Google Health, what is it?

Google Health, what is it?

Summary: It isn't a big surprise that Google is thinking about healthcare -- but now information suggests products or services for that industry are in the master plan.Adam Bosworth, former VP of Engineering at BEA Systems, is working at Google with the title "Architect, Google Health" according to the attendee list for PC Forum.

TOPICS: Health

It isn't a big surprise that Google is thinking about healthcare -- but now information suggests products or services for that industry are in the master plan.

Adam Bosworth, former VP of Engineering at BEA Systems, is working at Google with the title "Architect, Google Health" according to the attendee list for PC Forum.  It's not news that Google has been targeting healthcare in their advertising efforts, but why would Google need an "Architect" -- especially one with Bosworth's background?

Adam has an impressive resume -- but does not include anything related to sales or advertising.  You can read more about his history on Wikipedia.

Known as one of the pioneers of XML, Bosworth previously held various senior management positions at Microsoft, including General Manager of the WebData group, a team focused on defining and driving XML strategy. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for designing and delivering the Microsoft Access PC database product (codenamed 'Cirrus') and assembling and driving the team that developed Internet Explorer 4.0's HTML engine (codenamed 'Trident').

Prior to Microsoft, Bosworth worked for Borland where he developed the Quattro spreadsheet application following Borland's acquisition of Analytica in 1985 - founded by Bosworth and Eric Michelman, and managed by Brad Silverberg.

Any guesses as to what Google might be working on with regards to "Google Health" would be speculation, but I think there could be some interesting products in the making.

Topic: Health

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  • pretty odd

    it strikes me as odd that i see no accredited school of architecture on this man's resume. there are certain legal requirements that must be completed before one can claim that title, and i'm not so sure this gentleman qualifies.
  • Heath or Health?

    Is it Google Heath or Google Health? The article uses the former word more (including in the headline) but seems to mean the latter.
    • Good observation

      Very observant... and quite embarassing ;)

      Thank you
  • Got "L"? (eom)

    ...maybe "save the world" starting with Africa and HIV, giving their airplane some justice and cozying up to Bill and his foundation...
  • Google Health

    It's likley in the early stages to be something of a vertical related to health wherein <i>pubmed</i> has served the medical community for publications and citations. Google scholar is one form of this and Google Health will likely be a Google version of <i>pubmed.</i> Google Search powers the NIH website and combiming the two would be pretty powerful.

    Further out it becomes a source for the general public access (WebMD killer). IT becomes a great source for enhancing the user profiles of Google users providing health-related information behavior to the overall context of Google users (ads).

    Even further out, we know Google is working in the bio-informatics field and this will be the venue (Health) that it will likely make its first appearance through.

  • Google looks to get into implants

    ...Johnny Mnemonic style, wetware hooked to a search engine. You'd stay attached to the Matrix(Internet) all the time with WiFi and WiMax. William Bibson's Neuromancer come to life.

    Hiring a guy with impeccable database creds looks like a perfect fit for their sytle of operation. A lot of diagnostic tools in healthcare rely on databases and query forms. Some doctors now have you fill out a form that goes straight into a computer that generates a suggestion list for the doctor to look at when attempting to find a diagnosis.

    The next connection would be the human equivalent of a plug like the ones used in automobiles. The doc downloads a file detailing medical readings since your last visit and he compares and contrasts that with your previous data and with the norms for people of your age and occupation, bingo a diagnosis of whats ailing you! He could probably also monitor your carb intake, protean, glucose levels, etc. most of the electronics can be put on a small die, with exposed probe tips, encapsulated with a 10 year Lithium ion battery and now you're a Borg!

    If they actually work, you could have HMO's insisting on their clients having the implant or no coverage OR higher premiums! Not only would the doc get the readouts, the HMO would get daily updates everytime you got near a WiFi connection and your coverage could be shut-off if you did too much drugging, smoking or drinking, or did too many activities that caused your heart to race too much like parachuting out of planes, etc. 1984's Big Brother wasn't that bad, they just had you under video surveillance, they didn't bug your body functions!

    It will be interesting to see what happens when we all get Googled. If not Google, somebody will want to do it. RFID tags are just the beginning. Hell they'll even be able to treat paranoia with an implant! Ha! Be seeing you, number 6.
  • Google, what is it?

    That's a better question. Search company? ISP? Advertising company? Software company? They seem to be trying out everything looking for a revenue stream beyond ads for search.
  • Google Health possibilities

    1. We take your genome and phenome and then make it available as a part of a global search solution to find people based on any information necessary. Generally used for curing diseases and clinical trials.

    2. An index similar to WebMD for health information. A publishing play.

    3. Going into the private sector to support eHealthcare initiatives based on the Bush administrations desire to have more IT in healthcare (look-up Dr. Brailler)

    4. I just hope they don't get too close to my space, at Recombinant Data ( which is healthcare data warehousing... unless they have some of those Google dollars to spend slurping up small companies.
  • What kind of health are we talking about?

    Nice finding Garett, Adam is consider one of the most influential on the web and although he referred to health care in an event I am not quite sure the title refers to health as the vertical.

    I don't know how many Google's Architect are around but Adam was already a VP of Engineering so the first thing that crossed my mind when reading his title was that health is referring to infrastructure health (network/database) but I could be wrong.

    And if Adam is really working on the health care industry, this is going to be something really interesting and innovative, specially in the data management area.
  • GOOG Health

    You can see a hint in the last SEC Filing that Google added a view on one of the biggest topics for human beings: their health. With the given socio demographic changes from young to older populations this topic will even grow in the future, dramatically. If you go beyond information, into storage, secure exchange and service delivery it is a real life topic where the help of Google would be a great step forward. I think a lot of people would hand over a lot of informations to Google Health if it would mean that tey only need to provide a "Health ID" to get the best treatment whereever they are and whoever needs to treat them. A second hint is in the SEC Filings for several quarters (and with the Health project it really makes sense to me): Google is working with Bertelsmann on outsourcing billing and other costumer centric transactions. You might know that Bertelsmann is onwer of: Multimedica (a Health Online Service for Doctors, Students etc.), Health Online Service / HOS (a similar service founded by Burda Group) and Arvato (a company that offers industrial backbones in a lot of vertical and horizontal markets / categories). Bertelsmann startet 10 years ago with their work on such services and I won't be surprised if Google gives them now the bandwidth and power to get it done.
  • Maybe a health info uber-site?

    My first guess would be a better interface to PubMed and maybe
    Medline Plus or other such resources but with more ease of use
    and ranking/popularity stuff? Or just more general health
    resources made more easily accessible than they are now
    (WebMD and other project killer, as someone posted). Maybe I'm
    just scared it'll eclipse a dream of mine :-) I'm a librarian/
    information architect interested in developing just such a tool
    and getting a little frustrated with the traditional academic or
    governmental channels - thinking maybe Google is the way to
    go! (We thought about calling it GoogleMed after PubMed but
    Google Health is better - broader, maybe for professionals and
    lay folk)
    • I Hope It's a WebMD Competitor!

      I have been ticked with WebMD ever since they made their presence known! Up until WedMD took over, Sapient Health Network (SHN) had been a perfectly efficient, well-run, well-loved medical and support-system type "home." Once WebMD ruined it (in my humble opinion) AND gave SHN's existing subscribers a raw deal, many SHN members quit. I, for one, have never "returned." I have periodically looked at the site over the years, but they never won me over. Unfortunately, the folks at WebMD decided to try to become a monopoly, and they have come too close to succeeding for my tastes. WebMD has become more than annoying (every health-related search leads to the inevitable "www.webmd ..."), and I welcome a new source of info that can serve both as a layperson's site and a liason for professionals in conjunction with PubMed and its sister publications.

      I fervently hope you're correct, abarclay!

      ~ Namaste ~
  • Offending Job Title

    Yep; use of the word "architect" strcitly controlled in the UK. If you ain't ARIBA or equivalent or better then you may not decribe yourself as any sort of architect.

    Bosworth better not fetch up here; he might not make it back.
    • I'm just curious...

      What do you call a specialist in the architecture of software or systems? You design pretty good software over there, so the practice and the people must exist by some name.
  • Making the Case for health content

    The evolution of today's healthcare has made health content a hot market. Topics such as Health Savings Accounts, Evidence Based Medicine, Electronic Health Records, and Pay-for-Performance has shifted the focus on the consumer. As hospitals and payers look add new revenue streams, health content on their websites is becoming a must have. If you search for health content on sites like,, ,,, etc. you will notice that most of the content comes from a company called ADAM Inc. If Google Health does happen it would be nice to have features like 3D anatomy similar to Google Earth. Since Google just bought 5% of AOL it is interesting to see that Steve Case has put his money into the online health market.
    Vescere bracis meis
  • Who needs GOOGLE? Four Knowledge Domains Links Resource

    Hodges' Health Career - Care Domains - Model provides a framework for problem solving and engagement, utilising four knowledge domains:

    * Interpersonal;
    * Sociological;
    * Sciences;
    * Political.

    The framework itself with introductory notes:


    Peter Jones
  • Another Bosworth siting

    The Personal Health Technology Council
    Vescere bracis meis
  • Google Health to feature Health Grades?

    Pure speculation, but I think that Google Health will feature hospital and physician ratings from Health Grades, Inc. (HGRD). For a more detailed explanation, see .
  • Google Health Preview

    There is a good round-up of some of the best of the Google Health speculation, as well as a preview of Google Health search results, complete with links and screen shots here:
  • Health Caren Initiative

    Binary Spectrum spcializes in Health Care solutions, will probably rate itself among the top 100 HealthCare IT companies.

    Will Google be intrested in partnering with us to ramp up ecpertise?