Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

Summary: As part of an order from the European Commission over an antitrust suit, Microsoft has released some screenshots of their browser selection screen, set to be released in select Eurozone countries next week before a rollout across the continent.


As part of an order from the European Commission over an antitrust suit, Microsoft has released some screenshots of their browser selection screen, set to be released in select Eurozone countries next week before a rollout across the continent.

After the European committee got angry that Internet Explorer was always the default Internet browser on WIndows-operated computers, they ordered Microsoft to give the people a choice. Power to the people. (Apparently that little box that pops up and asks if you want to make -insert browser name here- your default browser wasn't good enough.)

So, now Europeans will be treated to five browser options to pick from and select a default. Those five browsers would be Internet Explorer (obviously), Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Users should also be able to install any browser they choose on Windows OS computers as well.

The browser menu will be available via Windows Update to Windows users in the UK, France and Belgium first, and then it will be available all over Europe on March 1.

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  • This is thing is really stupid

    and the sad thing is that it won't benefit that much either Opera or Firefox. The big winner will be Google with Chrome, which didn't need it to begin with as it has enough money and advertising power to gain market share by itself.
    • Why do you think Chrome will be the big winner?

      I'm guessing the name recognition with the common search?
  • Good that even less computer-savvy users here in Europe

    are at last being given a real choice. Moreover,
    this move should encourage innovation, which will
    benefit us all (save users in China, some 60 % of
    whom still use [b]IE6[/b]
    ( ). Sad that
    it's taken so long....

  • RE: Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

    I have no respect for European courts for their attacks on Microsoft, but this is a nice thing.. There has been nothing to stop their Windows users from using any of the browsers for years. I use several browsers depending on what I am doing and how I feel that day.
    The election is nice and I hope changeable.
  • RE: Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

    Anyone know what browsers 6-12 are, since the screen shot only shows the first five! People seem to forget that if Windows came without a browser, it would be pretty hard to download one from the Net! I can still remember when you had to go to a real store and get your browser in a box!
  • RE: Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

    i think it's pretty sad the eurocrats think all there constituants would actually need something so idiotic.

    its another case of some whiney second rate company wanting to try and get a name for themselves however they can, if those tossers behind opera had made a decent product in the last 10 years people might of actually used it.

    personally i used to prefer firefox and the msn version of explorer for useability nowadays i flip between ie8 and firefox although both have flaws with memory leakage vista is actually programed around those flaws so there both equally usefull.

    then again with all the plugins for ie8 its pratically a hybrid of firefox/crome/safari and ie6 and is almost more stable as well (at least imo)

    hmm they should of droped the law suit on the grounds of grandstanding before it ever saw the inside of the court room on this one, fair enough the other case was a proven one but this is most definitly a case of getting what you ask for especially isnce the beta version of the chooser locked you to a single browser.

    shame you cant buy the american version of the software and just use it in europe (stupid wga zone validation) or i would advocate sourcing software that didnt force a limitation on use based on pointless political gumption bankrolled by some pathetic excuse for a software company!!!!!!!!
    • browser choice ... hmmmph ...

      For those not old enough to remember ...

      Prior to Windows 95B - Micro$oft didn't want to know about the internet!
      IF you wanted internet access, usually you got supplied with a browser from your ISP when you installed their Internet Start-up Package.

      Many users would have also gained a browser from one of the various computer magazine cover disks that were on offer.

      ** AND , Internet Explorer was NOT originally from Micro$oft! ... M$ 'acquired' the Internet Explorer from some programmer from India, who had to fight M$ for many years to get a paltry amount of financial recompense for his loss of income because M$ bundled his Internet Explorer with some of the M$ updates, until it eventually became part of the OS install !

      ** Also, the original "dial-up networking" protocol, was NOT a M$ invention either, M$ 'acquired' a dial-up application called Trumpet Winsock from an Aussie company - who also had to fight M$ for years as M$ didn't buy any rights to use that application either ... !!

      ... and the list goes on ...
  • RE: Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

    Some of the extra browsers they have added there are
    pretty darned obscure. Flashpeak? Sleipnir? Greenbrowser?
    Alan Burns
    • extra browser selections

      you'll probably find those 'obscure' browsers actually need M$IE to still be there, so it can use the IE backbone for the actual browser - in other words the actual "name" browser is really a skin over the IE browser shell ...
      ... similarly many of the so called P2P clients, wont run without a version of M$IE installed ...
      the authors are too lazy to write their own code and hence just resort to implementing the M$IE backbone code to utilize the various ports etc. to produce the P2P client or browser ...
      • Well

        Using the trident engine isn't much different
        from the other browsers there using the Gecko
        or Webkit rendering engines. They are still
        separate browsers, they can have different
        extensibility, different functionality, and are
        maintained by different people.

        Being "too lazy" to develop a new rendering
        engine isn't necessarily a bad thing: The only
        company that has developed a new one in the
        past 9 years is Google - and even they still
        base it off Webkit and just added their own
        javascript engine.

        By using an engine that is maintained/developed
        by other people, you can focus on other more
        important aspects of the application, like
        functionality and the user interface. On top of
        that, on Windows Vista and Windows 7, using the
        Trident engine means apps can take advantage of
        IE Protected mode as well.

        Just my take on it.
        Alan Burns
  • What is the point of this?

    Anybody who doesn't know how to download and install a browser is probably going to be confused by this.
    • In that case -

      People generally click on what they recognise. In
      which case, I expect they will select internet
      explorer because they can't tell the difference,
      in which case, this is unlikely to cause a problem
      for them.
      Alan Burns
  • RE: Windows 7 European browser selection screen screenshot revealed

    Its completely idiotic when people know everything i.e which OS to select or which hardware brand to select, then they can easily decide on which Browser to be selected. If someone has problem wit IE he/she will download another browser and install it. There's no point to make fuss about it and ask Microsoft to give options.
  • Will the upcoming chromanium and linux will show the same?

    Everyone was screaming that incorporating internet explorer as a default browser in windows is not a good thing, But if that's correct, then every OS should provide a similar screen. What about those linux based systems which comes with Konqueror or Firefox as default browser?, What about the upcoming Chromanium, the OS from google? What about Mac who comes with safari pre-installed? Or is it bad only in case of Windows? Interesting...! Very interesting...!