Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

Summary: I am convinced that China is America's greatest long-term threat. I've done the research that seems to prove it.

TOPICS: China, CXO, IT Employment

Open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I think you probably know how much I respect your accomplishments. You also know that I'm quite fond of Bill and while some of his ambitious deregulation policies helped lead to some of our current problems, much of his work was far-thinking and helpful for our great nation.

See also: Hillary Clinton's strategic mistake (and Barack Obama's brilliant chess move)

It is, therefore, with no small level of astonishment that I read a statement reported on Yahoo! News that you apparently don't see China as a threat.

With all due respect, Madam Secretary, are you blind? Or are you just doing that thing American politicians do, that strange political correctness that results in being very nice, pretending a frenemy is really a BFF (best friend, forever)?

So, if you and the President are willing to take down the one guy in Pakistan without a Twitter account, why don't you see the enormous threat that China is to our way of life?

Look, I deeply respect what China's done. And my wife loves her iPhone and iPad, as do many of our readers. Many of our more rabid Apple fans don't even seem bothered that China is building American products with their labor force, rather than giving those jobs to the labor force in and around Cupertino, people who would also like to find work.

But China has a whole lot of people. It consumes a vast percentage of the world's resources. It's growing at a huge rate and it can't sustain that growth through internal resources. To stay alive, China must start to devour resources from the rest of the world. Our resources.

Most wars, economic or ballistic, start over a scarcity of resources. Okay fine. There is that rare occasion where a nation attacks the wrong country entirely, but we'll leave the Bush administration's lack of a working GPS out of this discussion.

The fact is -- and it is a fact -- China has transformed vastly since you and Bill lived in the most upscale of government housing America provides. China is a threat. In fact, China may well be our greatest threat.

Madam Secretary, I urge you to move beyond political correctness and diplomatic niceties and focus on what's really happening in the PRC.

I invite you to do some reading. Start out with the following articles:

Then, go ahead and download my book, How To Save Jobs. My research into China and India's growing influence on the world stage influenced me to give the book away for free. I didn't want even the slightest hesitation to get in the way of any American learning just how much the world has changed over the past few years -- and how much it's going to impact America.

Bottom line

I am convinced that China is America's greatest long-term threat. I've done the research that seems to prove it.

As Patrick Swayze, in that great work of political philosophy known as Road House once said, "Never underestimate your opponent."

He also gave powerful advice on diplomatic practice. In one of his most well-known policy briefs, Mr Swayze states, "Be nice. Be nice, until it's time to not be nice."

The key is knowing when not to be nice. Mrs. Clinton, it's okay to be nice. Even as China takes millions of jobs away from hard-working Americans, it's okay to be nice. Even as we give tax breaks to companies shifting jobs overseas, it's okay to be nice.

But please, Madam Secretary, please, please, please know that soon, possibly very soon, it's going to be time to not be nice.

Topics: China, CXO, IT Employment


David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

    "Most wars, economic or ballistic, start over a scarcity of resources."
    Very true. This is the very reason U.S. attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, and why it will attack most likely at least one other country in this decade.
    • Agreed.

      @ff2 In 1990 and in 2002 there was an unexplained shortage of persian carpets at Home Depot and Lowes. Fortunately, since we've turned Iraq into East Texas and Afghanistan into East Virginia, we don't have that problem anymore. $6.00 gas, anyone?
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America


        In 1990 the UK saw Kuwait, one of their oil suppliers, overrun with Iraqi tanks. To suggest that there is a difference between the war in 1990 and 2002 is partisan BS. We've bombed Iraq every month during the Clinton administration, most of the country just paid even less attention to Iraq then than they do now. Iraq is an eight year war if Korea is a three year war.
    • And that is why Lybia is attacked, while Côte d'Ivoire not

      @ff2: C?te d'Ivoire has much more refugees and victims in recent months, but <b>this country almost has not oil</b> so no one cares to bomb it.
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

        @denisrs You're so right, we have *corn* they're eating in case you haven't noticed.
    • Banking is U.S. largest long term enemy... Fed. Reserve

      I think Americans have to realistic and not be preemptive and make the same "dumb" mistake Bush did years ago and alienate the rest of the world, and fearful of the future. If we are truly better, we have nothing to fear. A lesson from history: a true threat of any great empire, or country lies not outside the borders, but inside. Our own military industrial complex, poses more danger to the long term health of this nation more than any foreign military threat I know. Our own Federal Reserve/Central Banking system poses more threat to the health of our economy and it's people any any other corporate entity I know around the world. Let's not forget, the framers of the Constitution fought a war of "Independence" largely fueled by this "EVIL" central banking system. I'm wondering why we are not focused on what we should do internally to fix all the problems we have, if we are strong from within, it will be very difficult if not impossible for external forces to do any kind of long term damage. Responsible media no longer exists, and individuals and entities alike spread bias opinion to "control" "coerce" a population. Is that not more a threat from within? If we don't fix the glaring problems we already have today through no fault of anyone else, but ourselves.... we won't need to worry about China or anyone else, We'd collapse under our own weight.
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America


        I'm not a fan of the military industrial complex. Both sides, the contractors and the pentagon/congress are full of bad actors, but they're a blip. Social welfare is toppling this country.
      • Toppling the country


        I certainly hope you are talking about Medicare and Social Security. They aren't an immediate threat to this country's solvency, but if politicians allow them to remain sacred cows that only get fatter (a la Medicare Part D) and not reformed in an orderly way as our population distribution shifts, then we will be in serious trouble.

        But today, by far, our biggest waste of taxpayer resources is the military industrial complex. Aside from these 3 line items, nothing else ranks close.
      • ZDNet: Fix your damned comment system

        @tkejlboom<br>You might want to recheck the numbers...
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

        @iceinc <br><br>Bush got it down to an art. The way to shift focus from internal problems is to create an illusion of a bigger external problem.... China. Keep the sheeple focused on the world while the fort is crumbling. Unfortunately, for David, he has bought into it hook, line, and sinker.<br><br>The situation in the US was not brought on from the evil minds in China, but rather, it is from America's relentless pursuit of profit and greed. I keep saying to my friends that you cannot have a "free market" when there is an abundance of greed and corruption. It leads to honest lives being ruined... as was the case in the economic meltdown. The big corporations are to blame. They have moved manufacturing traditionally in the US to China. Why? Well, it's not because they make things better, but it's because they make it cheaper and have less restrictions. China is already paying a heavy environmental price in the form of pollution and cancer... but we really don't care because they are communists anyway... and the big corps certainly could care less as long as they keep making money. <br><br>Then China makes a stealth fighter... OH NO! David says they are going to start WWIII! What? China has every right to produce fighter jets just like any other country! And they also have the right to make better fighter jets than the US... just like how any car manufacturer outside of the US can make better cars.<br><br>Anyway, my final thought is with David (the author of this enlightening blog post). He's got a point about making China enemy number one. WHAT BETTER WAY TO RE-NEG ON YOUR DEBT OBLIGATIONS BY MAKING YOUR BIGGEST DEBT HOLDER THE ENEMY. I mean it's brilliant. We go to war, our weapons manufacturers make a load of money, the government reduces it's debt obligations, we solve the issue of the world being overpopulated, we get to expropriate Chinese-American property and intern them (because they could be spies you know), the US manufacturing base is rebuilt and massive amounts of jobs are created, and Americans have something to work for. It's a win-win situation.<br><br>Now that you've read David's side of the story, you should see the other side. It's called "Zeitgeist: The Movie - Full, Final version" on youtube. Even though it's probably full of crap, just like this blog post, you at least have another point of view.
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America


        Important points. We also should remember that it's not an issue that the Chinese government is evil (maybe a different kind of evil). Even if it were altruistic and a benevolent caretaker for the people of China, the population, industrial, and consumption growth will still cause significant demand for resources, unless a massive shift to renewable resources occurs.

        The best case scenario is development of solutions of problems within China that also affect all countries. When we think of pollution in China, we tend to think of industrial pollution from large factories, but pollution is generated from all levels of society. Living in China, I can see the level of waste generated from plastic bags which aren't often recycled, styrofoam products, disposables such as chopsticks and unrecyclable plastic cups, and so forth. Recycling is not a thorough process, since it is only done by those who can eke out a profit from the enterprise. Most construction projects are completed using cheap and dangerous materials, all the way to the paint on the walls and the pots for the plants. Automobiles without emmissions tests on the roads, use of synthetic cooking oils, black market CFC's, all are on the rise.

        With any luck, once they get better at building stealth fighters, they can export those, and we can save some money in our defense budget.
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

        @iceinc I assume you're are saying that prominent European bankers like the Rothschilds manipulated governments to their advantage. I agree the Federal Reserve is counterproductive, but it wasn't around till 1913, if I remember correctly. God bless Andrew Jackson for fighting off a central bank. Unfortunately, our friend Tricky Dick was the one that took us off the Gold Standard and finished the sell out to manipulated money supply. Not sure we can dismantle their mess now, but the good new is Jesus is coming soon to put everything aright.
    • Other than poppies for the opium trade...

      ...what does Afghanistan have that we could possibly want?
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

        @JohnMcGrew@... a strategic oil pipeline
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America


        We didn't attack Afghanistan. The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan, attacked us. What did they want from us? Everything.
      • RE: Dear Mrs. Clinton: whether you believe it or not, China is a threat to America

        @JohnMcGrew@... Not a d a m n e d thing
      • What Afghanistan Has

        How about a graceful exit from military action there? It is also the least likely thing we will get.
      • ZDNet: Fix your damned comment system

        ... and your history. The Taliban did NOT attack the U.S..
      • Afghanistan also has...

        @JohnMcGrew@... vast mineral resources, such as precious metals and those essential to industrial manufacturing.
      • Other than poppies

        @JohnMcGrew@... large amounts of metals and other nice commodities - located very very close to China.