Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

Summary: Last night Google rolled out a fresh new version of Google Finance, and instantly people went on the offensive by attacking everything from the organization of data to the font being too small. Some have even accused it of being too "Yahoo!


Last night Google rolled out a fresh new version of Google Finance, and instantly people went on the offensive by attacking everything from the organization of data to the font being too small. Some have even accused it of being too "Yahoo!".


But think about it -- as far as financial websites go, Yahoo! Finance has (by far) the majority of users. Average users who use Google Finance once a month because they have a couple shares aren't the people Google wants to be catering to. They want the same audience Yahoo! has, and that's why I think this new interface might actually be good.

I would love to from investors who use Yahoo! Finance on a daily basis. What do you think of the new Google Finance interface? Is it more competitive with Yahoo! Finance, or is it still very sub-par? Personally, I don't have anything against the new look -- but I'd like to hear what you think.

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  • If you want something better, PAY FOR IT!!!

    Don't like something that is free, stop using it. There are a few more providers in cyberspace.

    Or better yet, shut the hell up and pay for the service. Once you pay, then you have the right to complain.

    Friendly suggestions and constructive criticism are one thing. But until you PAY for the service you have no real right to complain.
    • Well... DOES have the right to complain, just not the right to be taken seriously. Speech is free, being understood comes at a price.
      • Point is...

        What the hell are you two talking about? Garett's making a straightforward design critique -- it's like Yahoo, only worse. He's right because that's merely accurate feedback that Google should use! Google's Finance page is fine and fast, but if you rely on this info during the day, you're not going to be using Google's offering. You can pay all day, but I promise you, they won't listen either.
    • If you want something better, then pay for it

      you are correct, BUT Google wants your feedback. Try that with M$ as a paying customer.
  • RE: Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

    I'm a creature of habit and I've been using Yahoo Finance for as long as I can remember. The Google Finance design to me is an improvement, but I still don't see anything that would make me stray. Honestly the financial info is very transactional--get me the goods and move along. One thing right off the bat: It's still not clear to me at a glance how I can add other indices to that Google Finance view. For instance, Yahoo Finance has "view more indices" and it remembers if I want the Vix or Russell 2000. Google Finance doesn't have that. Quirky, but a deal breaker.
    Larry Dignan
  • RE: Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

    ..."and people hate it"?

    After figuring out where everything was, I love it. People are going to get used to this. This will even things up more.
  • Well its Google, so you'd better start to like it...

    Only two companies are really in the "ok" column: Google and Apple.

    So if you're accessing Yahoo finance from your Windows desktop, you had better forget minor nits and just start using Google Finance.

    The question isnt if it is 'better'. All of the world MUST use Google exclusively for anything internet related, so you might as well get moving.

    Its amazing how snow jobbed people are over Google. The tone of articles and posts seems to almost be apologetic when it comes to their offerings. Like "well... I REALLY DO think that my Yahoo portal is better! I do! Im sorry!!!"

    What a joke the tech industry is becoming. Or at least the way it is reflected on the web (in columns and commentary) is becoming a joke.

    EVERY story is either heaping praise on Apple/Google/Linux or GROVELLING and falling over apologizing for having to make (even a minor) critique.
  • Were I a Google Finance developer,

    I'd be most grateful for feedback from users of the free service, not least those who are critical and who just might inspire me to improvements. Free speech is not only of value to the speaker him- or herself, but also to those who hear it, and reasoned opinions, whether they come from those paying from a service or those enjoying it for free, are ignored at our peril....

  • Study that Wall Street contract

    Because it looks like your company can be the victim of a violent takeover with no warning.
  • Both Google and Yahoo have missed the boat

    I have been doing this investing thingie full time since 1990 and message boards have been a big part of my daily routine for all of those years.

    I was forced to find an alternative finance source when Yahoo! revamped(read "destroyed") their website. Even the original Google site was unacceptable and Raging Bull was always a joke.

    Then I happened onto Investor Village. This site is made by investors for investors and meets all of my investing information and communication needs. It is quite simply the best finance website on the web.

    So now IV gets my 30 hits per day instead of Yahoo!
  • Google Finance? What's That?

    I am active in the industry and write software for traders and investors alike. Google Finance is dead on arrival. Actually it is a waste of bandwidth for Google.

    Yahoo Finance is pretty good because they give you the information that you want for across the world. Let me give you an example: NOA3. Put that into Google. Google says, huh? Yahoo says, Belgium Frankfurt, Stuttgart, or Eurex, etc. Of course you have to choose what is of interest to you, but the point is that Yahoo actually understands what investors want.

    Add on the historical downloading of data, other bits and bobs, and you have a good website.

    If Google wants to compete they need to move up to analytics. Google has plenty of searching power, so why not make use of it in finance. Build up a causality of news information with the movement of an underlying. And let people create their own data networks.
  • Dont trust Google

    The only thing that Google does well is search. So I use their search engine. But, they are building the biggest database in the world on their users, and nobody should have that much information. I certainly would not add my financial interests to any others they are already storing.

    I have been using Yahoo Finance for years. They have provided a wonderful international database, and have improved their service tremendously. Perhaps they are not perfect, but they are the best free service I know of. Investor Village does not cover international markets.

    Google has been using the leverage of their search engine to copy Yahoo services one after another. I know that Google is winning the war, but I am not willing to help them along the way. Just hope that Microsoft does not get their hands on Google. Though, I think that Microsoft may be less dangerous than Google. At least they do not have as much personal information about as many people as Google has. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Google Evil Doers Squelch Free Speech

    Before the recent stock downturn, I was writing posts about what I saw was the weakness in Google's Ad Sense stategy that would result in a down turn in their stock price.

    I also made comments about Apple being overpriced (when it was at $200).

    Both stocks suffered precipitous drops there after (or rather, their stock holders suffered).

    However, before that point, my account was banned from Google Finance and I was not able to post to Google Groups either (denying me Usenet access). I had one group that I created myself on Google Groups -- and I was banned from accessing it! Even though it contained my own documents!

    I tried what few ways there were with Google to get to a person and see if my account could be re-instated. zero avail.

    So, I do not trust Google.

    I would never trust Google.
    • I'd fire anyone responsible...

      I'd fire any IT Manager or Director responsible for implementing Google Mail or Google Documents in a corporate environment.

      Google's billions and a building full of lawyers are a recipe for greed and disaster.
      Marty R. Milette
  • Google or Yahoo ? Neither, thank you.

    Count me as part of the Investor Village crowd - Yahoo had a
    dominant position in Investor forums till it stumbled badly,
    just as Investor Village came around. It has far superior
    functionality, including the all-critical ability to suppress any
    Mark Moran
  • RE: Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

    I have been using Yahoo Finance since it first came available, years ago. I like it. I have paid versions of software that does basically the same thing, but inevitably I come back to Yahoo Finance. I have been using Google Finance since it became available also. With today's new look, Google Finance does take on a decidedly Yahoo look. So what? No harm, no foul. Who says that we can't use them both and profit. By last count I have yet to pay Yahoo or Google for anything, and I love the hell out them both.
  • RE: Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

    Has Google chanbed the map and the news to the money making?
    I thank you
    Firozali A. Mulla MBA PhD
    P.O.Box 6044
    East Africa
  • RE: Google Finance gets update, and people hate it

    Has Google chanbed the map and the news to the money making?
    That was supposed to be Has Google changed from GPS and news, but I need a new dictionary form Google. That is a better investment then the money making as if my English is lousy, I do not make money.

    I thank you
    Firozali A. Mulla MBA PhD
    P.O.Box 6044
    East Africa
  • Growth by Word of Mouth

    If you build a better mousetrap people will stand in line to buy it.

    While there are many new entrants in the field other than Google, Finance.Yahoo sealed it own fate years ago.

    The best out there is Investor Village as it does what others simply cannot figure out is important. The Investor Village team listens to its customers.

    Growth to date has been by word of mouth but I sense that is about to be augmented as many suitors are knocking at their door.

    Google and Finance.Yahoo are too big to care about individual customers. Investor Village cares and perhaps, just like in the good old days, when customers mattered, they will zoom to the head of the pack.