Could Apple risk iPhone popularity with Bing?

Could Apple risk iPhone popularity with Bing?

Summary: It's one of those catch 22 situations where Apple feels it needs to do something before Google becomes too much of an enemy, but risk making some of their loyal users unhappy. The two companies can definitely be called "frienemies" as they both compete in the mobile space now, but iPhone users generally don't have any problems with Google.


It's one of those catch 22 situations where Apple feels it needs to do something before Google becomes too much of an enemy, but risk making some of their loyal users unhappy. The two companies can definitely be called "frienemies" as they both compete in the mobile space now, but iPhone users generally don't have any problems with Google.

To start moving away from their dependence on default applications like Google Maps and Google Search, Apple is in the process of striking deals that will replace these popular Google-branded applications. The most interesting is still in the works -- but it sounds as though Apple wants to partner with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for the phone.

Let's analyze that for a minute. First, close to 70% of iPhone users like Google enough to have it as their search engine default in their web browser on their computer. In addition, there is a decent number of "mac users" that own iPhone -- I don't think they will be impressed if apple makes a decision like this either.

Changing to Bing, and providing a replacement for Google Maps may be a bad decision by Apple -- what do you think?

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  • Apple joining MS

    It happened in the past, and probably may do so again. The outcome remains to be seen. Its a good thing for Bing, for Apple it may be a headache.

    Apple users will get used to the MS way which is so different than the Apple way.

    Or maybe Apple will teach MS to be innovative.

    The best Apple can do is strike a truce with Google and we all live happy for ever and ever. But that's utopia.

    For all Iphone users, if it does happen. I do wish you well, but you know as well as everyone else, at this point in time. Bing is behind the curve and it would not exist if Google wasn't around. Apple users would miss out on all new software that Google is developing, Google Sky Maps, Google Earth, Google Navigation, Google Wave, Google Voice and so many others. You would probably get it in a round about way, like Google Voice is available for now, but it wont be available within the Apple store.

    Two years from now, this may change, but now all I can say is my condolences to you all Apple lovers if it does happen.
  • RE: Could Apple risk iPhone popularity with Bing?

    From a consumer viewpoint, I think Apple would
    be making the wrong move by partnering with
    Microsoft. Needless to say, Google is by far
    the most established search engine there is and
    Bing? Well, Bing hasn?t really taken off! This
    would certainly cause uproar among existing
    iPhone / iPod Touch users like myself who
    probably prefer the familiar touch of google
    and its applications on our devices. So far,
    none of my friends agree that this is a good
  • iphone may cause cancer!

    Don't use it.
  • Apple introduces iBing 4G, iPhone Killer :-)

    If this is what Apple intends to do, it's only going to be a negative feature of the iPhone. Bing's only got 3% of the global market. That means that we already know that practically nobody with or without an iPhone is going to want to use it. This is one of the reasons why I wouldn't buy a WM phone in the first place.
  • As if anything Apple does could affect negatively its product popularity

    Seriously, you really think that replacing Google by Bing could really have any effect on iPhone popularity ?
    You really think that ?
    When Apple gave up Power PC,it did boost its Mac sales.
    When Apple gave up Power PC support with Snow Leopard, it didn't have any negative impact on its sales ever.
    Despites all its shortcoming the iPhone became the reference for smartphone, despite it lacked several strong advantages of smartphones(like multitasking for example).
    We are talking of Apple here.
    A company with such a cult following,especially from the blogosphere, that even a non annouced product(a.k.a the iTablet),thus virtually vaporware, can become the focus of the majority of posts on most sites of the blogosphere for several days if not weeks.
    Whatever wrong thing Apple could do nowadays, would not significantly or at all have any negative impact on some of their products.
    Moreover, it is not as if Bing is much worse than Google for any single thing.
    I use both and Bing is quite an interesting search engine.
    So no Apple will not risk anything by choosing Bing over Google.
    The only thing which could happen is that it could help Bing getting more popular.
    • I think you underestimate...

      the Apple/Iphone "cult" if you will. Partnering with MS (the enemy) will be a huge mistake if Apple wishes to keep a great deal of their customer base. A huge loathing of Apple will ensue with it's users.There are a lot of bad feelings and hatred between the two camps (users and corporate). The best solution I see is perhaps, allowing a bing app and giving the customer an option to disable or remove it.

      I'm a Linux user, but I also use some Apple products and I can tell you, as an outsider, I don't want bing on my Iphone or any other machine I run including my Mac Air. That's not to say all Mac and Iphone users will have the same attitude, but from seeing and hearing the animosity between the two (MS and Apple), it won't work.
      • Sure

        This is certainly why so many Mac users use Windows on their Mac,btw hasn't bootcamp been updated recently to fully support Windows 7 ?
        This is also certainly why Microsoft Office is so popular on Mac ?
        Seriously, i think you are underestimating the capability of Apple products to be unaffected by any negative decision Apple could take.
        Otherwises, Mac sales would have taken a hit for several decision Apple took in the past like enabling Windows to run natively on Mac.
        The fact that these decision didn't affect Mac sales and the buzz generated by any Apple non annouced prove that Apple cult following is from far the strongest of all technology based companies nowadays.
        Heck, it has certainly surpassed the cult following of some companies such as Sony and Nintendo in Japan.
        • Yes, but note...

          That Office once was available for Mac. That didn't turn out so well. Apple had little choice but to create bootcamp (how many die-hard mac users were happy with this?). Unfortunately I don't know the numbers on bootcamp, but I would surmise that ones using it are people who need MS Office or other apps their company runs that are windows only. I personally know quite a few mac users who want nothing to do with bootcamp (Actually I only know one who runs it for the reason I just mentioned). Just go to any blog or forum that pits Apple against MS against each other and you can almost smell the loathing. I may be wrong on this but this has been my observation and own personal experience.
          • You are very wrong.

            Firstly, here's a link for you:

            Yes, Apple sells Microsft Office (for Mac) on their store. Microsoft is, in fact, the largest manufacturer of software for the Mac - which really turns your idea of Mac owners "hating the enemy" on its head.

            I think your mistake is that you have amplified your own feelings about this through notoriously polarised forums, and assumed these views represent the average user. Actually market data simply does not support that notion.

            Now, as to Apple switching to Bing, then I would assume that if this is done, then it will not be forced to existing devices, and it will be a changeable default. Those who prefer Google will surely still be able to access it, but defaults are more often than not changed. So my opinion is that Apple can certainly do this without anything more than a few uninformed, meaningless rants in forums such as this.
          • Both you and Timiteh are wrong.

            And the evidence for this claim is that the majority of posts on this thread are against this move.

            Therefore I believe you both has misread this, feel free to read the negative comments about this move that other posters have written.
          • This thread is not representative of the relevant market.

            Thanks for the condescending waffle, but you've really added nothing further to the discussion - I already covered this point, and you are allowing a few posts here to amplify your own opinions too.

            The fact remains that Microsoft is the largest produced of software for the Mac already, and that is the basis for my contention that most of Apple's customers don't "hate the enemy".
          • Of course nick.

            That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I still think you're wrong however much you bleat.
          • Thank You...

            I stand corrected
      • I think you underestimate....

        [i]Partnering with MS (the enemy) will be a huge mistake if Apple wishes to keep a great deal of their customer base.[/i]

        I think you underestimate the power of the RDF.
  • RE: Could Apple risk iPhone popularity with Bing?

    I sincerely hope NOT! I've tried BING and still can't get good results from it. Give me GOOGLE anytime, at least I get a few good hits; with BING I was lead off in a direction that was nowhere NEAR the question! Apple has been making some strange moves lately, but not being in the industry I don't see the "bigger" picture. (hum, world dominance???)
  • RE: Could Apple risk iPhone popularity with Bing?

    All I've heard about Bing so far is that it's not very
    good. Why would anyone replace a product (of any
    kind) that works well with one that doesn't?

    Why can't we just have what works the best?
    iPhone is the best portable device currently
    available, Google is the best search engine
    currently available, why can't we just leave it at

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    • The reason for the change is stevie is mad @ google...

      over the Android phone thing.
    • Try some unbiased reviews

      Most reviews I've read are fairly positive. It works better for some things and not as well for others. It works better for simple searches that you are more likely to perform on a phone and not as well for obscure long strings of text. I have the bing app and it works beautifully for most searches I use it for.
    • Why not try it before you comment?

      It's simple. Then you can tell us what you [i]think,[/i]
      not what you've [i]heard[/i].

      I'd bet that for 99% of users, Bing is just fine.
    • From what you have heard?

      And you have yet to even try Bing?


      Try it then come back and post something relevant.