Feds lift ban on IBM

Feds lift ban on IBM

Summary: From the AP:The government has lifted a week-old ban that prevented I.B.


From the AP:

The government has lifted a week-old ban that prevented I.B.M. from getting new federal contracts in exchange for an agreement from the company to drop its protest of an $84 million Environmental Protection Agency contract it lost last year.

The ban stemmed from a reported ethical violation in connection with I.B.M.’s protest of the E.P.A. contract. Under a reciprocal agreement among federal agencies, when one issues a ban, the others follow it.

I.B.M. said it was continuing to cooperate with the E.P.A. and the federal prosecutors’ office that served grand jury subpoenas for documents and testimony.

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  • Scary...

    A faster turnaround than an ISO vote for OOXML :P