Foreign governments attack White House, Obama, McCain campaign systems

Foreign governments attack White House, Obama, McCain campaign systems

Summary: Hmm, anyone want to place bets on what "foreign entity" has been hacking into Obama and McCain campaign computers, as Newsweek reports? Could it be the same country (China) that penetrated the White House's email archive system and lifted email conversation between top officials, as the Financial Times reports?


Hmm, anyone want to place bets on what "foreign entity" has been hacking into Obama and McCain campaign computers, as Newsweek reports? Could it be the same country (China) that penetrated the White House's email archive system and lifted email conversation between top officials, as the Financial Times reports?

In the middle of summer, Obama campaign leaders were told in no uncertain terms by the Secret Service and FBI that they had suffered a serious breach:

"You have a problem way bigger than what you understand," an agent told Obama's team. "You have been compromised, and a serious amount of files have been loaded off your system." The following day, Obama campaign chief David Plouffe heard from White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, to the same effect: "You have a real problem ... and you have to deal with it."

McCain's computer system was similarly compromised.

But this wasn't a phishing expedition to gain the personal information of millions of supporters. White House and FBI officials said a foreign entity sought information on the evolution of policy position. The Obama campaign hired a security firm, which plugged the leaks.

Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official told the Financial Times that Chinese hackers breached the White House network multiple times, stealing information each time before the system was patched.

"We are getting very targeted Chinese attacks so it stretches credulity that these are not directed by government-related organizations,” said the official.

The National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force said the hackers had accessed the unclassified network not the classified network, which is more secure.

”For a short period of time, they successfully breach a wall, and then you rebuild the wall ... it is not as if they have continued access,” said the official. ”It is constant cat and mouse.”

These events shine a spotlight on President-elect Obama's choice of a chief technology officer. Whoever fills that position will have to put cyberwarfare and strengthening government network security at the top of his list. That will mean close coordination with the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Defense Department and the State Department.

”There is no doubt that foreign governments are actively targeting cyber space not only for sensitive information but to influence our most sensitive processes such as the US presidential election,” said Sami Saydjari, head of the Cyber Defence Agency, a private company that advises government on hacking. “This underscores the need for President-elect Obama to take leadership in the cyber space race that is well underway.”

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  • tsk, tsk...MISLEADING headline!!!

    Man, just when will folks like you stop your xenophobia??!! Whatever happened to the terrible horrible Russians that you guys kept telling the public that they wanted to invade and control us?!! Get a life!!

    In case you haven't heard, the whole world REJOICED when OBAMA won.
    • Rejoiced?

      I think these things are not a laughing matter as you think they are. This is serious stuff that should be looked into and controlled as best as possible. I was not rejoicing for Obama. Neither candidate was anything to write home about and I am proud to see a black man be able to get into the white house, but besides that his policies just seem as though I have an obligation to help someone else out. I don't want to be obligated to do that, I want to see us do these things on our own and have the freedom to my human rights of freedom and responsibility for my future. I haven't read anything in our constitution that states we must help out others with free money for all. Not saying I don't want to help those that can't help themselve, but damnit if you got two legs two arms and a brain, get off your @$$ and get a job and build a career and stop reproducing like wild fires. Its funny how we are gonna tax the rich, and the only thing we are shutting down on the boat is the engine room. The engine room that provides jobs and invests in new companies that make jobs. Good work Obama, nice change, right.
      • RE:Rejoiced....

        Spoken like a true "Ditto Head".
        Tell me, do you call up Rush Limbaugh and tell him
        what "A Great American" he is ?
        Why would I say this??

        Well for starters, you are condemning the President
        Elect before he's even sworn into office. At least
        wait until he steps on his 'Henry' before you go off
        of the deep end. I don't suppose that you believe that
        Senator McCain and Governor Palin could have done a
        better job do you? But then again, maybe you do.
        • Well, he DID state his intentions;

          I think we are allowed to disagree with his stated policy, aren't we? Or has that been pre-emtively outlawed?
        • Not really....

          I was not a big fan of Mccain either. You are spoken like a true "mac commercial actor". Nothing about my product, just throw a bomb and be done with it. Way to be intelligent sir. There is a difference between thinking you are intelligent and actually being intelligent. I condemn his policies that he has stated because history has shown that those policies do not lead to great results as you think they do. Giving a loser a big check in the mail does not make him any more anxious to do hard work, it gives them incentives to want more free money. basically a common sense thought on the matter, which next you will tell me that common sense is a bad thing for the country too. I mean do people like you really think having a big, huge, in your face government is the key to unlocking the potential of the people? It seems as though you think that the governemt somehow creates the jobs we all have? Why is that? Government is there to help private business flourish, not be the private business like you wish it would be. Maybe for a change you should listen to Rush, he might actually give you some intelligents and a bad word to you "FACTS".
          • Not really...

            'Giving a loser a big check in the mail....fives them incentives to want more free money.'
            Like some financial and insurance executives?
          • Apples and Oranges...

            Having the US Government (which is me and presumably YOU) giving people who do not work is not the same as a private (or publicly held) corporation giving execs fat (and often undeserved IMHO) bonuses. On too many levels to even begin stating here.
            I agree that some of these executive 'fat cats' are a prime example of what is wrong with the current financial state. But the welfare state is, as daMan25 has stated, a proven failure for some 60 years or so. It promotes doing nothing, in order to get 'free money'.
        • I'm willing to wait.

          I waited when Bush said he was going to war because Sadam had weapons of mass distruction and I'm still waiting.

          I hope and pray that Obama can handle the job but he's going to have a lot of help from Congress and Congress hasn't shown much evidence that the Dems running Congress know how to handle money in a reasonible and prudent manner.

          Neither have the Republicans but then that pretty much doesn't matter any more because they are so far out of power as not to much matter.
        • NOW You See Why I Refer to M$FT Bigots & Bush Nazis in the same breath?

          I'm sure daMan25 is the [b][i]real[/b][/i] dittohead - for the DittoHeadMaker himself, Comedian Rush Limbaugh....

          Go off and pout about your Lost Permanent Conservative Majority - the rest of us are rolling up our sleeves to SAVE this country, and the world, from the like of you and your corrupt treasonous Masters.
          • Seriously????

            Are you people serious? Grow up a little and get over the name calling, hope your mommy doesn't ground you. So what exactly are you doing to save the world as you say. To be honest, I feel that people should reap what they sew. And for you to point a finger at a political party for that, is basically elementary thinking. I do recall a certain person being involved with Fannie and Freddie in more ways then one, so we could go back and forth like two stupid idiots. The problem I have is big government and redistribution. I am socially more liberal, but when it comes to our tax code and our wasted system of helping the poor is a huge huge burden and waste on our society. We should have a government that is there to protect us and invest in science and education?training for the people. Lets get out of the social engineering game and focus on the basics of our human rights. I don't see how you could really disagree with that?
          • It's unfortunate

            These people like drprod can not be educated, or reasoned with. They are of the "something for nothing" crowd and the only thing that matters to them is fairness. It's not fair that someone has more than them . We were warned many years ago about this mentality. We were warned that, once the people learn that they can vote themselves largess, our Republic will decline.

            This is exactly the mentality expressed by the left, who would push their ideology on a free society. If you try to simply disagree with them , or express a different opinion, you will be verbally assaulted and called names. It has always been this way, and I suspect it will continue to be so.

            Having said that, I will not be silenced, as they wish. These are the same people who, when you try to engage them in conversation with disagreement, will try to talk over you and shout you down. Only they have free speech, and the Constitution, to them, is a "Living Document" (To be freely interpreted as they see fit)

            Let's be clear though. Obama has in his own books described himself as a Socialist with Marxist sympathies. His own party members have described him as the most liberal Senator in D.C. Even more than the Chappaquiddick Kid Kennedy. That's saying something.

            Now that I have probably made some liberal lefties good and mad, please feel free to have a real hissie fit...but take a deep breath first.
          • It's Unfortunate that "swampcat" has swallowed the "Kool Aid"

            Flowery rhetoric, and condemnation of anyone that
            dares go against your Conservative ideology. It's
            funny that you so called Conservatives call the
            Democrats 'Socialists'. Pal, you don't even know what
            Socialism is or can be.

            Big talk from yet another follower of America's Clown,
            Rush Limbaugh. Cry little Republican, cry...the people
            have opted for what you call a Socialist.

            Bunch of sore losers. What's wrong with Socialism
            anyways? We're already there with Social Security,
            it's not such a giant leap to throw in Socialized
            Medicine. Was the last eight years so great that you
            and your kind would want it to continue?

            A Black Man won the Presidency. Grin and Bear it.
        • Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin

          Personally, I didn?t think either one had a plan I felt very confident about. McCain was too hands off of big business, which doesn?t work in a capitalistic society. Greed takes over, the rich get richer and the middle class see their income creep closer and closer towards the poverty line. Obama wants to hand out to everyone too lazy to get off their duff and earn a living. Not a lot of change from either camp, from what I saw.<BR><BR>

          When I think of <i>change</i>, I think of something along the lines of this:<BR><BR>

          <P>?I plan to get rid income tax, which is essentially unconstitutional anyway. This will eliminate the need for the IRS. Obviously, the government needs to have a source of income, so I propose a 20% tax on all non-food items. Additionally, any items that cost over $100 thousand, excluding your primary residence, will be subject to an additional 5% luxury item tax. That way, the rich, who make more and buy more, automatically pay more tax. Also, any country that sees it fit to place tariffs on items imported from the USA to their countries will see an equal ?free trade? tax place on all items they import here.</P><BR>
          <P>?Additionally, no more free unemployment handouts will be provided by the government. Our energy and transportation infrastructure are in need of upgrades, maintenance and repairs. We have many buildings are in need of repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Displaced workers will be required to participate in a government work programs in which they will earn their paychecks from the government by assisting with the numerous tasks that the government either overpays contracted insiders to handle or fails to get done at all. People with physical limitations will be placed in logistical positions to support the physical work projects. The government will pay program participants approximately 75% of what the average worker would be paid performing the same function outside the government. This will be an incentive for participants to not become lifers in the program. Displaced worker will learn new skill sets for a changing workforce and the government saves money; a win-win scenario.</P><BR>
          <P>"As a final cost cutting measure, salaries for all elected federal judicial, legislative and executive government positions and their support personnel will be cut by 5% and a 5 year salary freeze will be put in place for them. After the 5 year period has expired, annual raises will <i>never</i> be allowed to exceed the current cost of living increase for that year.?</P>
          That?s the candidate for </i>change</i> that would, without hesitation, get my vote.
          Flying Pig
          • Well Said

            I agree with that, but its a pipe dream in America these days, because the politicians don't want to lose their voting base. So we keep on the path of "no change" and Obama will be no different. Real change requires hard desicions and we won't be seeing that anytime soon.
          • Flying Pig for President!

            Can't help but agree; the only things missing are solutions for price gouging by the oil companies and the health care "industry".

            Let the lefties scream.
    • Rejoiced--hardly for the reason you think.

      The world that was rejoicing was the terrorist world. They think he is a closet Muslim, and they figure he will give in to their agenda. Europe also figures that he won't buck the UN and will soak the country for the benefit of the corrupt U.N. and it's corruption-laden agencies. That's why they "rejoiced." And 49%+ of the U.S. population didn't rejoice. They mourned that the U.S. elected a "Manchurian candidate" socialist who will exacerbate the social and economic problems that we find ourselves in at present. But Ayers rejoices and gloats, I'm sure. I expect that Ayers will be selected as the Secretary of Education and Doehrn as Attorney General! They will be able to do what they never succeeded at as Weathermen, bring this country down.
      Red In Blue
      • I just have to say:

        You can think whatever screwed up things you think. I
        fail to understand how you think that making serious
        results-oriented policies to right the economy, deal
        with 6.5% unemployment, massive foreclosures, a
        financial meltdown, a credit crunch, etc., will make
        things worse.

        Regardless, the reality is that Obama was
        overwhelmingly elected and he will have a vast mandate
        to do exactly what I outlined above.

        Now then, as to the SUBJECT of the post. I very matter
        of factly reported what two reliable news
        organizations reported and what has been confirmed by
        the Obama and McCain campaigns. The White House story
        was not officially confirmed but it seems reliable

        Anyone who read any more than the headline would see
        that and wouldn't read the post as saying the world
        did or didn't rejoice. The Chinese and the Russians
        would be spying on us no matter who is president.
        • What result-oriented policies?

          Ummm, yeah he is not running the country yet so how do you know that is policies will result in results for the better? As I see it he and the congress have a serious task ahead of them and one screw up could cost the country's economy in a big way. Also is 52% an overwhelming victory? Not even close. The numbers showed a typical election result and pretty much amounted to the fact that Mccain was a "sure loser" candidate, which is why the media loved him during the primaries and hated him during the pres. campaign. I think Mccain was a bad choice and had no excitement around him like Obama and quite frankly he did not know how to convey good policies that are created on common sense, which no one in politics has these days. With everyone singing his praises before he is in office is leaving him with some big shoes to fill, and I hope that he governs alot different than his history has shown, but I doubt that. So I will soon be paying over 60% of my hard earned money to send checks to people that already had a 0% tax rate. Freedom? Where? I don't see it? Its called government hand holding and its people like you that fester this type of loser policy to the great spoiled society that doesn't know what it is like to really struggle. So where am I wrong?? Please fill me in sir.
          • The policies he announced Thursday

            1. Middle class stimulus package ASAP.
            2. Massive public works investment package to build
            infrastructure and create jobs.
            3. Some policy on foreclosures yet to be articulated.
            4. Further policies to loosen credit crunch.
            5. Possible bailout of Detroit.
          • Everyone gets a bailout!

            Awesome, now we reward failure too. Way to go America. I say let the chips fall as they may. Dumb homebuyers and Dumb mortgage lenders. I soon too will be dumb and maybe I will get my handout as well.