Google Calendar peeks around the corner

Google Calendar peeks around the corner

Summary: Something is happenging with Google Calendar today --

TOPICS: Google

cl2logo_1.gifSomething is happenging with Google Calendar today -- is redirecting to now redirects to the real CL2 login screen and to top it off, I have found the official GCal logo in the /cl2/images directory!

The logo is ugly, but it is better than the original seen on the leaked screenshots that consisted of a black rectangle with the word CL2 in white.cl2logo.gif

Mitchell Kapor, the President and Chair of the Open Source Applications Foundation, says CL2 will be launched tonight in his blog.  He doesnt mention his source, so it very well could be just speculation but I have to admit -- it's looking good.

Topic: Google

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  • Yes!

    I'm so glad Google Calender is here! You will remember my birthday!
  • It's Working NOW!

    As of 10:30pm Central time I am logged in and using it.
  • google calendar

    Wow, just a few minutes with it and i love it already!
  • Yahoo had a Calendar since years ago, so what are the news?

    Yahoo has incorporated a better Calendar that also syncs with Palm PDAs, so what I don?t see the point of all this noise on Google Calendar...
    • it is a good news if you like gmail

      I use Gmail, so Calender is a great news to me. Now I just need a notebook/to-dos (preferablly outline) service from Google.