Android 2.2: Froyo is fast and flashy

Android 2.2: Froyo is fast and flashy

Summary: Froyo is going to be fast -- 450% faster than Andoid 2.1! And it will have Flash support to boot!

TOPICS: Android, Browser, Google

If you read my blog, you will probably know that I'm not really a huge fan of the performance on Android devices. At first I blamed it on hardware, but when I got my Nexus One, it was confirmed -- Android was slow, not the hardware. Don't get me wrong -- it's not unbearable, but it really is noticeable for anyone who uses a Nexus One, then tries out an iPhone.

Am I being picky? Yeah, I am being picky, but I want Android to be the best it can be, and it's not yet. That said though, Froyo at least looks promising on paper. Reports that it's 450% faster than Eclair (2.1) are exciting to say the least.

Along with this impressive speed boost, every Android owner who is able to get the new version is certainly looking forward to Flash support. A video from AndroidPolice shows off how well the new version supports flash -- all without a single crash!

I'm looking forward to the launch on May 19 -- exactly one week from today!

Topics: Android, Browser, Google

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  • Well I use Android and I am not looking forward to Flash...

    In fact I would be happier without it, What I would like<br>is voice dialing that works and fully functional bluetooth
    • RE: Android 2.2: Froyo is fast and flashy

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  • RE: Android 2.2: Froyo is fast and flashy

    Um... my HTC Desire (2.1) is seriously fast - leaves my netbook in the dust... does anyone out there own a Desire? How does it measure up against the current iPhone? One iPhone user told me it was much faster, but that aint much of a sample!
  • iPhone Speeds vs. Nexus One

    Hi, I bought my Nexus One in January and since then, every iPhone owner has commented that they notice how much faster my phone is over theirs. Most also prefer the screen and the flash, which impressed me, but almost every single long-time iPhone owner has been impressed with how fast the Nexus One is.

    I've done my own, in-store comparison of Google Maps on iPad vs. Nexus One, and the iPad seems within the same ballpark as the Nexus One, even though it's rendering everything with less pixels per inch.
  • Is v2.2 coming to the HTC Incredible (v2.1)?

    I've been wondering... when the new version is launched, will current owners be able to upgrade? If so, how? Does Android update over the air or what's required?
  • RE: Android 2.2: Froyo is fast and flashy

    If I buy a current android phone will it be able to upgrade to the 2.2 release?
    Phil Glantz
  • Upgrades

    Reading some other blogs of users (I haven't owned an Android over a version change) it just upgrades over the air (presumably asks permission first)..
    • That all depends

      It depends on your device and your carrier. My Motorola Droid just uses the standard Android without a carrier or Motorola skin on it. So theoretically is should be easier to upgrade. It had 2.0 on it when I bought it and upgraded seamlessly to 2.1 (though I did it manually because I didn't feel like waiting for Verizon to get around to me with the push upgrade). If you have a device like the Droid Incredible, at a minimum its going to take longer to get because once the new version of Android is released, HTC is going to have to put HTC Sense on it before it can be pushed to you. All that said there is no guarantee that your particular device can be upgraded at all. Not all pre 2.0 devices got 2.0 or 2.1 upgrades