China launching constant attacks on military networks

China launching constant attacks on military networks

Summary: China is cyberspying on US military computer networks, unleashing as many as 75,000 attacks last year. Beijing has breached Army computers and DOD may be unable to block all intrusions.

TOPICS: Security, Networking

U.S. military computer networks are under constant attack. And the rate of attack is skyrocketing, from 300 in 2003 to more than 75,000 last year. "Our adversaries are able to inflict a substantial amount of harassment and a measurable amount of damage upon DOD communications networks at practically no cost to themselves," says the director of technology for the military group responsible for defending networks.

So who is our adversary? Who is checking constantly for ways to breach Defense systems and learn about classified military plans? Al Qaeda? China, according to an article today on The article quotes former Army chief of staff Jack Keane:
"The Chinese were doing this on a regular basis. That's a given. They're very aggressively getting capability. It's common knowledge in the Pentagon." 

One Army officer says a Trojan horse virus was used to breach a system and download information about the capabilities of a future Army command and control system "for eight months before the service detected a security breach."

DOD officials think can contain 90% of the attacks through better procedures but as many as 10% of attacks may get through because of advanced hacking procedures. 


Topics: Security, Networking

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  • Chinese Hackers

    I seriously doubt it's a coordinated effort. We (the US Military) is just a prim target. It's not like we can go to China and arrect teenage hackers, and they know it.
    • I Doubt It

      Do you folks still listen to anything the Pentagon (read "Rumsfeld") says?
      • Hey, pick your liars...

        I'll listen to Rummy any day in preference to the anti-American left in this country.

        Those folks would like nothing better than a "strong China." A new Communist super-power to counter the "evil" United States? They'd cream in their jeans.
        • Look -

          Your accusation is unfounded and rude to boot.

          If Americans hate China so much, why do they own all our debt? Was that a great decision?

          Also, why do you guys accept lies from your boys in D.C.? Don't you believe in the Constitution anymore? It used to be government by "the people." What happened?

          Once we get past the screaming back and forth, maybe we can't answer each other's questions.
          • Really?

            "Your accusation is unfounded and rude to boot. "

            Hello, pot? This is kettle.....
        • Your wanted!

          Did you know Rummy is looking for volunteers? Go-ahead, be the 1st on your block, but remember to bring lots of sun screen ;-)

          Hey believe these lying scumbags if you want to it is up to you. However, not everyone who believes the Bushies are a pack of liars is a left wing whacko. What is the reason were in Iraq? WMD, Evil Dictator, Spread Freedom. The last one is my personal favorite because the result of the new constitution and government there will a new repressive Islamic state in the Mideast. (Check some of the news coming out of Iraq on burning down and blowing up liquor stores because they are against Islam. Way to go Georgie.

          Turning to China, We have been screwing up there for a long time. How many billions of American dollars are going there for investment. I live in Rochester, NY and I am watching the pain of the local workers as Kodak, who made a billion dollar investment in China, sends formerly American manufacturing jobs to China. Seems like someone in the government feels we will be just fine selling each other insurance and lawn mowing services, not.
          • exporting jobs

            I think that if a company is willing to export jobs to China, then
            the entire company should go there. Everything and everyone.
            Good luck in your new homeland.
        • Anti-American left, you got to be kidding

          For me anti-America is a bunch of red necks that practice bush-ism; that is, red necks or religious freaks that follow a lair that graduated from jail (I meant Yale) who cannot give a decent speech(is his speech impediment a disease or is he stupid?), flip flops in his policies, and lie with an straight face in front of the country (did I mention that he look like a monkey and talk to Jesus?).
          • Hold on...

            You know I don't have a problem with people attacking one anothers politics but attacking someones Religion is not cool. If you don't agree with it that fine. But calling "religious freaks" anit-American is totally wrong. I am what you may call a religius freak and I am vary American. I support my contry and it's leaders. I pray for both on a regular basis. Yes we may not always agree with what they do but they are the leaders that we as a people elected.

            By the way what is wrong with talking to Jesus? I do it all the time. No it's not like I carry on a converstation where I talk and he replies verbaly but I do talk to him. I know he is real and loves each of us very much. I know he would love for you to talk to him to. That is what God want's from us. He desires a relationship with his children.

            Anyway I dought what I said to influence your feelings in this matter. I just thought I would give you somthing to consider
          • Ha-Ha-Ha

            You are funny, but I agree your points.
    • you are seriously almost right

      except for the state operated attempts. and they aren't just trying to get into the military sites, but, maybe more importantly, private companys to get all that juicy technology.
      • True...true

        ...but it's not the majotity.
    • Of course its a coordinated effort.

      For years China has been sending thousands of programmers to the US, under the H1B visa program. And we have been training them and sending them back.
    • Duh ??

      Is you really, really that naive ??
      • RE: Duh ??

        Is your grammer really, really THAT bad??
    • Never give a sucker an even break.....

      We're talkin huge military beauracray here. The system (the people running it at least) are so tangled up in stupid details and protocols that they lose the big picture.

      Whoever said "military intellegence is an oxymoron" was spot on!
  • Best defense

    is a good offense. What are we doing to them?
    • who says we aren't?

      I suspect we (our government) is pretty active at probing the other guy's networks and computers too. (whomever the other guy du jour is..)
      • Chinese Hacking

        You hit the nail on the head. I'm sure we are doing the same things to them that they are doing to us. Hopefully, we are doing it better.