Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

Summary: PlayStation Network users on Wednesday reported getting e-mails from Sony with details on how to enroll in a promised free identity theft protection program with insurance of up to $1 million.


As promised, Sony now offers PlayStation Network users free identity theft protection. PlayStation Network users began to report Wednesday they've received e-mails instructing them to submit information to apply for the service.

The "AllClear ID Plus" service is being offered through Austin, Texas-based Debix, and it's open to PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States who had active accounts as of April 20, 2011.

In April, Sony shut down access to the PlayStation Network, Qriocity and, later, Sony Online Entertainment servers after it discovered the services had been hacked and the personal information of more than 100 million account holders had been taken. There was a fear at the time that credit card numbers may have been compromised. That's turned out to be mostly false, though it appears a small number of credit card accounts associated with non-US account holders may have been taken from SOE's servers.

In making restitution for gamers affected by the weeks-long outage, Sony has pledged to give PlayStation users access to its PlayStation Store to download free games. The PlayStation Store is currently offline, though expected to be resurrected before the end of the month. Sony also promised to provide PSN account holders with identity theft protection.

Enrollment in Debix's AllClear ID Plus program is not mandatory for PSN account holders, but there is a finite time limit - you must have had an active account as of April 20, 2011, and you must enroll by the end of the day on June 28, 2011, Central Standard Time. This is actually 10 days later than what Sony originally specified, but Sony outlined plans to offer the identity theft protection before the full extent of the network intrusion was known. It took Sony longer than it expected to get PlayStation Network back online.

You'll also need to use the same e-mail address you used to register your PSN or Qriocity account. Debix's plan for Sony customers is good for one year of coverage. Following instructions on Sony's Web site, PSN and Qriocity account holders submit their e-mail addresses and are told to wait up to 72 hours for verification and receipt of a code that will enable them to enroll in Debix's service.

Debix offers free and pay-to-play identity theft protection in addition to the "Plus" program, which appears to be especially targeted to Sony customers. According to a Web site operated by Debix, the AllClear ID Plus plan includes monitoring and Internet surveillance to make sure your information isn't being used; ID attack reporting, the ability to take action using a secure voice key via telephone; direction connection with an OnCall investigator; priority "identity repair service," and $1,000,000 in ID theft insurance, which provides coverage for lost wages, fraud and "certain fees" associated with identity theft.

This is not the first time Sony has partnered with Debix. In 2009, the company teamed up with the theft ID insurance company to provide coverage for about 5,200 users affected by a credit card scam associated with the Sony Rewards Network program.


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  • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

    Never mind the id protection, why isn?t there more talk of their software update problem?

    Their latest software update has caused the older ?fat? PS3?s to shutdown, permanently.

    If you check the Sony support web site, and search for ?flashing red light? you?ll see a lot of comments about the software download causing this problem.

    It doesn?t appear that Sony have any fix available for this, and if the affected consoles cannot be re-booted then they may need a hardware replacement, and how many users will be prepared to pay for that, since Sony caused the problem in the first place?
    • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

      @grahamc2-Sorry to hear man. Terrible coding I guess. But, isnt that a given at this point? It's quite clear that Sony makes great electronics (hardware), and always have, but their software/coding abilities leave much to be desired. As, these events of late have demonstrated in spades...(network security much?)
      Animus et Illuminat
      • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

        @Animus et Illuminat "It's quite clear that Sony makes great electronics (hardware), and always have..."
        I don't know where you come from, but I seem to recall a lot of instances of faulty PS1s and (especially) PS2s over the past 15 years...
    • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users


      Mine Fat 60gig didn't.
      • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

        Just because yours didn't doesn't mean its not a problem. Just go to the PSN forums and you will see that there are a lot of people with who this new update caused problems for their PS3 Fat.
        Aeon Locke
    • Whats Actually Occuring...

      @grahamc2 Now to start, this is an estimation built from my own experiences and issues so please read before assertaining my meaning.

      As this FW update problem continues, it is becoming reminiscent of a time when I would recieve game updates with NO 3D support. The problem exists due to the lack of ACTUAL security on the consoles themselves. You talk about doing searches, well try 'PS3 sniffing' (or some variant with playstaion and sniffing). Due to the consoles lack of packet encryption/protection; it has become possible to 'sniff' out broadcasting PS3's...especially when you now the IP they might be trying to reach. At this point (via IP leech) the consoles are being fed illicit updates. This is why some older models have had ZERO problem and others have fried. Its most likely an attempt to dis-sway ongoing investigations by giving Sony an internal problem to spend their resources researching. I usually download my PS3 updates via a PC/USB stick and install via the recovery menu, however, for update 3.56 I recieved data that the PS3 WOULD NOT accept so even updating using the PC method isnt foolproof.

      Bottom line is that these updates that are causing crashes are not DIRECTLY Sony's fault, but fault by arrogance and stupidity. Mailcous users, most likely the same thiefs who hacked the PSN in mid-April (NOT ANON NOR LULZ) are directly responsible. Some of us have insured the culprits must change their MO, but some areas of exploitation still exist.

      I encourage all who care about their PS3's to call Nolan Hass @ SCEA's Consumer Services, Forrest City Offices, CA 650-655-8000 or call him DIRECTLY to tell him you want individual console security (such as SPI firewall, FULLY disable ANY chat ingame/XMB only) @ 650-655-5920. Also, be sure to let him know how hes let you down as these things have been reported to him for over two years now and ask him why nothing was done when it was first brought to his attention.

      Other than that, I suggest we all say a silent prayer that our update attempt isnt hijacked as right now Sony has very little concern for our individual network security (when a PS3 is 'sniffed' out they can then subsequently attack the network the PS3 is authorized on).

      Peace Love Chaos
      pilot out is the official Playstation page with the same info I posted above:
      Double Aught Code
      • Another Question For Nolan...

        @Double Aught Code Three years ago I brought to his attention that you CANNOT block non-friend messaging. Sure you can add 50 users to your block list but I think there may be a few more with illicit intent than 50 users ..unfortunatly.

        Nolan identified with me the risk this puts our youth at, as anyone can send ANY mesage with nude photos, disturbing images, etc. straight to a user without being approved for friendship. While its mostly ben abused for chain mail (all with fake message header via Homebrew coding) to gain access to your console, which can be done with the same hack that took out their network ...uirqd / tirqd / tswapd!!!

        My problem is that Nolan, while ADMITTING to the danger this DOES pose to the youth users; simply said "enough people have not called in about it. When that happens I can almost assure you something WILL be done."

        HELLO...EARTH TO ARROGANT BA$#@*D!!! Youth safety IS NOT a matter of consumerism. Even the XBox allows us to block unknown messaging. Its BASIC safety Nolan.

        Tell Nolan the PS3 NEEDS the ability to BLOCK NON-FRIEND MESSAGING!!!

        Nolan Hass @ 650-655-5920 (direct)
        Forrest City Office @650-655-8000 (Receptionist, ask her to connect you to Nolan Hass)
        Double Aught Code
  • By offering you identity protect I assume they mean

    they will delete your account at your request.
    Tim Cook
    • I Dont Care Who You Are...

      @Mister Spock ...thats funny right thar!!!
      Double Aught Code
      • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

        @Double Aught Code GEEEIT'R DUNNNNNNN!
    • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

      @Mister Spock
      I'm not sure Sony will ever delete you account information. I haven't had a PSN account for over 5 years, but I got an email from Sony warning me that they may have lost my information and that I should take precautions.
  • RE: Sony opens identity protection service for PSN users

    How can you separate the two ? Pull the plug , what do you have ?????????????????
    You still have a POS that stole your identity,,Sony is on my 'never by' list along with Verizon, Best Buy, MS, and extended warranties
  • Emails From Some Cloud Service


    So this email address IS one Sony sends support request/answers from so if you get one from here dont panic. I did at first, but then I called the Consumer Services Tech Support (not listed but a # given for ongoing request/issues) as right after they say a bunch of data was stolen from them it made me a bit nervous.

    Hey's an idea!!! Right after you have been hacked try NOT to send us OFFICIAL SONY/SCEA EMAIL via anything other than an email that can obviously be seen its you. Thats just bad taste and does little to help rebuild consumer confidence, in fact this fan-man is now even more swaying to an XBox, but I would almost bet they use some 3rd party fullfillment in the same manner. I wish, as far as connectivity within an organization, some of these guys WOULD follow Apple. While not being an Apple fan, I will attest to their insuring ALL departments are aware of, and work in conjunction with, any other depoartment belonging to the organization.

    In other words, its very rare Apple will tell you thats not their department. Can you guess how many times Iv been told that by Sony operations but they WONT give me the number to the department in question...more than 30!!! Playing "pass the buck" like they were a first grader who just farted in class

    Double Aught Code
  • yeah for USA ~ what about the rest of us?

    Nice that they are (FINALLY!) offering free identity protection service for this fiasco but I live in Canada. Sony is happy to take money from other countries but not offer the same level of responsibility for those customers?