Sony Pictures hacker break-in not as bad as first reported, says Sony

Sony Pictures hacker break-in not as bad as first reported, says Sony

Summary: Sony Pictures claims LulzSec only obtained user account information on 37,500 users - far less than what LulzSec originally claimed. Does it make a difference?


Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has contradicted claims made by a hacker group known as LulzSec indicating that it had account information on one million Sony Pictures Entertainment customers.

LulzSec claimed last week that it had broken in to the Web site and made off with the personal information. SPE now claims the number is closer to 37,500.

"On June 2, 2011, we learned we were the target of a cyberattack when a hacker claimed that he had recently broken into Upon learning of this cyberattack, our team retained outside experts to conduct an investigation and forensic analysis. In addition, we promptly took offline all potentially affected databases containing personally identifiable information and contacted the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. We are working with the FBI to assist in the identification of those responsible for this crime."

Obviously 37,500 is still a huge number, but it's significantly less than what the hacker group claimed. SPE also didn't contradict LulzSec's claim that the information they obtained was not encrypted, making it much easier for them to read.

SPE has sent information to the users they believe were affected in the security incident. According to Sony, the information taken by LulzSec included name, address, email address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, and website password and user name - information associated with promotions and sweepstakes offered by Sony Pictures.

SPE's security debacle comes on the heels of Sony resurrecting its PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment services, taken down for more than three weeks beginning in mid-April, after as-yet unidentified hackers stole personal account information for more than 100 million users. The attack on the PlayStation Network and do not appear to be directly connected.


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  • RE: Sony Pictures hacker break-in not as bad as first reported, says Sony

    This story didn't even report on LulzSec's response. LulzSec responded by saying that they said they had "compromised" 1 million accounts, not stole information from 1 million accounts. They said they could have got the info if they had wanted to but they didn't want to bother. This article should have included this important information.
  • RE: Sony Pictures hacker break-in not as bad as first reported, says Sony

    What is the lesson here People? You think it is use teh services that are given to you but protect yourself, dont' alwasy rely on someone else. Thats is what is wrong with the public this day and age, let someone else protect me, they say! Well People WAKE up. To me this doesn't botehr me one bit. The rule goes as said no matter the level of security on information, don't post anythign that is real, that you don't want someone else to know. What does this mean?;

    1.) use back up emails you donrt' care abotu SPAM with, trash accounts that mean nothign, and have nothign important like friends and family contacts in tehm.

    2.) Um Why are you using real Credit and Debit Cards, prepaid Dummies, or use the PSN network Pre-paid

    3.) I looked further into this case, Um Nintendo and Windows/xBox Live have this same problem with Lulz, so what you dont' read about it, doesn't mean that it isn't happening.

    4. um shoot there isn't a Forth if you followed these 3 things your probably thinking oh well the dum people will figure out someday to take care of themselves. I mean basically the Telephone Book gives as much information, if not more, and it is on paper and internet!!
    • RE: Sony Pictures hacker break-in not as bad as first reported, says Sony

      Summary: <b>Always be self-aware of your online security. PERIOD</b>