JotSpot to replace Google Pages soon?

JotSpot to replace Google Pages soon?

Summary: It has been a while since we've talked about JotSpot -- the wiki service Google acquired on October 31st last year. The last time it came up was when Tony discovered it would be part of Google Apps after playing around with specially crafted website addresses.


It has been a while since we've talked about JotSpot -- the wiki service Google acquired on October 31st last year. The last time it came up was when Tony discovered it would be part of Google Apps after playing around with specially crafted website addresses. That turned out to be a false alarm, kind of. Shortly after that article, the method Tony described to verify his theory stopped working.

Well, today it's back. It works once again, possibly indicating that the service is getting closer to launch -- but of course that is only speculation. There is no way of knowing for sure when Google will actually launch something, but it's probably safe to say that it is coming.

It is also interesting that Google appears to have this service installed on their own Google Apps account now too. Google says they "eat their own dogfood", so they could already be testing it out internally before the general launch. I wonder if they did that with Google Presentations too?

You can get to Google's JotSpot login page is by using -- unfortunately, that link doesn't work for any other Google Apps accounts yet. After analyzing that URL, it makes me think that JotSpot is going to be a complete replacement for Google Pages one day. Do you use Google Pages? If so, will you be upset if they replace it with JotSpot, or are you ready for a change?

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  • Jot what?

    I plead ignorance. What's it all about Garrett? Ask++? Huh? What??! Please elaborate.

    Inquiring minds what to know! ;)
    D T Schmitz
    • It is a wiki company that the bought a while back, presumable to add wikis

      to Google Docs.
      • "I see", said the blind man..?... Thanks :)

        D T Schmitz
  • So, every page will be created like a wiki?? This will not run in addition

    to Google Pages?? Is creating a wiki the same as creating a web page, just shared???
  • web page only shared

    To the person (whose handle escapes me) who was wondering whether a wiki was like a web page only shared I'd reply that, to me, it is indeed. Actually all other Google documents like the spreadsheet, the word and powerpoint like applications already work like wikis. I'm just curious to know what the google version of jotspot will add to it all.
    • Ok, well, I just hope that it is a better interface than Wikipedia.

      I would imagine that Wikipedia would get a ton more contributions if it was not so hard to use.

      Also, with Google Docs and Spreadsheets, it would sure be nice to have separate discussion pages like Wikipedia.
  • Another thing, will they move web page creation over to Google Docs? Then

    one of the options would be to publish as a web page via your Google account, or maybe they will support popular protocols to transfer to another website? For that matter it would be nice to automatically publish Google spreadsheets and presentations as web pages, or even embedded in web pages.
  • And, are we about to see another revolution in the way we communicate?

    Are we finally getting to the point that we really will stop formating things for printing???? Are we finally getting friction free sharing????

    Will Google, Yahoo, and others work together so that you can authenticate yourself with Yahoo for editing a document shared by a Google user? It would be a pain if we had to have 10 different accounts for collaboration with various people using different providers. Another thing would be a standard exchange mechanism for at least one document type, so, you could use the Yahoo editor to collaborate on a web page shared by a Google user. Who wants to learn all of the different editors as well????

    Can't we get at least one common Web page wiki format and update/communications protocol to allow simultaneous editing from different providers??? This would include a discussion section, versions with rollback capability, etc. It seems to me this is the next logical step to really make wikis take off.

    Come on Google, prove that the "do no evil" slogan is really true and they you are willing to compete straight up on the merits, with no lock-in to your services.
  • RE: JotSpot to replace Google Pages soon?

    I'm not happy to hear that Google wants to swap out Google Pages with Jotspot. Our high school reunion set up a site on Jot Spot two years ago. The software is riddled with major bugs, end-user support does not exist anymore and was unresponsive before Google bought it. It was put up in a hurry and it showed. The site has been in hibernation since Google bought it. The only migration path out of it was to make PDFs of each page and put them on a CD so alumni could have a permanent electronic record. I would not recommend it to anyone.
    • Let's wait and see what magic Google has done with it. Putting in on the

      Google cloud will for sure make there is plenty of back-end processing power and storage. And, I imagine that they have been working overtime stamping out all of the bugs and making it better.

      But, we may see soon if they have fixed the problems or not.