Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

Summary: How many other Millennials are waiting for a Verizon iPhone? What else will Android carriers and manufacturers need to do to break through the iPhone brand besides give their phones away?


I shouldn't be surprised. This is the same kid who ended up hating Linux. He's in college now, though, and is looking to stay better connected to all those things with which the average 18-year old college student likes to stay connected. It's time for a smartphone.

He's due for an upgrade anyway and I was hoping to sneak in a new contract with Verizon before they dumped their unlimited data plan (or made it just too expensive for me to rationalize). Verizon has cheap Android phones available, so what better way to introduce him to the land of smartphones than with a nice little LG?

Here's how the conversation went when I suggested he upgrade to one of the baby Androids:

Unfortunately, it's hard to argue with him. My Droid Incredible is a great phone and the web browsing experience is top notch. And since I basically live in Gmail, a web browser, and Pandora, it suits my needs perfectly.

My son, on the other hand, like 95% of his peers, is all about his music and social media connections. He's far more vested in the Mac ecosystem than I am and has no desire to be clever or savvy with his devices. He simply expects them to work. He's a film major, too, and obviously wants to be able to take his creations with him easily. The Mac/iPhone combination certainly delivers on those requirements without any fuss in a device that has become mainstream among his friends.

The iPhone is a great device waiting for a better network. I guess this is going to be a one-Droid family for now. My 8-year old asked me to install iTunes on his PC last night, too. I'm still holding out hope for my daughter who like my Droid better than her brother's iPod Touch.

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  • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

    That was a most entertaining post. Good luck with all of that, "Dad".
  • Err...

    You're sure that the iPhone isn't just a better phone - right?

    I know you think the Android phones have "advantages" but every time I examine them closely they start looking like a huge pain in the elbow.

    1) "Real" multitasking. It's a phone, limited processing, limited memory, and most of all limited battery. Is there really much advantage in the apps that I'm not looking at getting processing time? Music streaming works in the background on an iPhone, VOIP applications work in the background on the iPhone, and applications that need to "finish-up" can do that. I can get back to applications, and they start processing right where they left off. What am I going to do that actually benefits from "real multitasking"? Isn't Apple's system a more pragmatic solution to the limited resource problem?

    2) It's "Open". Now this I understand, but in practice I see a lot of downsides to this. My network can limit what I can do, and even take away functionality - there are Android phones that use Bing instead of Google for search, or are loaded with bloatware from the carrier (here in the UK, Vodafone have done an upgrade "switch-a-roo" twice with Android phones. The market has dross, as well as decent applications, and it's hard to know if this or that app will actually work with this or that handset. This feature that looked so good, suddenly looks anything but.

    3) Choice of device. See "hard to know if this or that app will actually work" above.

    So what are we left with? Flash? So I can get all the ads to play at the cost of speed, security and battery life. You know, I'm pretty convinced I don't need Flash - and as more and more sites have iOS friendly features, I need it less and less.

    I think maybe your son isn't as stupid as you think.
    • ...Yeah.

      @jeremychappell <br>The iPhone is not the end all, be all. It too has it's advantages and <b>disadvantages</b>.
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

        @Zc456 Did I say it didn't? My point is many of Android's "advantages" are actually anything but (on a phone). I don't dislike Android, but it feels more like a "Windows" or "Linux" than something actually designed for a phone (technically, but I'll accept the UI is "phone friendly"). If I were talking about an OS for a "pocket computer" then I might feel differently (in fact I'm considering replacing my old Nokia N810 with an Android device - but I want one that's "pure" Android, I really don't want the bloatware).
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

        @Zc456 He never said it was the be all, end all. The iPhone is a great device but it has it's issues.
    • ...Yeah.

      @jeremychappell <br><br>Hardware advancements will vindicate Google's multi-tasking approach given time - granted: Apple got it right with what's currently available.<br><br>Agree with the bloatware rant - got an HTC Desire with some stuff I can't get off without rooting the device. Still; is the Apple app store really dross free? Furthermore; if the store were perfect, why would people still want to jailbreak?<br><br>And in the nearish future HTML5 ads will eat up your speed / bandwidth - granted: most likely not as bad as Flash would. Regardless; you can forget about thinking the iPhone platform frees you from all that...
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

        @rikasa When the hardware advances to the point where memory/speed and most of all battery are no longer serious issues then Apple will enable "real" multitasking on iOS (but heaven knows when this is likely to be). The iOS can (and does) multitask in the classical way, it just doesn't allow third party applications to do so.

        Applications in Apple's AppStore have to meet minimum standards (not crash, do what they say they do, not use private APIs). That doesn't mean every app in the store is a work of genius, but there is a bar that developers have to get over. People want to jailbreak because they want the device to multitask (in the Android sense of the word) and to run ANY application (quality be damned) often so they can make their phone do something the carriers would rather it didn't, or something the rest of us would rather it didn't (highjack our WiFi sessions for example).

        The biggest difference between HTML5 and Flash for Apple is actually one of openness - Apple want an open system, one that allows them to tune the performance, rather than a "processor-time and memory sucking box".
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

        @rikasa HTML5 is no more efficient than Flash, and actually in many cases its alot less efficient. But its still in its early stages so there isnt much to say against it. Although it has more features than flash, its not ready to take over yet.
    • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

      @jeremychappell I had the choice to use iPhone, I honestly wouldn't use one though if it meant giving up my Android. But while I love my Android, my brother loves his iPhone and feels the same way about his phone. We've compared [feature for feature] and there is little one can do the other can't. Both have things they do uniquely well.

      There is no right choice or better choice. (As long as it isn't running Windows Phone 7) We both laugh at those people.
      • There is no right choice or better choice.

        @Socratesfoot... Exactly. It is what works best for you, the user. If it stops being useful to you, the user, you would find an alternative that is useful.

        There are certainly those who have a vested interest in buying Apple's iPhone, like the Author's Son who has a MAC and wants his devices to "Just Work together, or in other cases where a User already has vested into hundreds of Apps. There is probably a great number of those who bought the iPhone for the perceived "Cool Factor" (probably a lot of these), and then there is probably a percentage that buy what ever the sales floor person pushed on them at the time.

        One thing the iPhone has, that others do not have, is a user base that is willing to camp outside the Apple Store for the next version of iPhone. I am not one of these people thankfully. I think if given the option on Verizon to buy an iPhone, I probably would, but I would never camp outside the store. I would just wait a month or two when the excitement wore down. And any issues are vetted out.
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

        @Socratesfoot Yea WIndows Phone 7 is a pretty big fail. It has the features, and apps of a 2007 mobile OS. The problem is that its about to be 2011....
    • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

      @jeremychappell Android is better in every way. The phones are more diversified, so you can pick the size you want, and you can pick the specs you want, whether you want a keyboard or not. So you can get something in your budget. Many people don't want the highest end phone, as they don't need it and won't use it. The software on Android is also usually free, allowing people to take more advantage of apps and their features, instead of on iOS where an increasingly larger amount of apps are paid.
      • You do realize that what you said is personal opinion,

        very subjective and in no way is an actual fact right?

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • And what about paid apps?

        @Jimster480... You spend a dollar, and get an app that has no ads in it. Free isn't always better. Some of the free apps I have seen on any platform, are designed only to push you an ad, so that the developer can get paid for Ad views.

        I have seen very few apps that work really well, that are free and no ads. Last I checked the Dev of the app you just downloaded is looking for a paycheck, not providing to the prosperity of mankind, especially since producing the app usually involves a monetary investment of some kind on their end. And since there isn't any review in the Android stores, the user might find a nice easter egg that hands off their financial data to a black hat on the other end, who then sells it to the highest bidder, and you get to recreate your identity. Sounds like fun to me.

        And the reason you can find free Android phones, is because the market is flooded with them. There is a new Android based phone every month it seems like. Out with the old, in with the new. So the old stuff gets moved to the bargain bin, and the new stuff gets put on display and gets all of the advertising. There is only a new iPhone once a year, kind of like Christmas.
      • &quot;Better in every way&quot;

        Anytime you employ that phrase you might as well jump up and down shouting "look at me, I'm a fanboy!"

        There is simply no system that is "better in every way" for every person. If there were then we wouldn't have/need alternatives in the market. I don't care if it's Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, they are all a little different and all have their advantages and drawbacks.
      • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!


        If the iPhone can ever break away from the AT&T contract in the USA, its marketshare will grow tremendously.
    • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!


      But, don't forget that the Droid comes with integrated Google spyware. And Chris wants Google to know all about his family too.
  • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

    Everybody is thinking Verizon will be heaven, just wait and see what is going to happen.
    • No kidding. Look what Verizon is doing to their android

      phones, but, the iPhone will be utopia. No, what it means is that the iPhone will never come to Verizon. Jobs won't let Verizon ruin the user experience, and Verizon won't agree to a device it can't totally lock down and control.
    • RE: Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

      @bluemountainco@... You make a good point - One has to wonder just what the crush of iPhone data will do to a pretty solid network (right now, at least). However, Android users, on average, use more data than their iPhone-using counterparts, so the problems may not be as severe as some are expecting. Like you said, wait and see!