Walmart unveils 15.6" HP Pavilion G60 laptop for $298

Walmart unveils 15.6" HP Pavilion G60 laptop for $298

Summary: To heck with netbooks. Walmart's got plenty of retail weight to swing around, and that's manifesting itself in the form of a $298 HP Pavilion G60 laptop.


To heck with netbooks. Walmart's got plenty of retail weight to swing around, and that's manifesting itself in the form of a $298 HP Pavilion G60 laptop.

With a 2.2GHz Intel Celeron 900 processor, the 15.6-inch WXGA laptop is no barnburner. But it comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, 3GB memory, 250GB storage, LightScribe DVD burner and Intel GMA 4500M integrated graphics.

It's not a bad deal for someone who just needs the basics. (Or is it?)

This isn't the first time the megaretailer has teamed up with HP. This summer, it offered a $298 Compaq laptop as a back-to-school special that flew off shelves faster than you can say "subsidy."

Turns out that three is indeed a magic number -- three hundred, that is.

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  • Intel Celeron?

    is Inhel still making this 10 year old crap?
    Linux Geek
    • hmm

      for once, i agree with you. why are they still making the celeron...? shouldn't the atom replace that?
    • surplus maybe? (nt)

      • Wake up..

        Do you guyz really think the folks who are gonna be buying these things will give a rats tookus what kind've guts it has inside, benchmark performance, or even the OS? Please! The A#1 Guaranteed Selling Feature for this is the digits behind that '$-mark'. Period.
        • It's still a 10 year old piece of junk

          You get what you pay for
          Wintel BSOD
    • Not the same celeron

      It's closer a Core solo.

      They probably should have used a different name though.
    • I see "Linux" in the name...

      If you run Linux you want to avoid celeron like the plague anyway. A given distro will run better on a 1 GHz P-III with 1 GB RAM than on a celeron 2 GHz and 2 GB RAM.

      Celeron is cheap because they skimped on the static RAM L1 cache. On a celeron a lot of stuff gets shoved back out to system RAM that otherwise would be cached internally, which in computer time scales is for all intents and purposes infinitely slower.

      You're talking 4 clock cycles as opposed to one to retrieve repetitive code, and add a pile of cycles in between as L1 operates at CPU clock speed but system RAM gets perhaps 1 ream for every 10-20 CPU cycles.

      So it's really 80-90 cycles as opposed to 1.

      celeron is the "winmodem" of CPUs. An excellent low cost system if you're going to use windows, but Linux runs like crap on them, in my experience anyway.

      BTW the example above is from my experience. I gave up that celeron and ran the P-III as my main desktop for a time, the performance was noticeably better.
    • Why not your still posting the same

    • Just a name....

      They take a current processor and may tweak or disable a couple things so it's just not quite as good and call it a Celeron (or do nothing since that's cheapest).

      Specs on this one:

      Launch Date: Q1'09
      Processor Number: 900
      # of Cores: 1
      Processor Base Frequency: 2.2 GHz
      L2 Cache: 1 MB
      FSB Speed: 800 MHz
      Instruction Set: 64-bit
      Lithography: 45 nm
      Max TDP 35 W
      1ku Bulk Budgetary Price: $70.00

      Looks very similar to a Dual Core Pentium T4300 with one core disabled (same L2, FSB, # transitors, watts, etc..) Source:

      It's also similar to a Core 2 Duo T8100 but with less cache. Source:

      I just purchased a 11.6" laptop with a dual core Celeron that's very similar to some Core 2 Duo CULV processors.

      Intel just likes to sell a processor with 10 different names and prices.
  • i feel 298 is bad for celron processor..

    but still good option for ppl who r new to these creepy
  • RE: Walmart unveils 15.6

    If all it's required for is school or a SMB employee and running few Microsoft Office apps and some internet browsing, this machine will have more than enough power. The 3 GB of memory is a nice feature, hope it's ECC memory, but not likely for the $300.00

    I wouldn't recommend burning a DVD with it, especially with typical low cost 2.5" hard drives running at typical 4500 RPM and probably very little HD memory cache.
  • great for some

    These machines would be great as office workstation since it has plenty of RAM. Can even run Windows 7 via Thinserver
  • Might help students with lower incomes

    This could be a great value for students and families with lower incomes. $298 is less then what some families spend in a month on junk food.
  • RE: Walmart unveils 15.6

    All the 15.6 HP screens I've seen specs on are 1366x768 which is perfect 16:9 for viewing HD media. Here is more detail from
    Features of the HP 15.6" Pavilion G60-519WM Entertainment Laptop PC include Intel Celeron Processor 900 at 2.2GHz, (Intel? Celeron? Processor 900 (1M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)) 3GB DDR2 RAM, 250GB SATA HDD at 7200rpm, 15.6-inch BrightView display with 1,366x768px resolution, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M (shared) with up to 1309MB of total available graphics memory, LightScribe SuperMulti DVD optical drive with double-layer support, WiFi, mode, and 6-cell battery.
    The HP G60-519WM runs Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit edition.
    Is all of that correct? Who knows for sure but it looks like a great laptop for the masses and no comparison to a netbook as far as performance is concerned. I am an HP fanboy on my 4th laptop since 1999 with no regrets.
    Old EE
  • RE: Walmart unveils 15.6

    Anyone who has actually had to service one of these Walmart (Special Builds Dell/HP/Compaq/eMachine/etc)knows that they have some of the cheapest subpar hardware installed in these boxes. Walmart has enough weight to push the manufactures around to meet a set price point for their stores. You can't imagine how many times I have heard "I will never buy another (Insert PC of choice) they are just junk." After a simple question " Where was it purchased?" Walmart!. And then I explain to the customer they got what they paid for CHEAP.I have no problem with HP/Dell/etc. I actually have sold many HP Business Desktops and believe that they are a great product and in 6 years of business have never had to repair one from that line. Dell Optiplexes same thing. When will the PC manufactures realize the cheap Walmart sku's give them a bad name.
  • RE: Walmart unveils 15.6

    What makes you say that? I've had no problems burning DVDs on my older laptop of lesser specs than the one in the article, which was far more expensive when it was new. The write speeds of laptop optical disc burners don't take a lot of processing or hard drive power to operate at their maximum rate.

    It may not let you do much else while the disc is being written but the capability to produce a DVD out of a portable unit is a valuable asset.
    • Let me explain.

      Your question is "why do I say that?"

      After 6 years of selling and servicing pcs/laptops and servers that any time that I am going to sell a customer a system be it a laptop or pc I try and have them tell me how they will be using it. Almost every end user will say " I'm only going to use it for word processing and the internet" that last about 1 week then the want to use Photoshop, then they want to edit video and then they want to play games only to find out that the computer they purchased at Walmart or any of the other rock bottom pricing joints just is not up to the task sure YOU may be able to control yourself and continue to use the computer as you intended when you purchased it but most users cannot. The difference between your purchases and my customers are my recurring revenue it would only take 1 time of selling a customer a low ball under powered system that didn't meet their needs 2 years after purchase for them to seek another IT company. Sure I saved the customer $300.00 per unit by selling them cheap but it cost me a $4000.00 maintenance contract the following year because they were dissatisfied with the PC refresh they did 1 year ago. Also I'm not saying that every Walmart box is junk I just have opportunity to see upwards of close to 300 broken or slow boxes every year and a large portion were purchased at Walmat so I can say that Wally World is good for my business by selling cheap boxes.
  • RE: Walmart unveils 15.6

    I bought one of these "cheap" Walmart laptops last year and I have to tell you it has performed nearly flawless. I did have a problem with the touchpad not responding properly. I boxed it up and sent it in and within five days it was repaired and sent back to me. When something goes wrong you are not dealing with Walmart's integrity but rather the manufacturer's integrity. Dell support and customer service has done a complete 180 positive turnaround. I haven't had much interration with HP other than from a business perspective but Compaq in the old days wasn't too bad.

    For $298.00 it is well worth it. I plan on buying one for my daughter who uses MS Office and browses the internet. You don't need much more than this to do those things.
  • Can't find it on their website

    I don't see it on their website...are they not selling it
    as of yet?
    • November 7th; limited quantities, 20 per store.

      no further text.