Microsoft's denial over Google could spell disaster

Microsoft's denial over Google could spell disaster

Summary: Before I start, I'll warn that this is simply my opinion, and of course most people will have their own -- which I'd love to hear in the Talk Back.It seems that over the last 10 years, Microsoft has been in denial.

TOPICS: Microsoft, Google

Before I start, I'll warn that this is simply my opinion, and of course most people will have their own -- which I'd love to hear in the Talk Back.

It seems that over the last 10 years, Microsoft has been in denial. Blatantly trying to ignore Google, and passing them off as not a threat. I guess when you are the giant in a space, you don't want to admit that you're losing or have lost your mojo, and there are competitors coming up behind you fast. Blinders are wonderful things that keep you marching to your own beat in a relatively straight line -- but what if that line is wrong, and your beat is way too slow?

It seems that ever since Ballmer became CEO of Microsoft, nothing exciting has happened at Microsoft, and there's no better way to visualize that than the stock price -- it's been stagnant ever since he took office. Frankly, it blows my mind that the board and shareholders put up with this.

Stephen Elop (President of Microsoft’s business division) has said that they have no immediate plans to make any applications for the iPad, and that Google is no threat to Microsoft's business division -- which oversee's software like Microsoft Office. It's interesting to note that Google has already created iPad versions of most of their applications including Gmail, Google Docs, and more -- just in time for Today's release.

Why is this important? Well, any sane person should be able to see that it does make sense to invest some time and money into something like the iPad, which received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders in under a month. Denial will not get Microsoft anywhere, and it's about time they started being the company they used to be -- innovative, timely, and respected.

Let's hear your side of the story in the Talk Back!

Topics: Microsoft, Google

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  • dead man walking

    Windows, Office and now XBox are making this company profitable.
    • more like Google apologists seeking attention

      When they said they ain't regard you as a threat, then they ain't. Throwing out some speculation ain't gonna change it.

      Btw, what's the point of a stock chart when you ignore the fact they had split that renders the price chart useless if you don't adjust for it?
      • It always saddens me when...

        ...people post stock charts without understanding the context behind them.

        Truly it does.

        See the peak where MS's stock reduced and flattened? Guess what happens to Google - and Apple for that matter - when, like MS, they reach market saturation?

        No? Didn't think you would.
        Sleeper Service
        • So,

          You are asserting that Microsoft WASN'T saturated before Gates left? and the Peak shows a decline after he left, that would be Balmer. If the shareholders were as vocal as the fanboys then I bet that graph would appear differently.
          • From one stock holder...

            And, it does not appear differently to me. Besides a mosterous recession, and paying investors dividends for the first time, Microsoft's stock values are on par with their rivals. That's what I think.
        • "Will" the preferred verb of Microsoft apologists

          Just wait and you'll see what Longhorn WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Vista WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Windows Bla Bla Bla WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Win Phone 7 WILL do!

          And now, just wait and see how Apple WILL tank.

          There is nave a NOW with Microsoft apologists... it's always comming, in the future.

          That's your culture. Please, don't apply it to Apple. It doesn't work like Microsoft. It gives results. It never lets you know what it WILL do next but, it always works.

          Mediocrity reaches market saturation. Excellence, I don't thik so.
          • Correct me if I'm wrong...

            ...but like 8 LISA's were sold, and like 6 of
            them were to Steve Jobs. That was a failure.

            Every Mac sold after the Apple II until Wintel
            OS X? A failure. They barely stayed alive,
            partially due to Bill Gates's investment in
            their company. Microsoft doesn't see Apple as a
            threat, never has, and never will. They aren't
            in the same market. Apple can sell 99.9% of
            computers made, and it doesn't threaten
            Microsoft because Microsoft will still be
            selling Windows on those machines. Microsoft
            changed the world with computers. Apple got the
            ball moving. They are equally important, and
            yet somehow Microsoft touches more people on a
            daily basis.
          • Not always by choice

            That's for sure.

            [i]They are equally important, and
            yet somehow Microsoft touches more people on a
            daily basis.[/i]
            still not nice
          • Correcting you:

            When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the late 90s Apple was almost
            dead. He took that ruin and made it a first class company that both
            shareholders and consumers love. His management has been
            phenomenal; something to be taught in management schools. Now
            compare it to Ballmer's performance.

            The fact of the matter is: Microsoft's CEO is nowhere near as good as
            CEOs of Apple or Google. I am not denying the current dominant
            position of Microsoft or the fact that it can still make a lot of money
            tapping into its existing monopoly.

            The point of this article is not where Microsoft stands right now, but
            whether it is headed in the right direction. The current direction of
            Microsoft is hard to defend to say the least:

            1. They are taking their existing markets for granted and fail to really
            focus on better serving them and improving customer experience.
            Instead, we see them raising prices and complicating licensing and
            other consumer hostile practices such as Windows Genuine

            2. They have failed to successfully launch a new market during this
            past decade. Instead of leading the market, they have been mostly
            reacting (not very successfully) to Apple and Google. Considering that
            Microsoft already enjoyed game API dominance (DirectX is one of the
            last very successful technologies from Microsoft) diminishes their
            victory in carving a sizable share in the game console market.
            Microsoft spent billions on marketing Xbox and return on that
            investment have not been very good. For example, compare it to
            iPhone/iPod touch: It is carving a big chunk of PSP and Nintendo DS
            markets without Apple even trying to compete in that space.

            3. Although on the surface they dismiss Apple and Google as
            competitors (which is true as long as we consider the core
            competences of the three companies) they are too blindly following
            the lead of Apple and Google and trying to imitate them at the
            expense of their own core markets. I think Microsoft is currently
            suffering an identity crisis. They don't value their own core
            competences and use them properly to add to their accomplishments
            and build new foundations. Instead, they envy the competences and
            accomplishments of Apple and Google and burn too much shareholder
            money to try to say a "me too" in a market that isn't theirs. Look at the
            whole Zune affair for example...

            I also believe that it would be wiser if Microsoft shareholders sacked
            Ballmer and brought in a really great CEO.
          • Don't forget the Pippen, Taligent, EWorld, 20th Anniv Mac, ROKR....

            Macintosh TV, Macintosh portible, Newton and of course the Puck.


            Yeah, Apple always hits homeruns. NOT.

            It took the huge Windows marketshard to make all "i" products popular and that is the theme throughout Apple's history.... MS helps or saves Apple.
            Yeah, i'm not sure the i/pod/phone/pad products would be anything w/o a little something called Windows and ituned for Windows and every other software package required for these devices that run on Windows.
            Left to the Mac marketshare they would not have even made it on anyone's radar.

            LOL! IF !Microsoft
            THEN Apple.remove
        • "Will" the preferred verb of Microsoft apologists

          Just wait and you'll see what Longhorn WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Vista WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Windows Bla bla bla WILL do!

          Just wait and you'll see what Win Phone 7 WILL do! It will really crush iPhone OS, so on and so forth.

          Instead of speaking about a future that always frustrates peoples' expectations, why is it that Microsoft's apologists cannot say NOW. Here it is now. Do you like it?

          Apple never announces what is coming. It's NOW and it works.

          Market saturation has been reached at Microsoft. That's it. No imagination, no going forward with new ideas.

          If you can see market saturation for Apple it is definitely wishful thinking.

          I don't see it and a lot of people don't see it.

          Instead of wishing market saturation for Apple, why don't you push Microsoft to go beyond themselves and come out with brilliant ideas and products.

          They WILL not.
          • Gates built the entire company

            on just that premise -

            Wait until you see what DOS WILL do!
            Wait until you see what Windows WILL do!
            Wait until you see what Office WILL do!

            So nothing has really changed. Microsoft is still peddling the wonders of their latest-and-greatest vapor-ware.

            Same Stuff, Different Day.
      • Well said!!

        Google Garrett once again displays his lopsided position with his beloved Google, the "Big Brother" of the internet!
        Biased reporting with biased stat's and a biased chart? What's he doing, bucking for a job on Omygodbama's cabinet?
  • Google a threat?

    Over what? ChromeOS, Google Docs? Seriously? A cloud OS, and a poor excuse at a office suite can't even compete with what Microsoft puts on the table.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Yep, just like Balmer. For last century's way of doing things, YES, MS has

      the bases covered. But, this is the new
      century, and, adoption of gmail and Google Docs
      has been very, very good considering the
      entrenched players. Combine that with the
      amount of money that Google has for a war
      chest, and, the fact that they do NOT have to
      make one cent on the gmail or Google docs

      Android and Chrome have been well received, and
      Chrome OS is coming.
      • New century still requires profit

        Google only has search based advertising to make money from. Bing has been steadily making inroads in that area. None of other Google products including gmail, docs, calendar, youtube, android, groups, buzz are making any real money to support the bottom-line.

        Google has a lot of eyeballs looking at its products but it's failing to make any money from them. Microsoft on the other hand is making "real" profit on every single product (except the newly launched web properties.) I think it's google which has to think seriously about future right now.
        • Guess you forgot to look at the stock chart

          right in the middle of the article. Microsoft hasn't done anything interesting, exciting or innovating in years, and it's clearly depicted in their stock price...we got a flat liner!
          • Stock price has little bearing on the company's performance

            Microsoft has turned in record years almost every year since its formation ... including those years where the stock has remained relatively flat.

            FY 2009 was the one blip in their history and that was accounted for by the global economic disaster.

            Microsoft is the third most profitable company on the planet - the only more profitable companies are petrochemicals.

            A company's stock price has more to do with marketing and hype than actual business performance.
        • And, Google is doing very well making money. Look at the stock prices. MS

          has been flat, Google is growing.
          • Did not someone already dispell your

            stock analyst?

            Though it is very ineterseting that when you type in "stock overvalued" the one that comes to the top:


            Stocks are very interesting, would you not agree?