Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

Summary: Wired's Priya Ganapati has indicated that PC behemoth Dell may be readying its own smartphone to arrive as early as next month. Some analysts posit that Dell could make an announcement at 3GSM or the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in mid-February of this year.


Dell's Axim X50 Pocket PCWired's Priya Ganapati has indicated that PC behemoth Dell may be readying its own smartphone to arrive as early as next month. Some analysts posit that Dell could make an announcement at 3GSM or the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in mid-February of this year. One analyst from Kaufman Bros. indicated that the launch "is closer to reality than before" and that it's "highly likely" that the company will enter the phone industry.

Dell has been studying the cellphone market and talking with component suppliers and manufacturers for nearly two years, the analyst said.

With RIM and HTC injecting several new models into the market and Palm re-entering the fray with its webOS-powered Pre, it's a tough market in which to make a splash.

But smartphones are one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics devices, and as was indicated at CES, smartphones could be 50% of the mobile market in 2009. In 2008, smartphones netted 14 percent of the market, with about 258 million devices sold last year.

Dell's clearly been paying attention to new trends. In the last few months, they've released three Netbook models, and their Adamo notebook, revealed momentarily at CES this year, is almost on the market.

In 2007, Dell hired Ron Garriques, a former Motorola executive known as the force behind the RAZR phone, as president of its consumer business. It's been two years, so perhaps Garriques has something up his sleeve?

Ganapati writes that Dell is likely to choose not Google Android but Windows Mobile as its platform of choice, owing to their strong relationship in the PC sector. Dell's also been putting more resources in its design as that aspect has become more important to consumers.

Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

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  • What kind of question is this?

    This type of question only makes sense for Apple products where Apple apologists would buy any yet-to-be-released Apple product, no matter how bad it actually was. With no specs, no price, and a guess as to the OS, how can anyone intelligently answer this question? You might as well ask [i]Would you refuse to buy a Dell smartphone no matter how good it was?[/i] since only people who answer "Yes" to that question would answer "No" to yours. Sure I'd buy a Dell smartphone if it was better than the alternatives but you'd get the same answer from me if you substituted Dell for Apple, HTC, Palm, or Toyota.
    • You know.....

      Take away your some what disturbing tendency to slam all
      things Apple. The rest of your post actually makes a bit of
      sense. For you that is saying something...BRAVO NonZ!!!

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • can I customize it?

    Dell is good for their customization of desktop and laptop computers, but if you can change "anything" on the phone than it would be on the list as a favorable phone to buy / upgrade to.

    Time to add another outsourced support group.
    • Dell Outsourced Support?

      Ya know, the last few times I've called Dell, the tech on the other end had a proper Texan drawl, not an Indian or Chinese accent.

      They tried outsourcing, and it didn't go over very well. They moved the operation back to the 'States.
  • Hell No. I wouldn't buy ANTYHING Dell

    • Guess you got burned...I never have...

      Seeing messages like yours reminds me that all the DELLs that I have owned (since 1994) that have done so well is not everyone's story or experience. I won't feel guilty for always having had a good product, like the laptop here at work that I am typing this on but will hope that you are in the vast and larger minority of [prior] customers, which I know that you are....
      • Dell uses non-standard parts

        It has been my experience that Dell cannot be trusted as a brand name. I have come across non-standard wiring in a desktop power supply. Several friends recently received Dell branded printers as their bonus for purchasing from Dell. They were Lexmark printers rebranded as Dell and my friends threw them out after a month when the ink dried up in the cartridges.
  • No. (nt)

  • I liked my Axim X51V, but it became obsolete very quickly

    Dell never offered a WM6 upgrade either. Dell sucks.
    • Ditto

      I can't see buying a phone from a company that put out a very good product and then suddenly walked away from it totally after just a few years.
  • Yes...if it:

    Yes...if it:

    1. has a good design.
    2. has a good price.
    3. is running Android.

    It would be EXCEPTIONAL timing, if they launched an Android device in the next month, since there are not many Android devices in the market yet.
  • As long as it runs Windows Mobile

    I'll have it.
    • As long as it runs Windows Mobile

    • Not very well thought out....

      WM is but a piece of the the whole. I would be more
      interesting in the finished product myself. How the hardware
      and OS and software work together to make the finished
      product not so much the individual pieces. After all even "IF"
      you are a fan of WM you would have to agree that WM
      running on lousy hardware won't be to great an experience
      for you and a possible black eye for MS.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • How about some wild speculation!?

    Windows Mobile 6.5/7 + Nvidia Tegra = Microsoft's Windows Mobile demo in February?

    Gotta loooooove xda w00t!
  • RE: Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

    No. Dell sold what was probably the most capable standalone PDA ever built and abandoned it shortly thereafter.
    Dell will be entering a crowded smartphone space with a lot of heavy competition and if it gets tough, you may find yourself with an orphaned smartphone.
  • RE: Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

    Sure. Those of us that need to easily sync with Outlook email for work, read/update Office documents and have web access, Windows Mobile is still the best OS. For my work phone, I'll only consider units that run Windows Mobile (and I'm no Microsoft fan either!).
  • Dell Smartphone?

    Isn't that an oxymoron?

    No way would I buy anything from Dell.
    middle of nowhere
  • Another DJ.....:)

    Remember that treasure..... I hope it's better than that. Still
    I"m curious too see what they can come up with.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • RE: Would you buy a Dell smartphone?

    I would rather they begin working on their PPCs. They made the best affordable PPCs and then just discontinued. I have a big gripe with them about this. Just left our PPCs without any further adude. I want a PPC not a smartphone. I like the PPC because I don't have to paid any fees to run the wi-fi and even when I am not at a hot spot there is plenty to do with the PPC.