Where did you get your earthquake news?

Where did you get your earthquake news?

Summary: Earthquake h its Virginia and was felt all along the East Coast. With cellular networks jammed with phone calls and SMSes, how are you using technology to contact friends and family or find out what happened?


In case you missed it, a 5.9 earthquake with epicenter in Virginia rattled the East Coast around 2 p.m. Eastern. With cellular service reported jammed on all carriers in Manhattan according to Gizmodo, how are you getting your news and reaching out to friends and relatives?

Both T-Mobile and Sprint just tweeted asking customers to SMS and email rather than make voice calls to loved ones to free up the network, and Verizon is reporting on Twitter that it is experiencing some "congestion" but no network damage. Some tech-savvy Twitter users are bypassing the cellular networks all together by using Google Voice to call friends and family.

As for me, before I even got out of my chair to walk towards the door frame for protection (ducking under a sturdy desk works as well), I was frantically searching Google for any earthquake related information but nada. By the time the building I'm in stopped shaking, I immediately went for my smartphone to check Twitter to see what happened.

What about you? How did you find out about the earthquake?

[Source: USGS, Sprint's Twitter feed, T-Mobile's Twitter feed, Verizon's Twitter feed]


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  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

  • Mostly Google Plus

    Michael Alan Goff
  • Earthquakes


    Real-time information.
    Dietrich T. Schmitz *Your
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    got it from a facebook wall post from my niece.
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    I'm over 100 miles away, but it shook us up too. Felt like a 2 or 3 point even here. I figured a really big truck was going by until the cubicle walls started swaying.

    Didn't know it was so big until I heard the epicenter was near Mineral VA.
  • I got mine...

    ... via the Fox News Alerts app on my Charge.
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • iPhone App (Push Notification)

    Local TV Station in Springfield, MO via push notification on iPhone App
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    My chair shaking. Tried the local news outlets immediately after, Nothing. But twitter had it. But the Mainstream media caught up quick. Unlike 9/11 when it took until afternoon for the online sites to unjam today all the sites are up and streaming live coverage
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    A Facebook friend in Virginia then for details
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    I felt it, then went to CNN.com to to see if that's what it was. After a few minutes and several refreshes CNN updated their site saying there was an earthquake. Then my coworker said his phone wasn't making calls so I tried it on mine (both of us are VZW) and couldn't make a call either but after a few minutes we were.
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    TV news and Live Leak.
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

      @Bill4 Ditto. NPR on my amplifier/speakers and tuner purchased in 1979 and 1981, respectively.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
  • From www.drudgereport.com

    From www.drudgereport.com
  • I got a phone call.

    Apparently my cousin got knocked down some stairs by the jolt.
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    while it was shaking i was pulling out my phone and going to usgs.gov... a big red dot was posted in VA within a minute after the tremor.
    • That's exactly

      @wendellgee@... - Pulling out my phone and looking up usgs.gov would naturally be the very first thing I would do in an earthquake too!
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    ofcourse black berry messenger is a good way to connect with frends and family an to get allthe informations about earthquake. plz visit my blog
  • RE: Where did you get your earthquake news?

    I had Google+ up, then started getting posts from multiple people that don't know each other saying "EARTHQUAKE!". I was too far away to feel anything, but I went to Google and typed in "live earthquake data" and found the USGS site showing a 5.9 magnitude event in VA just moments prior. I e-mailed (instead of calling to help NOT block the phone lines) a friend at work in our VA office and he said the building shook for a good 15-30 seconds. I went to Facebook and there was nothing from my 120 friends there.
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