2008 from former ZDNet contributor Josh Taylor, who flew solo until current ZDNet Associate Editor Andrew Nusca joined him two months later. Jennifer Bergen joined in March 2009, and was succeeded by Rachel King that October.

Gloria Sin and I joined in May 2011, taking the reins from Andrew and Rachel as they moved on to Between the Lines.

I wouldn't even know where to start listing some of the best ToyBox posts over the past four years, but for the sake of eulogy, here are a few of my own favorites:

As for the last pair of ToyBox writers, I'll be writing alongside Robin Harris at ZDNet's Storage Bits and Gloria Sin is moving on to some bigger, better, and currently secret things. Follow her on Twitter to see what she's up to.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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  • Sniff sniff.

    We'll miss ya, old gal.

    On to the enterprise!
  • Sad to see a page that I have read everyday....

    From the far reaches of Malta (in Europe), I am extremely sad to see this blog go...

    Ever since I discovered it, I have laughed and wondered at the news... commented quite a bit, and... well... you get the idea...

    I wish you well in your new jobs...
  • Disappointed

    I have enjoyed reading this blog and ZDNet in general. I wish you both the best in your new positions!
  • Remove the fun, remove the reason

    Things like the ToyBox are what make it interesting to come to ZDNet. While it is nice to focus on the enterprise, you have to remember that all work and no play......

    Enterprise people like their toys and such too. It might not lead to direct revenue for ZDNet, but you have to consider the indirect value it adds as well.

    Sorry to see this end.
  • Oh good! YA enterprise only blog. Yawn. It's the edge that delineates...

    It's the cutting edge and fun stuff that separates the wheat from the chaff in choosing what to read and what to subscribe to.

    The numbers and I, no doubt, are in different camps. We always are.

    I'm human.
    Clones and robots like the numbers.
  • Bummer...

    This blog is one of the few reasons I go to ZD...
  • Everytime I really like a blog...

    It winds up getting sent into the breach. :(
    For a certaintly, I will definitely miss this... The Toybox influenced my decisions to not/purchase tech gadgets, because it is a valued source of information to me. Sure, the enterprise is important, but ultimately CONSUMERS are participants in the enterprise setting and IT modifies accordingly (iPhone/iPad users out there know what I am saying...) I hope that ZDNet re-thinks this decision.
    • Re: Everytime..

      Well Said okiwa002!! It really is a shame to see this part of ZDnet go the way of the dodo...
  • Really short sighted

    Even enterprise numb-nuts like their toys. Enterprise stuff is really of interest to a very small population. It's really better to have us outside of that population be able to say "I saw this interesting piece on ZDnet".