Apple claims jailbreaking will destroy cell towers

Apple claims jailbreaking will destroy cell towers

Summary: It's good to know not every scare tactic from the Bush Administration has been eradicated. Things like companies yelling "terrorism" to protect their bottom lines are still in good stead.


It's good to know not every scare tactic from the Bush Administration has been eradicated. Things like companies yelling "terrorism" to protect their bottom lines are still in good stead. Everyone who still gets warm fuzzies when they think of Steve Jobs should take a good long read of David Kravets' report in Wired over Apple's comments (PDF) responding to an EFF proposal to legalize jailbreaking the iPhone.

(By tinkering with the iPhone's baseboard processor code), a local or international hacker could potentially initiate commands (such as a denial of service attack) that could crash the tower software, rendering the tower entirely inoperable to process calls or transmit data. Taking control of the BBP software would be much the equivalent of getting inside the firewall of a corporate computer — to potentially catastrophic result.

The technological protection measures were designed into the iPhone precisely to prevent these kinds of pernicious activities, and if granted, the jailbreaking exemption would open the door to them.

Kravets has the right response to this Cheney-like position:

We’re gratified that Apple locked down this potential weapon of mass disruption before hackers could unleash cybarmageddon. This also explains why Apple rejected the official Google Voice App for the iPhone this week. We thought it was because Google Voice posed a threat to AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple. Now we know it threatened national security.

The fact that the rest of Apple's comments trot out copyright protection and the like should tell you where Apple's real interests in this battle lay.

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  • come on keep politics out of it

    "It?s good to know not every scare tactic from the Bush Administration has been eradicated. Things like companies yelling ?terrorism? to protect their bottom lines are still in good stead."

    Yada yada. Don't care. Bush isn't President and history will tell whether the threat is serious or not. Stick to legal tech please.

    Bottom line is Apple wants control and AT&T wants you to pay for Cell Minutes rather than using your unlimited data plan. They will use FUD to do it.

  • RE: Apple claims jailbreaking will destroy cell towers

    Hmm, I can't tell, is this more "politics as usual", blaming Bush, Cheney, Rush, and Hannity for everything, or is this the "change" that the Obamasiah has promised? I really can't tell the difference. Companies have engaged in these tactics long before Bush, and will do so long after. You act like Bush invented it and everyone else is copying. Gimmie a break, shut up about politics and keep your writing on topic.
  • It is good to know...

    that political bashing is still in vogue on stories that are unrelated in the least.

    Keep up the good work! Your credibility just went down another notch.
    • Found it

      Thank you
      • You're welcome.

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  • Political Religion

    Come on Richard, keep your political religion out of this forum. Move on and hope for change. Oh yeah, how's that change workin' for you these days?
    • Seems to me......

      We got plenty of scare tactics about the economy already, so I see Obama likes them tactics too. And Richard don't you understand they all do the same damn things just in different ways. Control, Control, Control.
  • RE: Apple claims jailbreaking will destroy cell towers

    Exactly. You couldn't just report on it, could you? You had to use this as a political forum. Bush/Cheney have been out for 7 months. Move on (heh!)
  • The current line...

    ...among liberals is that the Bush administration messed things up so badly that even Obama can't straighten them out. Instead, Obama is forced to continue Bush's policies. In recent press conferences Obama sounds like he's still running against Bush.

    Demonizing the previous administration has reached new heights.

    Carl Rapson
    • Meant as a reply to "Political Religion" (nt)

      Carl Rapson
    • and...?

      Maybe because the previous administration reached new lows.

      Sorry, couldn't resist. Personally I voted Kucinich then Nader. So far I feel pretty vindicated.
  • MAN! Some ayatollahs are so insecure!

    They are just jealous that some little chubbette didn't try to destroy the Prez' personal "cell tower" ...
    Besides, ANY data enabled cell phone (locked or unlocked) can do what we are "being protected" against, not just an iPhone.
    Kinda like the "cell phone will screw up the airliner's navigation" claims.
    If the equipment is THIS unreliable I'll stick to walking and ham radio.

      Just to be safe...
  • Apple also claims...

    that buying a new iPhone every year is a good idea because they promise that they've fixed everything wrong with the previous year's model!

    Rational people see right through Apple's FUD. :)
  • Does this mean

    Obama is in favor of iPphone jailbreaking?
  • Your bias is so apparent...

    You couldn't just write about the Apple story, could you? You just had to go and spoil the facts of the story by inserting your politics into it, didn't you?

    Here's a hint that perhaps your blatantly biased little mind might be able to understand

    Your story might be much better received and might get more comments if you would have the decency to just lay off the unnecessary politics.
    • Well......

      A few months ago it may have been better recieved, but I think now people are actually seeing how it really is and the whole chage thing was a load of garbage. Just take a look at the polls, Jimmy Carter was better off at this point, hahahahaha. That just makes my day, hahahahaha.
    • Oooh

      Teaching by example today?
      • <i>Teaching by example today?</i> Definitely!

        <i>Teaching by example today?</i> Definitely!

        Some people need to get a taste of their own medicine before they learn some important lessons.
        • Did it work?

          I can hardly wait...