Another torrent site slapped down

Another torrent site slapped down

Summary: Scandinavian courts continue their smackdown of torrent sites. PC Mag reports that a Dutch court has given Mininova.


Scandinavian courts continue their smackdown of torrent sites. PC Mag reports that a Dutch court has given 30 days to clean the site of trackers linked to copyrighted files. The problem with Mininova's case was evidence that moderators actively filtered and purged malware disguised as movie or TV show files. That, the court found, showed Mininova could have filtered for copyrighted content but made no effort to do so.

The court found that Mininova's pledge to purge torrents that contain or link to malware also demonstrated a capability to filter content. Seaprately, the court said it was convinced by a study conducted by BREIN, the rights organization that brought the suit, that between 80 to 90 percent of all torrents archived on the site linked to copyrighted material. That conclusion was compounded by the fact that the site also included categories such as "Movies" and "TV Shows," as well as "Disney".
Mininova wants to appeal. Good luck with that.
"We are obviously not satisfied with this ruling," Eric Dubbelboer, the co-founder of Mininova, said in a statement. "The result of this ruling for Mininova is that we have to reevaluate our business operations. At this time, we cannot determine what this will actually entail or imply. We will have to examine the verdict thoroughly first. We are considering to appeal this judgment."

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  • The Internet is the Torrent

    All sites are in the Torrent.You could even start an ISP in the Torrent if you wanted to.Everything is uploaded to the Torrent;that includes music,software and TV shows.When your stuff is in the Torrent it gets copyrighted and my guess is that you can receive Government money for each time you're downloaded.The Torrent is hacked.The Torrent file idea is hacker.The Internet is an AT&T Telephone call and nobody can charge for services within the AT&T system.It ALL has to be free.
  • Another one bit dust

    another bough out victory for a know criminal organisation with no legal business model: BREIN

    BREIN is probably just a MPAA/RIAA puppet. but don't worry 10 new torrent sites will popup soon.

    Even with all their resource criminal organisations such the MPAA/RIAA and international branch such as: BREIN cannot stop the revolution.

    BAN DRM and LOWER the price, you time of STEAL MONEY FROM CONSUMER is OVER.
  • Scandinavian courts?

    Have I misread something or does the author of this article consider The Netherlands a part of Scandinavia?
    Scandinavia is Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
    • hmmm

      I thought Scandinavia was Sweden, Norway and Finland...but I could easily be wrong.
  • RE: Another torrent site slapped down

    Doesn't matter. The torrent sites that matter are the ones that the RIAA/MPAA can't locate. TPB and Mininova are merely the public "bait," sacrificial sites that have distracted the copyright thugs from the real torrent havens.
  • this is (somehow) good news

    Really. It means that that a new protocol will come up. This new protocol will be undetectable by copyright holders, more robust, faster, etc. So people will be able to trade files with less fear than now. Give it one year or so, and RIAA et all will be wondering why didn't they let Mininova and TPB live so that they could keep tracking infringing users.
  • RE: Another torrent site slapped down