The worst gadget in the world: The GoJo Hands Free headset (video)

The worst gadget in the world: The GoJo Hands Free headset (video)

Summary: The GoJo Hands Free Headset was invented to solve a problem. And it's pretty funny.

TOPICS: Hardware

First things first: As much as you'd like it to be fake, the GoJo Hands Free headset is real.

But to call the GoJo a "gadget" is perhaps unwise. It's more of a solution wrapped in cheap plastic, glazed with promise and presented with the expected glitz of a late night infomercial. That alone should probably make you doubt its claims. It's modern, gadget-focused snake oil.

Still, GoJo pitchman Joe Gray's claims are strangely compelling, hypnotizing in the sort of way that only television commercials can be. You want to doubt him, but you can't, because, underneath it all, the GoJo really does solve a problem that cell phone users face on a regular basis.

And it's this: People in offices, people in cars, people in gyms, and people doing backflips -- they all want to be able to talk on their phones without having to hold them. And the GoJo allows them to do just that.

"It is so simple. I love it," says the commercial's bearded man, who appears earnest enough that he may not be acting.

"I don't have to keep my hands on my cell phone - I don't have to worry about it," says the woman directly after him, affably.

The commercial's talking point's are clear: The GoJo is all about simplicity, speed, and convenience. Joe Gray's gestures evocatively in an effort to convince you, and probably himself, of this reality.

But it's not all puppies and roses. In likely the most inane moment of the whole spot, Gray uses the GoJo to pin what is clearly a white iBook to his face. It's as useless a moment as it is dubious, seeing as all that's holding the device in place is a tiny suction cup.

It gets worse. Probably the most ironic claim about the GoJo is that it "reduces texting while driving." The reason for this should be pretty obvious and also dryly funny. After all, you can't text on a phone that's pinned to your face.

"This is my daughter, who I don't want texting and driving," says a "mother" as her "daughter" stands sheepishly smiling by her side.

It's all a big joke, really. The GoJo exists in a world where Bluetooth headsets don't, where statements like "Bluetooth/Earbuds increase radiation 300%" are true, and where people must - must - use the phone while breakdancing.

And Joe Gray himself? A former musician, University of Central Florida wide receiver, and communications major, Gray describes himself as a "big strong man" who cries a lot. Pitchmen are rarely honest, but I'm certain that last bit is true: Gray does cry a lot. And it's probably because he created the GoJo.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Handsfree

    I just put my mobile in the glovebox, whilst in the car, and use the controls on the steering wheel to make and take calls...
  • Sorry, no.

    Sure beats speaker phone. Not.

    BTW, "This is my daughter, who I dont texting and driving."
    What does that mean, exactly?
    • I saw this thing on CNN during the middle of the day...

      I'll assume a typo... "This is my daughter, who I don't **SEE** texting and driving."
    • RE: BTW, "This is my daughter, .....

      I wonder whose daughter he conned into doing those backflips?

      That commercial is all over late night TV. I can't hit the mute button fast enough!
  • Laughing all the way to the bank!

    The sad thing is, he'll make millions!
  • GOJO

    I saw this infomercial the other day and did a double take as I thought it must be a commercial for a comedy show. LOL
    This is just crazy!!
  • Crazy???

    Maybe....but I want one!!!
  • Don't laugh...he'll make millions

    I read somewhere that Snuggies moved more than $100M of their cult robes. This is a no-brainer to make someone very wealthy.
    • right it will make money...

      not from me, but some people will buy anything. There will always be somebody trying to make "f$%k you money".

      By the way, does your music just not sound quite as good as it did years ago? Your CD's are probably suffering from "centrifugal data degradation". I have a rewinder for that, and I'll throw in a DVD/Bluray rewinder to sweeten the deal so your movies don't suffer too.

      I wish someone would step in flog these parasites.
  • Dennis Hopper -- Pitch Man?

    The guy in the pic with the pitch man looks like Dennis Hopper (RIP). HA!

    Well, at least they didn't choose someone that looked like Gary Busey. :)
  • Wait for it....

    Just waiting for people to think things through about the specific phones they have before purchasing and/or gifting...

    What happens when for whatever reason a suction cup attached item fails and one's phone drops about 5 feet to the concrete? Or, into your soup? Or, the sink? Or?...

    That many phone backplates are either textured to improve one's "grip" or have molded features that MAY prevent a suction cup from working properly.

    That applying the pressure needed to adequately secure an arbitrary suction cup to the back of a given phone MAY damage a phone and/or the battery. Damage to the lithium battery could increase the risk of fire or explosion. I believe cellphones generally are not designed to be "squeezed" front-to-back with any significant pressure. My latest cellphone (a "cool" thin model) visibly flexes when I grip the sides with one hand and with the other hand affix a 1" suction cup to the back. I just can't see that being all that good for my phone on a repeated basis.
    • Re: Wait for it....

      The suction cup failing is a valid concern, but the comment regarding the pressure from squeezing the phone is inane. People sit on their phones all the time, which is not necessarily good for your phone, but certainly exceeds the pressure of applying a small suction cup.
  • If you take your smart phone to bed with you then keep reading....

    Now this is my invention and it is pretty cool and sales are doing well and great positive feedback. Get the cool gadget for the smartphone user who plays with there smart phone in bed.
  • Bluetooth?

    For the same amount you can get a bluetooth headpiece that would be a whole lot more comfortable.
    • Many options

      For half the price you could buy Super Glue -- that would keep the phone on your ear.
  • Two simple facts...

    Anyone who buys this is stupid.
    Anyone who dismisses it is jealous!
  • This may look funny....

    ....but it's not stupid. I'll buy one if I see the commercial - heck, I may just go looking for it. Sure, I've got bluetooth in my car, and a Plantronics BT earpiece, but there are still times that this would be cool to have (battery's dead in the Plantronics...I don't have my Plantronics....I'm using my home phone....the list goes on....).
  • Call Now!

    If you act before midnight tonight, we'll include FREE 1 spring-loaded reel of 5-pound test line that you can attach your phone to the Popeil Retractable Pocket Fisherman and Phone Headset.

    But Wait - there's MORE! For only $19.95 plus shipping and handling we'll include an EXTRA headset FREE.

    "WOW!!! Look at that baby catch fish!!!"

    It slices! It dices! Feed thousands from only a few loaves and fishes! Watch that cell phone saw through a penny and still slice a tomato PAPER-THIN!!!

    Call NOW!!!
    • Ron would be proud of you!

  • I want 2!

    At least your hands will be exposed to less radiation!