Google colors their ads for Gay Pride week

Google colors their ads for Gay Pride week

Summary: Google often dresses things up to celebrate events, and it turns out that's no different for the upcoming gay pride week. Philipp Lenssen from Blogoscoped has the scoop on an easter egg found by one of his readers.

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Google often dresses things up to celebrate events, and it turns out that's no different for the upcoming gay pride week. Philipp Lenssen from Blogoscoped has the scoop on an easter egg found by one of his readers. If you search for "gay" on Google, you'll see there is a rainbow that borders the advertisements on the side. Rainbows are recognized as a gay symbol, and so it couldn't be more appropriate.

gay-adwords.png [image from Google Blogoscoped]

Topic: Google

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  • RE: Google colors their ads for Gay Pride week

    And what does this tell us about the underlying value of Google and what we should think of them? Yeah thats what I thought too!
    Loverock Davidson
    • dumping Google

      This going to actually make me stop using Gmail as my business email. I switching all 21 accounts tomorrow. I don't like to be associated with any company thats actually promoting this.
      • You should have done it a long time ago

        I did. You can't trust a company that deliberately spies on you, steals your data, and sells it back to you for their profit! Lets not forget about how Google's services are closing left and right. One day you will wake up and not have access to your gmail because they shut the service down.
        Loverock Davidson
      • This ciould seriously hurt there business!

        I think google has just make the dumbest mistake a company could have ever made!

        Things like this will certainly cause customers to move away from their service. Maybe not right away but over time people will move away from "Gay Google"
        • but why?

          so if google promoted days about blacks, jews, or whatever, would you then take your business elsewhere for that too? All google are doing is promoting a group of people who just want to be treated fairly and equally under the law, and very few countries do that yet. dont forget that google promotes many celebrations, for different groups of people, not just one or two. So good on google for putting it in. btw - its only an "easter egg" so most people wont be subject to seeing the rainbow decorated pages anyway.
      • Goodbye...

        You do your thing. Maybe that will free up more e-mail storage space for me and everyone else who has no issue with it. Would it have been more appropriate to take action when you realized that Google allows searches including the word 'gay' or other unrelated terms which may be considered by some as obscene? Maybe... Google acknowledges all kinds of events throughout the year, including religious ones. Why didn't you transfer all 21 of your accounts when Google changed their front page logo in recognition of Hannukah (for example) or any other event that does not fit into your apparent puzzle of standards? Seems a bit absurd to me for someone to be so selective of what parts of their religion for which they will and will not abide.

        Whether you realize it or not, gays & lesbians contribute a lot to our society. So for you to go as far as saying in your previous post that gays & lesbians are the reason why the country has gone down the toilet is completely ridiculous. But moving on back to the original topic at hand...

        Everyone has pride in something that relates to their self or their beliefs. I commend Google for acknowledging the event. To me, it's a sign that there just may be hope for this county of [b]OURS[/b] (not just anyone one particular group or demographic) in terms of acceptance and equality.
    • Ha! I shoulda known Loverock was a bigot.

      "underlying value of Google and what we should think of them?"

      Because they had a gay pride banner on the search for the word gay?

      You are a small minded bigot to make such judgements...

      While Microsoft is now photoshopping out black people... and that's okay?
  • Oooh how super xxxx

    What lovely colours.
  • Correct: The founding fathers were Deists

    They believed that while God created the heavens and earth, he pretty much ended all his divine interventions at that point and left humanity to its own devices.

    We're on our own. Thomas Jefferson was particularly critical of the church, and many quotes are attributed to him saying that religious leaders should never be trusted.
  • Why are christians plugging in "gay" in a search engine anyway

    Shouldn't you be offline praying or something?
    • They need something to be on a soap box about (NT)

    • We aren't

      NO ONE said that Christians were "plugging in "gay" in a search engine" We are instead concerned that Google apparently supports it.
  • I love when bible thumpers come out of the woodwork..

    First, all of the bible thumpers here - get over it. There are a lot of companies (a LOT) that offer the same benefits to both straight and gay couples -- you going to stop using those companies too? I suggest you move out in the country about 50 miles from everyone and live off solar power or something. Because for example a prominent insurance company that caters exclusively to military offers the ability to add domestic partners. This is a purely capitalistic move (in my opinon) which you cant fault Google for, they are reaching out to every market base there is.

    It is also widely know that the homosexual community also has a lot more expendible income. Wooing this market is very advantageous however you look at it. Second, the pure ignorance that has been exhibited here is frankly sickening. The technical world is usually the area that is the most open to change and stuff but the few characters that troll this board show otherwise.

    Preaching the bible and Christianity here wont do much more than get you flamed (and again in my opinion Christianity is flawed fundamentally anyway). It is sad in 2008 people are still this narrowminded and uneducated. Being gay isnt a disease, and occurs naturally in several insect societies - so it could be construed that it is also natural even in our natural makeup.

    The world is changing and attitudes in the US about this topic are changing fast. No bible thumper or anyone else is going to stop it, its time you get on board or left behind.
    • Wrong

      Do you want children's books that explain why little Johnny has two daddies? How about having homosexuals making out at the ball park where you have taken your kids? Is this the society you want?

      I am a Christian and I don't live in the dark ages. I use linux, and do not consider myself a Microsoft promoter. Google should keep itself out of the culture wars. They are trying to hard to be politically correct.
      • Not wrong

        Ok for one, I dont want to see anyone making out in the ballpark - period - its tacky and innappropriate... but apparently its ok if a male and female does it... NO its not, so your point is moot. No one is saying ANYTHING about publishing childrens books promoting homosexuality. This is the bogus arguments that religion tries to jam down everyones throat WHILE DIRECTLY contridicting their own core beliefs (which is why I do not support any organized religion).

        Get up off the hate speech, practice what your religion preaches. Tolerance and be a witness in the image of Christ himself.
        • What?

          "practice what your religion preaches. Tolerance and be a witness in the image of Christ himself."
          WHOA there SONNY!!!!!!

          You think Christ would just Stand with his mouth shut and and let people do whatever they feel like without telling them it's wrong? You don't know Christianity or the Bible if you think that!

          The Bible CLEARLY states that being "gay" is wrong (whether you care what it says or not)

          "[22]Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable." -Leviticus 18:22"

          "[13]If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." -Leviticus 20:13

          "[9]Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor HOMOSEXUAL offenders [10]nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. -1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV)

          If you think we are just going to keep our mouths shut then think again, Christ would certainly not, so nether will we.

          And by not teaching that homosexuality is wrong, you are teach that it is right. For example:
          If I don't punish my dog in some way for peeing in the house, he will think it is right and a good and will there for continue to do it. So by the lack of teach that something is wrong you are essentially teaching that it is right.

          So I AM "[practicing] what [my] religion preaches".
      • Okay...

        It's up to parents to discuss certain things with their children, not media. The fact of the matter is that the world is constantly changing day to day which means there will always be new, difficult topics that are going to have to be explained to children. Whether your child(ren) encounters homosexuals going at it in a ball park or not, they're going to be exposed to it in some point in life and chances are it is going to be sooner rather than later.

        And guess what--if you pay a bit closer attention to your surroundings, you'd see that we already live in such a society. You will always have a homosexual in your general vicinity...not all of them go about in drag. I'm sure you'd be surprised at how many people you know or know of are homosexual (or even bisexual) and you would never even know unless they told you. They simply do not advertise it.
      • Ugh...

        "Do you want children's books that explain why little Johnny has two daddies?"

        If we need to explain to children why Johnny has two daddies, which we do... then, yes.

        "How about having homosexuals making out at the ball park where you have taken your kids?

        Do you take your kids to any ball park where straight people are sitting around making out? If so, you shouldn't, it sounds seedy. Just 'cause you throw the word homosexual in there doesn't make it worse to be lewd in front of children.

        By the way, your "culture wars"... you're losing. And I'm not participating.
  • RE: Google colors their ads for Gay Pride week

    I, as well as the majority of people, believe this is nothing but a good thing :-) Good for Google - it's nice to know they take interest in current affairs, even those which spark some controversy.

    This is a brilliant thing, and I'm glad that they're taking the views of gay people into consideration and supporting their cause :-)
    • You have no idea what 'the majority of people believe'

      Try speaking for yourself, not the rest of us.