50,000 Android Apps - Just in time for the Droid Incredible

50,000 Android Apps - Just in time for the Droid Incredible

Summary: My Verizon Droid Incredible will be here on the 29th. I'm having it delivered to my office because 1) FedEx can never find my house and I'm not taking any chances and 2) like I could wait until 4:15 to break out my new toy.


My Verizon Droid Incredible will be here on the 29th. I'm having it delivered to my office because 1) FedEx can never find my house and I'm not taking any chances and 2) like I could wait until 4:15 to break out my new toy. I mean, come on. My BlackBerry is on its last legs and it's time to upgrade from a mere messaging phone to a serious handheld computing device (that just happens to get and receive phone calls). Increasingly, the Apple-Google war is coming down to iPhone OS vs. Android and a major differentiator of these two operating systems from the rest of the smartphone pack is the availability of thousands of applications to extend the functionality of these phones.

Android just broke 50,000 apps in their Marketplace, according to Fortune and many other outlets. While this seems small potatoes to Apple's 200,000 apps, it's pretty likely that I'll be able to get my Incredible to do just about anything I want. The same can probably be said of an iPhone, unless what I want involves Flash or something that Steve Jobs thinks is too naughty, but I'm a Google sort of guy and I'd need to stand on my roof in a strong breeze to get AT&T reception where I live, so I'm breaking out the Android Apps.

It looks like my choice in Apps may soon rival Apple's as well. In 2010 alone, Android Apps have doubled, Android phones are exploding (providing incentive for developers), and Google's Tim Bray cited the "low barrier to entry" for developers in a recent interview. Honestly, I'll just be happy to move on from the awful BlackBerry Facebook application.

If you, like me, have been waiting for just the right phone on just the right network to jump on Android, have a look at Androlib.com. You can easily search for the application you need and find reviews, videos, and screen shots. Or do what I'm going to do on Thursday: get the phone at work, lock your office door, and start downloading apps. I'll probably have to get back to work before I hit 50,000.

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  • How many apps??

    Q: How many apps can you load into the 512 MB ROM of a Dud

    (Hint: Considerably fewer than the 32 GB of a year-old iPhone 3GS)
    • Looks like the smartphone race is going to be a two horse race: iPhone and

      Android. With the has been being Nokia, Palm,
      and WinMobile.
      • iPad

        That's what I thought you were going to say. Either that or the iPhone
        NG. ;-)
        • iPad is not a smartphone.

      • i would agree

        i can see no future for rim. their offerings are outdated. unless they
        come out with a major update to their os i can't imagine people going
        on buying their phones. one has to admit though that they have been
        somehow defying gravity for about 3 years now. they are even

        nokia will sell tones of low cost smart phones in the third world with
        ever shrinking margins, but will not be a player in the high end
        market where the money is. they don't have the software or services

        microsoft has an impressive new os, but they are starting from scratch
        with no ecosystem in place. and their business model is flawed. they
        want to sell licenses to handset makers when android is not only free,
        it is even better than free, because google pays search kickbacks to
        the hardware companies.

        and palm is already dead.

        if i had to bet, my money would be on apple and google.
        banned from zdnet again and again
        • I would agree that Nokia will be able to mass produce cheap smart phones

          and stay relevant. But, yes, Google being able
          to share ad revenue with the carriers is a big
          advantage for Google.
          • search revenues

            not only with the carriers but with the handset makers, too. that is a
            huge additional incentive to use android over paying for a windows
            phone license.
            banned from zdnet again and again
    • Because there's no such thing as microSD cards?

      Q: How many times do you have to pay for 32 GB?

      (Hint: if your phone allows external storage, less times than an iDiot)
      • deleted

        deleted, posted again.
        banned from zdnet again and again
      • no, you can't...

        ... store your android apps on the external sd-card, only files the apps
        use. android apps have to be installed on the internal rom. with 20 mb
        as the average size of an app, and android itself using around 250 mb of
        your rom you can install around 25 apps on your new incredible. doesn't
        sound incredible to me.

        banned from zdnet again and again
        • Is that the real size of an app though?

          And can't an app itself store data on the SD card?

          Indeed, shouldn't someone invent an app that swaps other apps over to the SD card - either to execute from there, or just to archive them to bring back later?
          Robert Carnegie 2009
          • No it isnt.

            I don't think anybody is distributing binaries
            that are 20MB large. The majority of that is data
            that can be stored elsewhere. Also rooted phones
            are able to store apps to SD via the app
            called.....apps2SD. Anybody needing THAT many apps
            is probably someone that roots their phone anyway.
          • rooting

            you really think normal users are able or eager to root their phones? is
            android only for geeks?
            banned from zdnet again and again
          • normal users wont run out of space

            The point is that normal users will never reach the memory limits, and power users can easily work around them.

            With the iphone your stuck with a fixed 16/32GB of non expandable memory.
          • @Nickkuk

            Somehow I'm good with 16GB of fixed memory... I still have about 1GB left on my iPhone and have plenty of productivity apps, time-killing apps, tunes, movies, and e-books.

            Not knocking Android by any means - it looks like a pretty slick OS - but the manufacturers of the devices should have taken a page out of Apple's playbook and put more on-board storage into the device in addition to the SD slots... that way one could have a bunch of apps and have dedicated SD cards for media - I did much the same thing with my old WM device and other than the hassle of switching out cards (I was limited to 1GB cards with my device) it wasn't a bad system at all.
        • 20Mb

          That may be the average size for an iphone app, but it's not for Android. The biggest app I've got is about 4M, and I have far more than 25 apps installed in my old, 128M G1.
          • hundreds of apps


            I have a HTC Desire, I've just checked and have 93 apps installed and have plenty of internal memory left. Most apps are 200k-1.5mb, nowhere near 20mb. I've never seen an app in the app market larger than 4mb.
        • Far more Incredible than the Incredulous iPwed or Max iPad!

          Installing apps is near speed of light fast.
          Uninstalling even faster. On any given day if you
          use five apps of any great size, you'll be lucky.
          Most of the apps are minor installs even on

          ....and what about me having 6 16gig micro-SD
          cards that I can interchange with all of my
          devices, including my HD camcorder.... and on
          Android I can play them w/o conversion of any
          kind. Along with being able to plug my 6x
          Universal memory cards into my PC, my mp3 player,
          my HDTV, my camera, my car media center, my
          laptop, my printer, my slate PC or anything that I
          want to use to view, run, listen to my files on.

          In fact I can also email them to friends to share!
          Can you do that? lol .....oh with a couple
          friends, no device sharing, limited email sharing
          with DRM (Digital Rectal Manipulation) content
          that Apple claims isn't. iBooks, aac music (still
          has some), movies, and hordes of contaminated
          content is held captive on your wonderfully
          Corporate Controlled Devices!!! :D
          • Grow up

          • Yeah... it's expected that an Apple Cult Follower would say that!

            Seriously! :P ....as you morons go around chanting
            Death to Google, Death to Adobe, Death to Nokia,
            Death to HTC, Death to all in the World, that
            aren't loyal the almighty fearless ignorance of
            Steve Jobs and his minions!!! haha... YOU get a
            life seriously! ;)