Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

Summary: Last week I blogged about a piece of information that was handed to me:"... A Mac version of Picasa will be launched this year at Macworld ...

TOPICS: Apple, Google, Hardware

Last week I blogged about a piece of information that was handed to me:

"... A Mac version of Picasa will be launched this year at Macworld ..."

It turns out that Google did indeed launch Picasa at this year's Macworld Expo, and it looks great. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I will surely be installing it on my Macbook tonight.

today, we're releasing Picasa for Mac. While we've previously offered both a standalone Picasa Web Albums uploader and an iPhoto plugin for Mac users, Picasa for Mac finally brings all of the advanced sharing and sync features of Picasa to the millions of Mac OS X users who use Picasa Web Albums. Not to mention the "it-slices-and-dices" feature list that covers everything from color balance to collages.

It's about time Mac users had an alternative to iPhoto.

Topics: Apple, Google, Hardware

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  • Native?

    I wonder if it's native COCOA or if it uses WINE like the Linux version does. If it's native, then maybe there's a chance they used a multiplatform developer kit to build it. Then maybe we'll finally get a native Linux version.
    • doubt its native

      I see they don't offer a PPC version. I'd assume any build done with the standard Apple development tools would be able to build both an Intel and a PPC version. So I'd guess that this is just a WINE wrapped PC executable.
  • Welcome to 2002....

    Hopefully Chrome and BRD playback will make it in time
    for Obama's 2nd inauguration.
  • RE: Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

    Just downloaded and installed it. I've been waiting for ages
    for Picasa on the Mac. I loved it on the PC and after
    dumping my Windows machines for all Macs, felt like this was
    one area that really could use a refresh in the Apple software
    suite. No problems with the beta so far but I'll need to use it
    for several days before I make a final determination.

    Nice work Google.
  • Happy to see it

    I've been a Picasa user on Windows for a long time and I love it. It will be nice to put it on my new Mac Pro, too. Kudos to Google!
  • RE: Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

    The main issue I see is that you have to choose between Picasa or iPhoto because they do not coexist. To edit iPhoto photos, you are forced to make copies.
  • RE: Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

    To be more clear, to edit a photo from iPhoto inside Picasa you are forced to make a copy of the file.
  • Google programs failing: This is news??

    I have downloaded two <b>"Mac"</b> programs from Google. Assuming they meant "PowerMac"---<i>who makes Macintosh programs <b>these</b> days??</i>---I decided to try them. <BR><BR>

    They start---then NOTHING. Start...NOTHING. Start...NOTHING. The failure trend is unmistakable. <BR><BR>

    I have seen other "wonderful" programs from Google, but each of those demands OSX 4. My two-years' experiences have left Me very cold toward Google's "Mac" programs. <BR><BR>

    Given Google's inability---unwillingness is My bet!---to produce a useable program thus far, I suspect they are, indeed, re-packaging Wintel programs, pretending they are "Mac" programs. <BR><BR>

    If re-packaged Wintel programming is not the problem, then Google has a serious problem---a different one, I mean---in their software development department. <BR><BR>

    I will never have an Xtel, So I cannot care in the slightest about anything beyond the fact that Google's programs all fail.
    Master Dave
  • RE: Google launches Picasa for the Mac!

    Yes, finally I can fire Windows from my iMac and make
    the full transition to Leopard :)
  • About Time

    Yes. It was about time for an alternative.