Google may still be working on GDrive

Google may still be working on GDrive

Summary: It's been a very long time since rumors of GDrive have surfaced, and I all but gave up on the idea. Reports today make it sound like Google is still interested in working on it, but gave no indication if it's actually currently being worked on, or when it would be launched.


It's been a very long time since rumors of GDrive have surfaced, and I all but gave up on the idea. Reports today make it sound like Google is still interested in working on it, but gave no indication if it's actually currently being worked on, or when it would be launched. This is still interesting to me because it's the first time I've heard anything about this project from someone at Google.

While sitting down with a Gmail project manager, Todd Jackson, cnet's Josh Lowensohn discussed a couple future features. At the end of his article, he quotes Todd as saying:

"We know people's file sizes are getting bigger. They want to share their files, keep them in the cloud, and not worry about which computer they're on. Google wants to be solving these problems,"

If and when it finally launches, GDrive will likely let you store files in the cloud instead of on your local machine. Ideally, interacting with your GDrive would be as simple as using a physical drive on your computer. Josh thinks that when it's launched, it will also be tightly integrated with Gmail.

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  • Gdrive would be nice but....

    Google needs to give some love to Gamil, its getting long in the tooth and for a project still in beta its falling behind most offerings from other webmail providers. They need to add things like:

    -Mail reading pane
    -Card view for contacts
    -Drag and drop for attachments
    -Drag and drop to add email to labels

    Just to name a few things.
    • Just get Yahoo mail

      Google is spyware.
  • Needs to be competitive with SkyDrive...

    25GB please, Google. :)
  • RE: Google may still be working on GDrive

    I am a little confused. I have a program called Gmail that created a virtual drive on my Windows XP computer. I can save files to it. It is connected to my Gmail account. So the files are on Google's servers, but I can see the results in My Computer.

    Is this G Drive something different?
    • Same here...

      I had (on my old machine) a virtual drive that was linked to GMail where I could store data up to the amount of space on my account.

      Also you can use the Firefox addon "Gspace" (found @ which allows you to transfer files from local computer to GMail & it saves each one as a email sent to yourself...
    • ToS

      This is third-party add-on which violates GMail's Terms of Service. Your account could be suspended at any time for using it.

      That's how an official GDrive would differ from what you're using now.
  • Just look at Google App Engine GB pricing

    These prices were announced a few months ago by Google
    for when the Google App Engine will be upgraded to
    support large files:

    * $0.10 - $0.12 per CPU core-hour
    * $0.15 - $0.18 per GB-month of storage
    * $0.11 - $0.13 per GB outgoing bandwidth
    * $0.09 - $0.11 per GB incoming bandwidth

    Perhaps since they announced those prices, they
    managed to squeze the price down a bit further for
    when this will be released. But hey, no matter if
    Google releases a consumer friendly Gdrive service or
    not, any third party will be able to use Google App
    Engine to provide a Gdrive type of cloud storage
    system based on those prices.

    For example, at those prices, if you want to store
    25GB on the Google cloud, it'll cost you at least
    $3,75 per month for storage, it would have cost you at
    least $2,25 to upload 25GB of data to Google servers,
    and it'll cost you at least $2,75 each time you
    download 25GB from Google servers.
    • Same as S3

      With the exception of the CPU charge (which Amazon doesn't charge for cloud storage), these prices are almost identical to Amazon S3 service, which I don't find at all coincidental. It's already here, it's called Jungle Disk.
  • mobile me

    iDisk, as a feature of mobile me has 20 gb. of course it is 99
    a year.

    is gdrive supposed to be free?
  • Even MS is Providing the same tool

    Even MS is providing the same tool with 25GB of free storage. So, what will be the difference between two of them???
    • The difference is ...

      ... that MS is still MS, ie, anything related to them will always be purely about their ability to dip their hands into your wallet.
      • Spoken by someone who apparently has not used it

        No hands dipped into this wallet, but MS sure does provide a great service. Check facts before posting.
  • Amazon's Jungle Disk already there. You pay, but very little. It's been around for a while, and they've worked out most of the kinks.
    Michael Of Atlanta
    • You mean Rackspace's JungleDisk

      JungleDisk in not owned by Amazon. It is actually
      owned by Rackspace (acquired late last year). It
      points at Amazon's S3 service for now, though it is
      anticipated that it will migrate to Rackspace's cloud
      storage solution shortly.
  • RE: Google may still be working on GDrive

    Gooogle Copies AOL.
    AOL has been providing X drive for years now.

    and yes it has VXD that let's act as any other drive in your system.
    • Xdrive is no longer - try ElephantDrive

      While GDrive is still a figment of the blogosphere's
      imagination, there are services available today that
      solve these problems.

      As you point out, Xdrive had a very nice solution.
      Unfortunately, AOL has closed Xdrive (check it out: says it all). It offers two
      alternatives, Box and ElephantDrive. Of them,
      ElephantDrive seems like the one you are looking for -
      it has backup software, the ability to mount a mapped
      network drive directly to the account, and web access
      (pretty similar to Xdrive's functionality, but it
      seems to work a lot faster and way better on Mac).
      • I must have been in some other world

        My bad. I had not recently checked on it.

        I am suprized that they chose to discontinue it. I certainly had good experience with it. I only disliked the 5GB limitation.

        My point never the less was that they must come up with some new concept. I doubt that it will simply a virtual cloud drive.
    • XDrive?

      where have you been? xdrive doesn't even exists any more..
  • Jungle DIsk

    I see somebody has already mentioned Jungle Disk which uses Amazon's S3 service. I'm already using Jungle Disk for over a year, so I'm not interested. Last to the party Google. Besides, from the message above, the price is about the same.
  • You look like Smeagol.