Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

Summary: As ubiquitous as Acrobat Reader is, it's clunky, and I often wish there was a dedicated PDF viewer as part of Google Docs. Well, now there is!

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As ubiquitous as Acrobat Reader is, it's clunky, and I often wish there was a dedicated PDF viewer as part of Google Docs. Well, now there is! You can simply upload PDF files to your Google Docs to take advantage of this new feature.

After opening one of your uploaded PDF files, you are taken to a new PDF viewer that lets you search , see a preview of each page, and copy/paste text -- Basically the only three features I care about.

It's strange that they decided to re-invent the wheel here though. Google Book Search and Google Patent Search are great examples of a technology that would work very well for viewing PDF documents -- compared to these two, the feature that's currently in Google Docs feels very beta.

What do you think about the new feature?

Topic: Google

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  • re: Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

    I don't know what is sadder, the fact that your job involves tech and you don't know how to use Adobe or the fact that you are still employed at a tech job without knowing Adobe because only someone completely uneducated in Adobe would call it a clunky system. If you know how to use it properly than it can become more important to you than the power button on you're computer.
    • re: Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

      You are obviously shilling for Adobe.

      I have used there products since 1989. They have become what they despise. Their installation process is clunky and long. Their update process requires multiple reboots. Their products are updated to full versions to frequently that it is rediculous to buy each version, yet there are always compatibility issues that will be fixed with the "next version."

      I agree that this is a good step.
  • Adobe is clunky and you are full of it

    Not too long ago upgrading the reader would require three reboots. That was ludicrous.
  • RE: Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

    I think it's a good step in the right direction, but after Adobe did
    come out with their service Share and now, they had
    to do sth.
    This is why I love competition in any area, it always improve
    choice and services.
  • Google Docs not good enough for Google Corporate

    Sorry I couldn't help but laugh at this job ad I came across yesterday for Google in Australia -

    Go to the last line of Requirements - "Strong computer application skills including PowerPoint, Excel and MS Office."

    Obviously Google Doc's isn't good enough for Google Corporate!!! lol
    • That was a big hole in Google Docs. There were a number of times I had a

      document in PDF format that was part of a project that I wanted to put with the rest of the documents, but it was not possible. They are slowly getting better as time goes on. As we move away from printing, and Google Docs gets better bit by bit, it will handle nearly all of our document needs. I still have to download and use OpenOffice if I need detailed formating.
  • RE: Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

    Why bother with Google Docs when you can download a free viewer called PDF-XChange Viewer from Tracker Software Products. This application allows you to print, save and fill in pdf documents, all for free. It's a great piece of software and you can upgrade (not necessary) to a pro version at little expense.
  • RE: Google Docs now has a PDF viewer

    I use Foxit PDF Reader from Foxit Software for all my pdf reading... and Google Docs is great for super quick access when on the move, on my phone, pda, and/or notebook... Adobe products are great when you are in the heat of it, but the installations of these things are HUGE and they are unbelieveably resource intensive... Foxit Reader is a 2.55mb download and about 7mb installed... I do not even like to use Flash anymore, so many problems with it, and not all just since Adobe acquired Macromedia...