Unconfirmed: T-Mobile G2 due Jan. 26, 2009

Unconfirmed: T-Mobile G2 due Jan. 26, 2009

Summary: Phone site CellPhoneSignal is reporting from an anonymous tipster a wealth of information about T-Mobile's next Google Android-based phone, deceptively titled...G2.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

Phone site CellPhoneSignal is reporting from an anonymous tipster a wealth of information about T-Mobile's next Google Android-based phone, deceptively titled...G2.

Apparently, the new device will feature, among other things:

  • Android OS
  • 3G-capable
  • Full touchscreen
  • Enterprise-capable
  • Wi-Fi capable (no word about UMA)
  • EDGE and GPRS
  • Memory card slot (up to 16GB)
  • Mobile Backup
  • Music and video player
  • Photo Caller ID
  • Real web browsing
  • Stereo Bluetooth connectivity
  • PC syncing
  • USB interface
  • Video capture and playback
  • Video Messaging

The G2 is also rumored to have a VGA camera for video calling, a service T-Mobile will launch at the end of January, perhaps with the phone, slated for January 26, 2009, according to the site.

As with all rumors, I suggest you take this with a grain of salt. Since this post comes from a site without a history of breaking such news and without any secondary sources -- not even official steps like FCC mentions, according to one suspicious commenter on the site -- it seems a bit suspect.

Plus, the imminent date (but not in time for neither the holidays nor CES) seems just too early. It's also unclear how this phone would fit in within the greater family of T-Mobile smartphones and how it would be pushed alongside the current flagship, G1.

Moreover, what manufacturer is this supposed to be coming from? The site doesn't say. (Perhaps this dovetails with today's earlier story that Samsung is preparing a T-Mobile smartphone for launch in Q2 2009.)

I'll keep an eye on this one, but in the meantime, do you think the marketplace has a spot for a G2 already? Tell me in TalkBack.

Topics: Telcos, Mobility

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  • G2

    They need a reboot. The G1 looks and feels like a beta unit, ugly and unrefined. Hopefully Samsung can do it better and make it attractive enough to lure iphone buyers. Time will tell.
  • Garmin Nuvifone the G2?

    Perhaps they are implying that the long delayed Garmin Nuvifone will come out as the G2.

    ,Michael Martin
    • Garmin wants their own OS.

      It's basically a nuvi with a phone. No Android there.
  • Given that the G1 looked like it was built by a 5 yr old

    Yes there is definitely a market for a G2.

    Unfortunately it's because almost no one bought a G1 since both it's hardware industrial design and it's UI software design were rediculously inept.

    Also 99.999999% of buyers dont give a crap about android vs wimo vs osx so focusing on that aspect is useless...
    Johnny Vegas
    • t-Mobile HotSpot?

      The G2 is supposed to have WiFi, does this also mean that it will support t-MObile HotSpot and HotSpot@Home?

      I use both to make phone calls using WiFi because we live out of regular mobile signal range. Yes, there is a monthly fee, but ANY calls can be made, including international calls...
  • RE: Unconfirmed: T-Mobile G2 due Jan. 26, 2009

    Tried the G1 for a week. Did not want to return it - but did. I hope there will be a G2 upgrade in the future. I liked the G1 very much BUT - the deal breaker for me was no 'voice tags' to auto dail phone numbers via my Bluetooth headset. I refuse to fumble with the phone while I'm driving. Even G1 'voice dialing' (which I mistook as the same feature) requires multiple moves with the G1 in your hand. Very distracting while driving. Many school zones in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area prohibit cell phone usage unless 'hands free' . IMHO - if you have Bluetooth on the phone, why not add this important safety feature?
    • hands-free

      Good point. In California, people are supposed to use hands-free mobile phones as well, though I have yet to see this enforced. I have had to slam on my brakes so many times to avoid a driver - or pedestrian - who is on a mobile phone and ignoring everything else going on around them...
  • RE: Unconfirmed: T-Mobile G2 due Jan. 26, 2009

    I JUST KNOW THAT THE T-MOBILE G2 IS GOING TO BE COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RE: Unconfirmed: T-Mobile G2 due Jan. 26, 2009

    Awsome, I wonder if the T-mobile g2 has a keyboard?!