Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

Summary: The last time Google switched the lights off was for an initiative called "Lights Out San Francisco" in October. It's much easier to get people to listen than to actually act -- based on the pictures that were taken during Lights Out San Francisco event.


The last time Google switched the lights off was for an initiative called "Lights Out San Francisco" in October. It's much easier to get people to listen than to actually act -- based on the pictures that were taken during Lights Out San Francisco event. This time, Google is supporting the Earth Hour initiative created by the WWF.


Earth Hour was created by WWF in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and in one year has grown from an event in one city to a global movement. In 2008, millions of people, businesses, governments and civic organizations in nearly 200 cities around the globe will turn out for Earth Hour. More than 100 cities across North America will participate, including the US flagships–Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco and Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Today, at 8:00 your local time, please switch off the lights in an effort to make a statement about climate change.

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  • How much energy would be saved

    If Google were really to lights out for an hour. My guess is that they can't shut down the datacenter or start it back up in that time frame, but it would certainly make a statement. It would at least be nice to know if they are shutting the actual lights off and maybe monitors too.
  • The gullible, mindless sheep ...

    Okay, I'm gonna bite, since everyone else seems to be too afraid to point out that the Emporer is not wearing any clothes, per the PC-Police.

    First, of all the cheap, empty corporate stunts to pull. So Google turns its white background to black. This is about as pragmatic and meaningful as waving your Bic lighter at a rock concert. Everyone feels good (and Google LOOKS good), but that's about it.

    Second, I've given up hope of any intelligent conversation taking place about this "Green" movement and "global warming." "Green" is the new thang, and to be IT, you have to associate with it--somehow. Now, once Google gives away all of its corporate real estate holdings to illegal aliens and shuts down the entirety of its server farm for a year, we'll have something.

    This "Green Movement" is the same old cookie-cutter variety of the "anti-war" movement. These are the same folks PLUS now their kids and grand-kiddlings, too! They just need something to yell at, and YOUR (not theirs!) energy consumption is IT.

    Nobody likes war, just as nobody likes pollution or impactful climate change. "Peace" is not the absence of violence--its the presence of people who acknowledge the rights of other people and nations to exist in harmony--while accepting the differences. "Thinking Green," for lack of a better phrase, is not turning off the headlights of your Lear Jet, Mr. Gore, for one minute. It being a truth-seeker and discovering the truth about the climate and the contribution (or, in reality, the lack thereof) of the human footprint on it.

    If the "anti-war" movement is truly against war, how come they never protest Iran, communism, Islam, or any other leading causes of hate and violence? If the "green movement" is really "for the children," how come they all aren't riding bicycles and protesting the Chinese for their industrial waste?

    See the pattern? Both the "anti-war" and "green" movements really have nothing to do with their stated objectives. It's all about how to force the industrialized FREE nations to acquiesce their liberties in order to realize a NEW GLOBAL ORDER where there are no nations, no Bill of Rights, and a global government. And haranging the Chinese and the other communismts, both during Vietnam and now during post-Cold War power plays, does nothing to further their goal of global government. The Chinese and the Danish are already on board with that. It's those darned Americans with their Bill of Rights and private property that need the baa-baa sheep brainwashing.

    And the "GreenSpeak" is just one more facet of the "Politically-Correct" Thought Police HandBook to accomplish this global goal.
    • It's interesting as I agree with many of your thoughts on the subject.

      But disagree. Google has a history of 'signifying' for want of a better word human events on its search page. Christmas Themes, Halloween themes, Olympic Themes, etc.
      Going with the Green idea is not giving in to the Environazi's. Not wasting energy is a good idea, one that merits discussion, not stunts. Stunts might raise awareness, but its not likely. They won't help energy consumption any more then All star rock concerts cure hunger in Africa. Let's not put evil thoughts into the heads of people who are just trying to run a business and maybe be a bit more human and friendly then their competition is in the business. My thoughts on Global Warming and the causes thereof are more reflective of Mr. Crichton's. That the entire process is entirely too political and full of hysteria on BOTH percieved sides of the issue. An issue you cannot discuss rationally without one side of the other labeling you a heritic and trying to destroy you hardly engenders the type of discussion necessary to resolve issues. If you want a fair and balanced assessment of the issue check out the BBC special on Global Warming.
      In short. Its the sun dummies. You can't have a logical discussion with people for whom green takes on a zealotry that borders on religious fanatacism. Pointing out that turning out the lights in high rises, which actually run on less energy if the lights are left ON, while continueing to light streets, alleys and parks to the point that night gets turned into day makes a joke of the whole issue. The City of Chicago is embarking on a program where they essentially are doubling the number of light fixtures and increasing the light output on all of them, literally turning night into day, while pondering whether to ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs which are rapidly disappearing under the enlightened populace rapidly adopting cheaper technology. In short, politicians don't need to interfere, but do need to tend to their own responsibilities. I'm sorry, it does not need to be that bright at night, the lights should be lowered in output and shaded so the light is put onto the streets and not radiated out into outerspace. They need to act in an energy concious fashion in public buildings. In short the need to walk the walk and stop talking the talk.

      But my point is, stop picking on Google, they were just marking the day like they mark any day that is 'different'.

      Global warming fanatics may 'talk to the hand'.
      Global warming fanatics might want to perhaps wonder why it is OK for 'developing' countries like China and India, which have collectively about 3 billion people and have been around as countries far longer then the USA are allowed to burn as much fossil fuel as they want to and currently are growing their consumption of these products at a rate which would scare anyone who really believes that Carbon Dioxide is the evil gas it is said to be. Nope, the evil guy is the US. Go sell that crap elsewhere. If its bad, everyone needs to limit it. I'm not against the good ideas of Green, which are waste less, be more efficient. As men and women of science, that is something all of us believe is a good idea. But lets not forget that we are men and women of science.
      Bill F.
  • RE: Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

    • Ohhhhh YEAH!

      It takes LOADS of talent to change the background from white to black.
  • RE: Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

    Is it really possible that people anywhere in the world really give a crap about this?
    I guess it is. Somewhere, some dufus is jumping for joy because some other dufus at Google chenged the background color.
    Wake up people!
    If you realy want to do something constructive for the "envronment", then lets send our kids to a public school where they don't get chastised for the mention of the word Christmas! Because right now the "environment" our kids have to deal with is telling them that being a muslim is wonderful. But don't you dare mention the 10 commandments, say a prayer or celebrate Christmas. This is BS!
  • The whole idea is very stupid.

    Since google went black I no longer use it.
  • RE: Google turns the lights out for Earth Hour

    Had you got a webpage saying "Weve turned off our main data centre for an hour to save electricity so sorry you cant do a search right now" it would have meant something. Inverting the screen colours is another example of a big corporation trying to force issues on other people through marketing than through actually doing anything constructive.
  • Google -- Phomy As Ever...

    Symbolism does so much to solve issues, social, enviromental, and ad nauseum. Back under your rocks, Google owners!
  • The *MINDLESS* Feel-Gooders

    I totally agree with you, lalogos. Your eloquent writing captured the essence of this perfectly. Now before all of the "feel-gooders" come after me, I agree that we should take care of EVERYTHING we use. However, you need to use common sense in doing so.