SketchUp 6 released

SketchUp 6 released

Summary: Google has just released a new version of SketchUp that includes many new features based on user suggestions.

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Google has just released a new version of SketchUp that includes many new features based on user suggestions.  According to the user guide, the new features include:

  • Photo match
  • Styles
  • Watermarks
  • Sketchy edges
  • Fog
  • 3D text tool
  • Text and dimension improvements
  • Speed
  • Force inference directions
  • Component, materials and styles browser
  • Intersect tool
  • Paste in place
  • Two-point perspective
  • Better modifier keys
  • Native support for Google Earth and 3D warehouse

"And now Google SketchUp Pro 6 lets you create 3D models from photographs, match existing models to background photos, render sketchy effects and fog and mark your models with 3D text, logos and watermarks. With the new Styles palette, you have easy access to a collection of display settings, which you can save and share. You also have greater control, with new features like enhanced modifier keys that let you perform operations like “copy” while you move, rotate or push/pull. If you use Google Earth, Google SketchUp allows you to place your models using real-world coordinates and share them with the world using the 3D Warehouse. Learn more about the new features available in Google SketchUp 6." -- SketchUp website

Topic: Google

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  • WOW

    Man,,it's a heck of an improvment over works now,,mostly..pretty much.
  • RE: SketchUp 6 released

    Does anyone knows if sketchup pro 6 is better than
    sketchup pro 6 ? I mean I don't wanna buy it if it's not
    worth it... I know it crashes sometimes, but how often ?
  • RE: SketchUp 6 released

    oops excuses...What I meant : Is sketchup pro 6 better
    than pro 5 ?
    So sorry...